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on 6 April 2017
Overall, a wonderful piece of science fiction escapism. Hamilton skilfully creates a truly believable future set hundreds of years from now, which in itself is quite an achievement. Too many sci-fi books either skimp on certain things completely (asking the reader to just assume that things work the way they do) or choose to ignore practical implications of future ways of life. Not here. Here, the future functions properly and everything just rings true, which is actually quite remarkable I think.

The book has its flaws, and rather caters a little too much for pure space opera fans alone, but the overall impact of the alarming story elements and their subsequent implications drives the story relentlessly onwards. It's a very addictive book I found.

I think it's fair to say Hamilton is a 'large scale' storyteller, as opposed to being a master of dainty, quirky, subtle emotional writing. I can understand how some readers may therefore feel underwhelmed by his dialogue and character motivation at times, but when viewed in context with the tale as a whole (and within the space opera remit) his style fits very well.

I think Peter Hamilton is a brilliant writer, but not necessarily for the same reasons I think certain other writers are brilliant. Pandora's Star gets the full 5 stars, no questions asked.
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on 21 August 2017
Saw this on sale yesterday. I like ol'skol sci-fi, so glanced through the summaries and reviews, thought I remembered reading a paper version of one some time back - and ended up buying several 'sagas' (series) worth of the author's books. Eight books in total.

Started reading this last night ......... then stopped after about 30 pages.

Why, you may ask, it seems a bit soon to lose interest in the story?

The writing style is easy to read - and the backdrop, descriptions and character, seem interesting enough. BUT did they forget to format it?

I'd started reading it on my iPad, then switched to my Kindle Fire, just in case it was a device/app issue, but no, its the same on both. The layout 'to the eye' is almost a single 'large text block'. Paragraph endings don't quite run into each other, but there is no' white space' gap between paragraphs ......

Reading those first 30 pages certainly made me remember everything I'd read about 'how people read' and the importance of layout to the ease of scanning the page - like 'visual cue' meta punctuation.

This is a long book (1000+ pages) and, if its all in this layout, its going to be a very hard read. A quick flick through the pages of several of the books suggests it may be. Oooooops.

I've read quite a few ebooks now and I've never seen one - not even the fresh faced indie 'fan fiction' - with such poor formatting. Given the effort that went into writing the book, this has to be a publishing 'bug' right? Please rerun the 'convert to ebook' program again, but this time with the 'space between paragraph' box ticked. I hope they fix it soon, as I don't know if my tired 'just before bedtime' brain can handle the layout.

If the formatting were better I'd have given it a 4 at this stage. I hope they fix it.
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on 12 February 2017
In the process of reading this and can say it is a real turn pager and so easy to get into. Peter F Hamilton never seems to disappoint.
It's set before The Nights Dawn trilogy a few characters that are in The Nights Dawn are in this. I highly recommend reading this and Judas Unchained before reading The Nights Dawn otherwise you may find yourself going back to refamiliarise yourself with these novels.
Pandora's Star is beautifully written and very descriptive so you are easily captivated and taken from reality and transported to the world's you are reading about, you grow to love and hate certain characters.
I highly recommend reading this novel. If you love The Nights Dawn trilogy you will love this. Peter F Hamilton never seems to disappoint
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on 22 January 2015
Another Hamilton Excellence!

Pandoras Star is typical Hamilton in that it is another great tale of science fiction with excellent characters and very well thought out from start to finish.

The story is fantastic with a great mix of mystery, suspense, action and sci-fi. There are some very good character developments which is a Hamilton specialty i think. I've read quite a few of his other books and he always seems to create these amazing believable and really exciting diverse characters.

There are quite a few story arcs at play here and they all seem to come together nicely in the bigger picture as the book progresses. I'm very much looking forward to the conclusion and the next book in the series 'Judas Unchained' which I'm about to start.

I would say my favorite characters so far and most intriguing for sure are Paula and Ozzie. Very different but both very exciting and with big parts to play.

If you enjoy great storytelling and great sci-fi then this is one for you.
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on 29 October 2016
Book 1 of the "Commonwealth Saga" and this is an amazing book of nearly 900 pages of intelligent space opera. This hardback version is heavy to hold but well put together with an colourful dust jacket. I was pleased to find it was a 1st edition for a bargain price from amazon marketplace. Once you get into it, it is hard to put down and makes me want to read his other SF books like "Night's Dawn" Trilogy and the "Void" series. This is hard science fiction at its best and Peter Hamilton certainly has the imagination to pull it through.
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on 26 October 2017
I read this years ago.. I have returned to it. Sometimes, you can forget just how good some writers are, how brilliantly they can tell a story; and in doing so, how they pace, describe & meter the stories, so that you have just enough time to actually 'be that man who steps though that CST exploratory wormhole' and have time to take it all in. Few writers can do what Peter does. Thoroughly engaging storyteller.
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on 23 October 2017
Really hard work to read, while I'm all for a good bit of world building it is a distraction and detracting from the story when the author insists on doing down to last blade of grass. There are some great concepts and ideas all lost in over complicated and verbose meandering, not to mention the one dimensional characters that I was wholly unable to invest the slightest bit of emotional attachment to. It does make you wonder what it was like before an editor got hold of the first draft.
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on 21 June 2016
Enjoying this but I have a niggle; the author misuses 'round' when he means 'around' 99% of the time.

After the thousandth time it's still annoying.

If I could 'replace all' "round" with "around" it would be correct 99% - if not all - the time.

Other than this, great sci-fi. Thoroughly recommend as long as you're not a retired proof-reader like me.
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on 10 March 2015
I grew up with Arthur C Clark and Isaac Asimov, then life the world and things left little time for SF until I retired and dipped again into the magic and imagination of the SF genre. Dan Simmons fired me up and led naturally on to Peter F Hamilton.

Stunning breadth of imagination and vision, stitching it all into a saga that sucks you in, always leaving you with that unsatisfied wanting more feeling.

Your feel like entering the possible future, with an engagement of senses and vividness that speaks of a master story teller in his prime - then Peter Hamilton is your man.
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on 18 January 2015
Yip, every road in the Commonwealth is made of enzyme-bonded concrete. I know this coz every time someone drives (there's a lot of driving) every time a road's mentioned (a lot of times) anytime anyone's anywhere near a road (often), Peter tells us it's enzyme-bonded concrete. Doesn't tell us what it is or why it's relevant. I love Sci Fi, love imagining the future and really liked the book but ended up being glad I don't live in a future where roads are made of enzyme-bonded concrete.
He's also fond of poly-photo strips.
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