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on 3 September 2011
Follow the spectacular story of Scotland's Red Deer. Join Rannoch's harrowing journey that takes him through pain, loss, dissolution and finally acceptance of what he is and what he must do. My all time greatest book. This brilliant book has everything you need from adventure and romance to mystery and horror. A must read!!!!
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on 4 August 2010
Bought this for my 10 yr old daughter who has been eating books since she was 5. As she is so far advanced in her reading I have found myself caught up in reading books first just to check the content is OK. She read it in 2 days and absolutely adored it. It took me a while longer but have to say that I couldnt put it down. No problems with the language used. Totally hooked just like my daughter. Have to disagree with other comments about it being long winded. Magnificent use of descritive language draws you right into the storyline. Just a fabulous read for animal loving adults and young readers alike.
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on 13 May 2017
When I say light fantasy I don't mean throw away I just mean it's not epic like Tolkien and much more accessible to younger audiences though I'm 39 and I loved it! The characters are relatable anf have depth despite being wolves the plot has purpose and overall a very enjoyable read!
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on 17 December 2000
Fire Bringer is a book about deer in the islands of Scotia. There is a prophecy amoung deer saying that one day a fawn will be born with the mark of an oak leaf on his head. Rannoch was born the night his father was murdered. He must escape to survive. His mother ,Eloin, and other deer with their new born deer flee from their heard, that is hungry for power, to the mountains. They are hunted by stags with sharpened horns. One day Rannoch must return to do what he was born to do, to conquer the force that drove him away This is an amazing book.
I Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I think many people should read it. By James Laraman
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on 2 January 2014
When I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to share some of the books I love and adore more than all others. So I have to share The Sight, as it's a childhood favourite!

I first read this book when I was a lot younger than I am now. A mega-bookstore opened up at our local shopping centre and we had gone to get my eldest sister's books for college, I believe. At the time I would have been ten or eleven, so as they went to look at course books, I practically ran for the children's section, which was probably the biggest children's section I had ever seen. I could not have been happier at that point and immediately started looking through the books.

The spine of the Sight caught my eye, it shows a wolf howling and it really does look incredible. I read the brief description on the back, and then immediately decided I needed to read it. I started it right then, sitting in a chair in the children's section, where I was drawn so deeply into their world that I didn't notice anything going on around me. My parents found me like that and I was already a few chapters in and there was no way I was putting this book down for anything. So thankfully my parents happily agreed to buy it for me and I read it the entire car journey home.

I have reread this book almost every year since, I am now twenty-two so that's a pretty long time to keep coming back to a book. But this is worth it.

I know this may seem like more of a children's book, but I do see it now and again in book shops and it is always in the teenage section. I know that this type of book is not going to appeal to everyone but I couldn't give it any higher praise if I tried. This book had me from the moment I picked it up and still hasn't let me go. It still has pride of place on my bookshelf, now along with it's sequel Fell (when this was released I almost died of happiness).

This book has a lot of heavy themes, so be warned that this isn't a light-hearted children's animal book. This is dark, and will have you gasping and crying. David Clement-Davies is truly a gifted author and I loved his other animal adventure Fire Bringer.

This really is an epic adventure, and at almost 500 pages it really is a long read. There is a lot of lore in it and is probably not the most accurate portrayal of wolves but it is a work of fiction. I fell in love with all these characters in the wolf pack and I must admit, I cried so many times reading this book. I cry at this book even now, when I know exactly what's going to happen. I just can't help it.

If you don't think this book is for you, I would still urge anyone to try it. If you want or need a bit more convincing, check out the reviews on Goodreads - it has so many great reviews on there. I will warn you to read it with a box of tissues handy, it really is a tearjerker. No author has made me care so much for the animals in a novel as well as Clement-Davies manages. I will love and adore this book for as long as I live.

5/5 Stars
I love it!

I would also recommend his other novel Fire Bringer and the sequel to The Sight, Fell.

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on 12 February 2004
After reading other peoples reviews I believe this book has been sold short by many. I myself am 15 years old and read the book at 13, reading peoples reviews I am quite shocked to find this book called 'boring in places', 'unflowing', and 'too long winded'. Perhaps it is only children who can read this book and appreciate it for its true worth. This novel is extremely imaginative, emotional and easy to get caught up in. I found myself feeling for the characters and wanting to read on, sometimes staying up late into the night so I could find out what happened in the next few chapters. As for the wolf language it is easy to understand what the words mean as you read the book and though some are unexplained it is not difficult to discover their meaning. I advise anyone who truly loves wolves to read this descriptive and heart-warming novel.
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on 10 August 2014
I’m finding this book very difficult to review due to a few near-fatal flaws that, in my mind, have prevented it from fully achieving its potential. It’s an oddly unique premise; a fantasy novel about anthropomorphic wolves that have psychic powers. I’m always on the hunt for a good fantasy, however; and being a big fan of animal stories, I was at once intrigued.

Clements-Davies writes with authority. He seems to have researched the behavior of wolves quite a bit. There are definite overtones of “The Jungle Book” throughout. Much of the story is about the relationship between man and beast; and there is, in fact, a “man-cub”. Clement-Davies has created a rich background of “wolf lore” for his characters to believe in; complete with Gods, creation stories, and prophecies. At times, one could almost imagine they were reading a fictional account of a primitive human tribe; and it very well might appeal to fans of Jean Auel. Along with the invention of wolf-centered myths, Clement-Davies also introduces many new vocabulary words that heavily season the story. One of my main critiques is that these words were not compiled into a handy glossary for readers to reference at will. There were many new terms and concepts to keep straight and relocating the exact page that defined these unfamiliar words proved distracting.

I wasn’t really sure what I thought of the book for more than half of its length. I did grow to enjoy it a bit more in the summating chapters; when some surprises were tossed like tasty tidbits to the audience to keep them going. I do feel that the novel suffered greatly from poor editing; not just the spelling and grammatical errors, which I found plenty of, but in terms of content. Whole passages of the last chapter were unnecessary and redundant. The message was clear enough without it having to be spelled out at such length.

I see that there are at least two other books in this series but I am unsure whether I will ever be inclined to read them. This book, though, will remain in my thoughts. There was something very earthy and spiritual about it, which isn’t something you come by so often these days.
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on 11 July 2011
I read this book a long time ago, and thought I loved it, but re-reading it now.....I dont like it at all. It is badly written and is very repetive in parts.

I wouldnt recomend this book.
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on 23 May 2002
This story was absolutely brilliant. I found it incredibly hard to put it down and as far as maintaining the interest of its readers goes this far outweighs Watership Down. The way in which Clement-Davies presents a world through the eyes of both the hunters and the hunted makes us see life through a new perspective which again, makes this an enthralling read. I can't wait until The Sight comes out as a paperback!
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on 22 October 2004
I read this book a couple of years ago and it was one of the best books I have read. I am quite critical of books and I sometimes find it hard to get into the story but this book is fantastic. You get into the book very quickly and even though the story is hard to follow in places it grips the reader. You think that you have just about sussed out what is going to happen but then something unexpected happens and you are left thinking again. The storyline is highly imaginative and descriptive and results in a fantastic read. It is extremely hard to put this book down. I can't put into words how good this book is so you had better go out and try it to see for yourself. A must read for anyone who, like me, absolutely adores wolves or any kind of animal for that matter. So stop reading this review and get started on reading the book!
P.S The "fire bringer" is good too but I, personally, prefer "the sight".
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