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Evermore: 1 (The Immortals)
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 2 January 2012
The book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It had actually everything i wannted. There were many Romantic, amazing, and most importantly funny scenes that kept me want more and more. The story was also a bit sad (for me) because as you might know Ever lost her whole family in a car accident and i know how she feels because i'd lost my dad too.

I was really suprised when i'd heard that Damen is (i can't tell you what because that would destroyed all the fun and everything) with Drina.
I was also suprised to hear that Drina killed Ever many times before (which is pretty weird).

My favorite charecters in the book were Riley, Miles and Damen. Althought my most favorite one is Riley (she is so Fascinating!) And i'd read that Riley is going to get her own series! How cool is that?
The most fascinating and mysterious charecter in The Immortals series in my opinion was Drina. Thought she is the most evil bitch i like her! (Maybe because Alyson Noel didn't tell much about her or discribed her really well).
I have no idea why but the most dislike charecter in the book was Haven, she was just so boring!
And lastly a charecters that took mt heart were Miles (because he is so fun!) and Ever ( because like i said before she'd lost her whole family and i just understand her). And a little comment - The charecters were well discribed.

In my very own opinion it was when Ever got drunk with her friends. It was just so funny i almost cried!

If you'r wondering if you should buy this book then don't because you should!
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on 8 April 2010
Ever Bloom is a withdrawn 16 year old with secrets..
Ever since her family were killed in a tragic car accident, Ever has been able to see auras - colourful depictions of a person's character -something no-one else can see, hear thoughts and talk to her dead sister. Her former life as the pretty, popular cheerleader is turned upside down. She lives with her aunt and shies away from many people. But she can't shy away from him. Damen is the gorgeous new boy at school, he intrigues everyone ..but he seems to only have eyes for Ever...
As a committed Twilight fan I can't say that this book doesn't bear any similarities to it and books like it - but it has its own individual quirks and is thoroughly enjoyable.
The writing is from first person narrative, which gives it extra poignancy, as I found with Twilight. Some people have called it `predictable', but I didn't find that at all. As a reader at the older end of the range (20!) I found the writing simple but extremely beautiful and intriguing. Well worth a read and definitely one of those `I'll fall asleep before I put you down books'.
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on 21 August 2011
Great introduction to the Imortals series. Ever is trying to adjust and come to terms with her family dying in a tragic accident which she blames herself for, especially as she is the only one who survived, coming back with a psychic gift,

We see the strong connection between Ever and her dead sister Riley develop and Ever making an adult decision and letting her sister go over to the other side. The second connection Ever has is with Damen - initially he appeared too cocky for Ever but she soon discovers that they are soul mates and have met in all of Ever's previous lives.

This book as clearly showing the dynamics of where the story is headed and hopefully Ever will select the right paths to make her and Damen's lives happy ever after.
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on 31 October 2010
A mysterious and handsome 17 year old boy who doesn't seem to age, moves very very fast, doesn't eat and drinks only a bright red liquid from a bottle without label falls in love with the freakiest girl of the class...
Seems familiar?
And that's the big problem of this book, the first 2 third looks like a bad copy of Twilight.
The last third explains everyhting but it's too late the "Deja-vu" feeling stays.
Unfortunately the end is a slapdash job and doesn't even help improving the whole impression.
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on 13 February 2012
I have read quite a lot of paranormal romance books, some are good and some are not quite as good, I am pleased to say that Evermore falls in the former category. I really enjoyed this book, although I advise that it be read quite quickly as it's a little slow to get going but this is less noticeable when you're not just reading a chapter a night. The book has a quite original take on a genre that has been well explored in the last few years and I found it to be pretty unpredictable in some ways. I have since read the sequel and have purchased the third book in the series so Alyson Noël must be doing something right. I should also mention that the book is written in first person and present tense which takes a little bit of getting used to but by the end of the book you probably won't notice it anymore. I enjoyed reading Evermore and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance books.
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on 24 February 2010
Ever is a lovely girl that blames herself for her families death and finds a boyfriend! Cheesy? Predictable? Yes. However, throw the first stone who had never been there! All the craziness of adolescence, being it drinking, doing drugs, being recluse... blaming the world for everything bad that happens. But, remembering clearly the day we took a decision and started to grow up. I absolutely loved Ever story and I think everybody else will too.
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on 31 May 2016
for the most part, this is a teen fantasy.
I rather enjoy adult fantasies. With a little more happening at once.
That being said, its not bad and I am going to read the second book.
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on 14 September 2010
I think most of us no matter how old we are have been through the same sort of boy trouble as Ever did. I think this is a truly relatable book not in the fact that people can actually read minds but in the fact that we all know what it's like to love from afar to start with and then maybe go through a time when that guy doesn't exactly take notice of you and then suddlenly he's all over you.
The book starts really slow and we don't know why the author is telling us about Ever's dog buttercup and then when we start to read father into the book we take note that the beginning was infact, very important to the story.
Tulips is my nickname at school and it made me laugh when I found out the meaning of Tulips I was really toutched to be called that though xxx
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on 28 April 2011
I am definately an adult and i love this book, l loved the twilight books and was worried this would be too like them, but its totally different. On Book 2 and got book 3 ready..with book 4 and 5 in my wish list ready to read the final book in June. You must read this series, if your reading this your thinking about it, its addictive and griping and an easy read. I normally read one in a couple of lazy days.
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on 9 April 2014
I liked this book very much the style of the story is very much the way I like it but like so many of these books it was just to short I but that has nothing to do with the way the book was written I am just used to reading much larger books and so fished this one very quickly but I loved the story and the characters and will definitely continue on to the next book
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