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on 11 January 2018
One thing with James Herbert novels is they very rarely leave me disappointed, the Dark is an all action read which never lets up, It keeps you guessing as to how you would combat an unfamiliar enemy. The solution when you get to it is a good one although it does have its own problems when realised. the story is excellent and the characters are varied to keep you interested, the pace is good and you rarely get time to breathe, the ending is questionable as it leaves you to figure out the possible outcome. if you like a good original horror you won't be let down by the Dark!
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on 14 January 2017
Ok have to say I'm a massive fan of James Herbert and when he passed away we lost a massively great writer in the horror genre.
This however is not one of his strongest works. It takes time to get going, again very strong male characters and fairly feeble female one.
A good book but you can struggle with it.
The darkness comes and rakes over people's minds it becomes so strong and science cannot best it but neither can the psychics etc.
The ending is rushed and it feels almost as if there is a chunk of the end missing, only about a page and half, but an important chunk.
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on 11 February 2016
James Herbert's style really does drive the reader to keep turning pages. The Dark, like his other books, is a well structured story that almost reads like a screenplay for a modern horror film. Key ideas, characters and elements of the plot are introduced, inter-cut with chapters devoted to the gory, gruesome and often darkly sexual horror that The Dark causes people to inflict upon each other. First the residents of a single street are affected, then an area, before London itself is engulfed in a wave of evil mania.

As the effect of The Dark begins to widen to the proportions of a city-wide disaster, there is less emphasis on the dark acts of individuals. However, the way Herbert has introduced them allows you to imagine their like being repeated across the affected area as his storytelling moves to describe scenes of paranormal mass carnage.

This book is parapsychological horror and supernatural disaster rolled into one. Yes, there are clichés, but these do not detract from what is a very effective and well-told horror story. I like it!
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on 27 August 2017
Told with incredible pace and understanding of the paranormal, many people dispute the paranormal but it is there
I am a believer and have been blessed with the powers of psychic ability
The story is tremendously put together and it explores our own beliefs in the powers of good and evil, the description of places and people was extraordinarily good
A great book by a brilliant Author
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on 26 April 2013
I first read this book in the 80's when I was a young teenager and fan of James Herbert. It is not until this past year that I have begun to re-collect Mr Herbert's books on my Kindle and re-read them in their original published order.

This book reminds me a lot of Mr Herbert's second book The Fog except that this book tells the story of not a fog but of the Dark. Like the Fog it seeps through London infecting everybody it comes into contact with, causing them to become crazed zombie-like creatures.

It is a vary good novel with plenty of action and a large helping of gore and gruesome scenes. A total contrast to his earlier book Fluke

I am sure fans of James Herbert, especially his earlier books, will enjoy this one. Oh, and at 59p who can argue?

A note on the Kindle version; no proplems at all. Formatting is good, no grammatical or spelling mistakes. It is obvious that the publisher of this e-book has thoroughly proof-read it before release.
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on 11 June 2015
I thoroughly 'enjoyed' The Dark which is pretty grim reading in parts. As well as the creepy sequences, there is lots of action in this novel and I certainly found it to be a 'page-turner'. The residents of Willow Road turned into all manner of homicidal freaks stemming from the goings-on at Beechwood House and that's just the beginning as the malign influence expands over London taking the story to epic proportions.

I would recommend it to horror fans with strong stomachs.
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on 28 March 2013
A paranormal researcher gets caught up in events following a bizarre mass suicide and has to somehow survive the malevolent dark.

The Dark is an enjoyable novel, particularly when Herbert paints vignettes of characters going mad under the influence of the dark, but the main characters are pretty uninspiring and tend to be pushed around by events rather than driving the action.

I personally didn't find the book all that scary, perhaps I'm a bit too old for Herbert's novels! My biggest problem with the book is the ending - a massive cop out and wholly unsatisfactory. I'm not sure if Herbert ran out of time or pages or just couldn't come up with anything better but the ending really lets the novel down, hence my three star rating.
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on 20 March 2018
If I could give 4 1/2 stars I would because this fails only just to be a classic horror novel. It has some great set pieces of horror that lead to final battle against the dark.
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on 1 November 2013
I've read about 20 Stephen King books and LOVE his writing, but I was running out of King books without embarking on the pseudonyms and series, so I thought I'd give James Herbert a try. I chose The Dark as it had a lot of good reviews but I wish I hadn't bothered because it was just all filler and no thriller!

The story is flaky to say the least. It starts well and sets the tone for a violent, disturbing story with sexual undertones, but soon progresses to just pages and pages describing the characters moving from one place to another. Nothing happens basically! It's just about zombies chasing the main characters.

The Dark itself is a very weak concept- people are evil and the evil manifests into a dark cloud! How? He doesn't explain. Characters are flaky and not expanded on. We never find out what the protagonist did to create The Dark cloud.

The ending is weak and cringesome and I could have barfed because its so full of itself.

Oh and I didn't like the stupid Cockney dialogue. We know it's set in London, it doesn't need to be written in the accent, i.e "awright me ol' mocka!"

If you think you will like this because you love Stephen King, you will be very disappointed.
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on 19 December 2013
This is the fourth James Herbert novel I have read, (my first and favourite being the legend of crickley hall).
Overall I would say James Herbert knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. He's words are powerful and make visualising the story panning out before you so simple it's easy to get caught up and carried away with the characters and their traumas and dilemmas.
Unfortunately I feel this is not one of he's better stories and towards the end did feel rather long drawn out despite all the suspense and action.

In my opinion I would have liked more detail into the 'light' mentioned briefly at the end.

The majority of the story is suspense and a big build up to the finale!! However instead of thinking 'oh wow I didn't see that coming' my reaction was 'is that it??'

James Herbert tells of a big ball of brilliant light that came from nowhere and sent the darkness back to where it came from..... The next page then goes straight into how the characters lives have move on since then and briefly notes that the light that appeared was spiritual/god like.

At no point does the book mention how the light combated the dark only that it had succeeded for the time being.
And it only hints at the involvement of god and or spirituality.

I would have liked this to be a bit more specific to fully finish off the story as it seems like James Herbert had an idea of god but decided not to run with it as it might offend others and possibly reduce sales??

Generally though I would say its a good read until the final pages and possibly could have been wrapped up a bit quicker and less drawn out.
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