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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 July 2016
This is no the first Gruffalo I have purchased, but this was a hardback version I purchased as a gift for my friends baby that my son picked. My 6 year old son has loved this story since he was a baby. Julia Donaldson really excellent storybooks and so many are relate able to other stories she has done. For those who don't know "a mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood" along his travels a fox, owl and snake see him and thinks he looks good. To distract his predators he tells them about a creature, The Gruffalo, and describes its physical appearance. He walks away reassuring himself that the Gruffalo doesn't exist, but ends up bumping into him. The Gruffalo wants to eat him, but the mouse convinces him to follow him so he can show him hes "the scariest creature in this wood". He goes back to the snake, owl and fox and each of them run away when they see the mouse with the gruffalo. The mouse convinces the gruffalo hes feared by all and the gruffalo runs away. I have read the book so many times that I could tell the story from start to finish without the book. It has also been made into a film and is often done in pantos. There is a follow up book - The Gruffalos Child which is very similar with the same characters - the Gruffalos Child goes looking for the big bad mouse. This is also a worthy book of a child's bookshelf and is great. If you don't have the gruffalo and are looking for a great childrens story - Julia Donaldson - buy them all shes a brilliant writer and the Gruffalo to me is the best of the lot.
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on 14 September 2016
An absolute classic and must have for any child.

Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler books are works of art. The stories are written beautifully, rhyming with a rhythm that sets the pace. This ensures that as an adult I do not get bored reading the same stories over and over again as the more familiar the story becomes the more I can work on my expression and how I deliver giving me almost as joyful an experience as that of my son listening to them. I feel excited when he brings me a book and then we can have a short bonding session over the story before he goes off to play again. The books describe simple everyday scenes and experiences that a child might encounter helping them make sense of the world around them, mixed with magical characters like dragons, witches, Santa etc.
Alex Schefflers artwork is beautiful complements the stories perfectly. The same characters often pop up in different books, whether it be the Gruffalo Child’s stick man in his own story or simply a squirrel and a frog. This helps my son who is fifteen months old develop his own narrative. He does not understand the words I am reading but gets plenty from the rhythm and my intonation whilst building his own story and understanding from the pictures, he is always pointing different characters out to me or finding them when I ask where they are. He loves books and I think that these books enhance a joy of reading and learning. He brings the books to me time and time again.

This particular story has a fantastic rhythm as the mouse ventures deeper into the deep dark wood. My son doesn't yet understand the words but with the pictures and the rhythm of the story combined with my expression and repitition, his understanding and enjoyment grows. I cannot imagine ever getting tired of reading this book to him.
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When you have a quick-witted mouse, a deep dark woods, and a monster, you pretty much have all of the ingredients you need for an interesting and appealing book. That's certainly true when you frame them in colorful and engaging illustrations. And it's absolutely true if the story is presented with a strong and rhythmic read-aloud rhyme scheme. This is fun and silly and full of energy, just like the kids you'll read it to. A nice find.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 November 2014
My 9 month old son and I were introduced to The Gruffalo by a friend at a play date and he immediately loved the story. The rhyming and fantastic illustration take you on a journey with a mouse who "took a stroll through a deep dark wood" and meets some hungry creatures along the way! His quick wit and imagination serve him well! :)

Having read this book for only a month regularly, I can have my little boy excitedly rushing to me by saying the first line! Great when he is tired/upset to offer a quick distraction! A true testament I feel to how this book can capture attention at any age! I myself love reading and creating voices for each animal ... our mouse is from London!

A wonderful book which we no doubt enjoy for years to come
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on 10 May 2017
Ever popular with young children . The story takes the journey of a mouse travelling through a wood and encountering many different woodland creatures in their natural habitat and using cunning to outwit those animals who want to eat him. He does this by describing an unlikely creature who , the mouse then meets and then outwits to escape the wood before finding his goal, food (a nut). Enjoyed by all children I have read it to who love to join in with the rhyming words.
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on 4 February 2017
This book is a lie, didn't you know there'd no such thing as a Gruffalo!
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on 21 September 2016
Great book, as we are all surrounded by English speakers it's hard to stay focused and speak only in Arabic to my daughter and been collecting alot of Arabic book to read to her and discuss... this is another of her favourite collections so will keep on buying all the arabic story books inshallah
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on 15 January 2017
Love this rhyming book... my daughter loves it too... the best part is that as a parent you can skip a page or two without little ones spotting to shorten the bed time book if you want! Versatility and a lovely tale!!
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on 6 June 2012
The Gruffalo wasn't around when my children were young but I had seen the animation of this book and have been waiting for my grand daughter to be old enough to make the purchase. There are lots of cute, okay books out there for pre-schoolers but, for me, this one stands out from the crowd like Winnie the Witch and Dear Zoo. A really good children's book with just the right amount of 'scare' factor (all those terrible tusks and purple prickles all over his back). It would seem so simple to write a children's book but when the occasional brilliant one comes along it makes me realise what a specialist skill this is! Great, great - I cannot wait to read it out loud!

Oh, by the way - I wouldn't go for the versions of these books with all the 'bells and whistles' - just cuddle up and read!!

Winnie the Witch Dear Zoo

Author of - The Palaver Tree
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on 8 September 2012
Julia Donaldson has said that it takes a lot of work to create rhymes that appear natural and effortless. This book must have taken her an age. The story of a very clever mouse who uses his intelligence to save his life, this book is perfect for reading to even the smallest children and will stand up to the repeated readings children demand. The characters give the reader the opportunity to use different voices (I'm particularly proud of my fox) and the repeated phrases encourage language development in the young.
The pictures are quirky and full of character.
I use this as a resource in my classroom all the time and love it as much as the children do. I'd recommend it to all parents.
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