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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

VINE VOICEon 12 April 2011
Picking up immediately from where CHANGELING: BLOOD WOLF left off, Philippa Tipsbury has been kidnapped by the Demon Lord Molok. Alexa, aided by the Ashnon who took Philippa's form, is already in the Netherworld to try and rescue her, but Trey knows that they'll need him if they're to succeed. Helped by the Fire Imp, Dreck, he makes his own way to the Netherworld where he finds himself caught up in the Demon Games, a brutal battle to the death between the various champions of the Netherworld's Demon Lords. The fate and lives of Alexa, Philippa and Trey himself rest on his ability to win, but not even a seven foot werewolf can hope to defeat the range of demonic forces stacked against him ...

The fourth in Steve Feasey's CHANGELING series is another fast-paced, action packed story that gets straight into the over-riding story arc and to get the most from it, you do need to have read all three previous books.

Trey really comes into his abilities in this book - he's more confident and certain about his powers as a wolf and he's determined to help his friends with a ruthlessness that hasn't been present in the previous books. More than that though, he knows how he feels about Alexa and part of the reason for his mission is so that he can tell her. The Demon Games themselves felt overhyped, given that Trey doesn't fight too many demons (although those he does fight are suitably brutal).

The story also develops Lucien's storyline as he investigates the physical changes he's been going through and tries to track down Caliban and his plans. There's a set-up feel to this storyline, although it also contains some deliciously nasty scenes - particularly those involving Caliban's plans to find a new necromancer. I especially liked the introduction of Hag, the witch who helped cure Lucien of his vampiric urges and the scenes with her mandragore protector made me smile and the return of the battle angel, Moriel, was welcome.

Some of the twists in the story were telegraphed a little too early, but the interweaving storylines come together nicely and promise a thrilling finale for the final book in the series, which I will definitely be buying.
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on 13 July 2012
I love this series a lot and i couldn't wait to get my hands on the forth in the series. The start was a little slow but i really didn't mind because the pace picked up so much that i found myself barely able to put it down.

This installment picks up roughly where the last one ended with Alexa and her friend Philipa stuck in the netherworld, Lucien is on a mission of his own to discover why his fangs have grown back and what Caliban is up to. Of course unbeknown to him, while Lucien is seeking out the battle Angel; Moriel, Trey and Alexa are in more danger than anyone realises.
Meanwhile, Caliban is up to something sinister that will ultimately cause massive trouble in both the Netherworld and the Human world.

One of the things i really enjoyed about this book was how much the story developed and the little things that were revealed along the way, both character wise and story wise.
The story itself comes from several viewpoints which merge as it progresses. I found Trey and Alexa's viewpoints to be the most attention grabbing though as i watched their relationship develop and progress. Also, the idea of the games themselves were a genius idea and watching Trey deal with everything that was thrown at him really strengthened my respect for his character and i can't believe he went from that disbelieving young boy to a strong and heroic young adult.

Also, Alexa's adventures with the Ashnon were brilliant and for a creature who is a demon and can't feel love then i was rather surprised at it's loyalty towards her and Philipa.
With regards to Lucien, his side of the story was truly revealing as i learned about his new developing abilities and changes that he had undergone since he was healed at the end of book two and i loved the friendship he slowly develops with Moriel (who is simply awesome by the way)

For those who have been wanting more romance in the series, there is definately a bit more in this book. And there's a few scenes between Trey and Alexa that made me feel all gooey inside.
Truly, truly an awesome book for those who are fans of Horror, fantasy and a general good story. Brilliantly Imaginative :-)
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on 23 June 2015
A bit tired of the whole vampire/werewolf/demon thing I only picked this up because it was the first book to hand on my TBR pile. Glad that I did pick it up, Demon Games proved itself to be possibly the best 'supernatural' novel that I'd read in quite a while.

Tremendous creatures - many of which I'd never come across before- and plenty of them. I really enjoyed teen hero, Trey. Quietly refreshing, there was none of the smouldering sexiness, the power play, that seem to be the basis of so many lycanthrope novels.

Wonderful world-building. Just enough that you get a real sense of the place, not too lengthy that the story became bogged down by details.


Plenty of action and yet not so much that it distracted from other aspects of the plot and because its target market is young adults gruesome enough without being too graphic.

A hint of a romance.

There really are lots of things to recommend Demon Games.

Copyright: Tracy Terry @ Pen and Paper.
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VINE VOICEon 12 September 2010
There's plenty of reason to sink your teeth into Steve Feasey's Changeling series these days. The author continues his trend of writing a fun, believable dark fantasy story for teens and also maintains his ability to develop both his characters and overall plot. Demon Games symbolises yet another major turning point in the Changeling saga, and while it doesn't have the same impact as the previous book Blood Wolf, it's nevertheless gripping stuff that I just couldn't put down.

Teenage werewolf Trey Laporte has recently returned from Canada after discovering the truth about his Uncle Frank and the LG78. The whole experience changed him forever, leaving the boy badly scarred and hardened in a way we never thought possible. But this all becomes quickly irrelevant. A demonic ruler of the Netherworld called Molok has captured Alexa Charron and Phillipa Tipsbury, and is using them as live bait. Trey has no other choice, he has to rescue his friends. But has he become tough enough to triumph over what lies ahead?

The thing I admire about Steve Feasey as a writer is that he knows how to change gears. He likes to avoid repetition as much as possible and that's what makes Demon Games just as fresh as its predecessors. Whereas Blood Wolf was mostly character-driven, Demon Games is driven by the plot, which is fine. Because it allows us yet another deeper dive into the fantasy world that Feasey has created, focusing this time on the horrors of the Netherworld.

There's a lot going on in Demon Games, perhaps more so than any other volume of the series. Yet it's all so intricately woven and very coherent. All the sub-plots and character spotlights get an equal amount of focus and are all written with the same level of devotion. You can expect a lot of great things from Demon Games, such as Trey and Alexa's relationship taking a plausible twist, Phillipa's ongoing struggle to adjust and adapt to the world around her, Alexa and Phillipa's ongoing friendship, Trey uncovering startling new truths about his father, Lucien and Caliban Charron undergoing interesting changes of their own...it's all very good indeed.

All this nice depth is balanced out with some wonderful imagery that the writing provides. Feasey describes the Netherworld as a true hellish wasteland, the inhabitants as nightmarish creatures and the action of the Demon Games contests is exciting. The continuity of the series comes into play at great times, and there's also some real emotion nailed here, specifically the scenes between Trey and Alexa. I nearly came close to tears at one point.

And yes that's not something I'm afraid to admit.

But I'd say the writer's proudest accomplishment with his saga...is how he's wonderfully developed his main protagonist Trey Laporte throughout the series, from an unsure, scared teenager into a capable, strong and resourceful warrior. The loss of his innocence and loved ones, his growing confidence and battle prowess and new character changes have really moulded the character into a fascinating one. And the author has definitely achieved success with the series by creating such a strong central character that readers can get behind.

Admittedly though, Demon Games doesn't quite match the excellence of the previous book, Blood Wolf, and when critiquing the battle competition itself - although it's very enjoyable - it feels inferior when compared to Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games books. And the series itself has yet to transcend from `recommended' to `essential'. Which I know is being picky, yet it nags at me knowing that the Changeling Series could be so much more.

Still, Demon Games is yet another solid addition in this very solid fantasy series. Fans will enjoy this every bit as much as the previous books. For those who've yet to immerse themselves in Steve Feasey's world, I would highly recommend it once again. How much longer am I going to have to wait for Book 5?
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on 14 August 2011
I grabbed this book as soon as i finished the last one and read it in one day. I just could not put it down. I have become obsessed by this series. I love them.
Alexa has journeyed to the Netherworld to save her friend Phillipa, when that goes wrong, Trey finds himself following her and coming to the rescue, but nothing is ever that easy. There are traitors everywhere and Trey must work out who he can trust. In order to escape he has to make a deal with the Demon Lord and fight in the Demon Games - a brutal sport where nether creatures must fight to the death.
Can Trey face his enemies and escape with his and Alexa's life. I found this book really exciting, the journey through the Netherworld was exciting and very different from what i thought. The characters really come to life, and i found myself trying to figure out who was a good guy and who was the traitor. Some parts of the story were again slightly predictable, i knew exactly where Feasey was heading, but i still enjoyed getting there.
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2010
The latest title in Steve's Changeling series and perhaps the one where our hero, Trey faces the most danger he's ever been in. Beautifully written backed with some great scenes of carnage as well as moments of terror which also counter balance the pace issues that some readers could have had. Add to the mix the usual band of heroes (although I'd like a certain Irishman to have a bigger role rather than be support) who bring up the rear and you know that its an adventure to share. The only downside in this title is that Alexa is more the screaming maiden than the hardened warrior that we've come to know. Hopefully this will be corrected in the next title and give our lovestruck duo a more even pairing. All in this is a series that's seriously good fun with plenty of bite. Great stuff.
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on 2 February 2014
this book.
was probably.
the best.
one in.
the series!!
i loved every minuit i was reading this. i read it everywhere. at home. in bed. in breaktime at school and even reading a couple of pages under the desk in lessons! (mostly in english because they support reading.) my favourite part was the bit when trey faced abbadon the destroyer!! reccomended for age 8 and up. i think this one was probably the best onre in the series!! i have now read zombie dawn and i pray there will be another in the series!!

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on 8 December 2011
Fantastic series, brill author and a fantastice storyline

Both me and my partner love these books!!!

Great for anyage whos into Werewolves, Vampires, witches and a Big irish man who has a fantastic sense of humor!

Was in Fits of laughter in parts with this book, got adventure and humor in it and love it!

Highly Reccomened!!
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on 20 January 2012
Excellent book for boys in all ages (I'am 40) :) If you like vampires, werewolves and demons then you should read the Changeling-books, very recommendable!
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on 3 January 2014
this book is the best book I have ever read

it is the best book I have ever read. I would recommend it for ages ten and over
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