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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2014
Not much seems to happen in the 300 odd pages of this book; it seemed like--maybe it did?--everything happened in the space of a few hours, which equally made it seem like an easy read and like I couldn't be bothered to read it because it seemed to drag.

The best bit for me happened around the 270pg mark. John became really...hot and forceful-ish with Pierce and I was actually kinda giddy, but of course this being a YA book no details are given. Boo!

I haven't decided yet whether I'll finish the trilogy, though it does seem a shame to read only 2/3's of the series.
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on 8 August 2014
abandon is probably one of the best books I 've so far, because its intense and makes you want to read on. what I didn't like was that some of the information of the characters were a bit unnecessary ,and how the author describe the place was quite long as well. I would recommend this for teenagers and adults.
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on 9 April 2017
Love it can't wait to read it.
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on 28 August 2015
My daughter informs me a great read highly recommend
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on 1 November 2012
This is the sequel to Abandon. I loved the stunning cover and couldn't wait to start reading after the previous book had ended on a teasing cliffhanger.

The story picked up where Abandon had left off with Pierce safely locked away in the Underworld, she was dreaming a strange and upsetting dream which I didn't really understand at that point, but as I read through the book it all became clear.

John was keeping more secrets from Pierce and I couldn't figure out why seeing as he said he loved her so much. I had mixed feelings about him, he was a very intense character (I suppose this makes sense considering he's the lord of the Underworld) and part of me felt annoyed by his controlling nature. The other part of me loved how protective he was towards Pierce and I really enjoyed some of their romantic moments together.

I liked the addition of Hope and the other characters from the Underworld, this side of the story really fascinated me and I wished that they could have spent more time in Johns home because I wanted to know more about it.

They faced more danger from the Furies which managed to get my heart pounding every time, and whilst on a rescue mission Pierce learned more about John's history - something which I hadn't expected!

An awful twist near the end changed everything and resulted in another cliffhanger ending. I have a feeling that this twist will cause many problems for John and Pierce in the next book Awaken which is due to be released in 2013.

This was a dark and fascinating one day read, I just couldn't put it down!
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on 2 November 2011
Pierce died. One and a half years ago. And since then nothing in here life is like it used to be.
Pierce now owns a mysterious necklace with a huge diamond which changes his colour around people. She got the jewellery from the mysterious John which she met during the time her heart wasn't beating and now she he is following her. Even moving away from Connecticut to a remote island in front of Florida doesn't help. John is still around. And he want something from her. Pierce tries to stay away from him but is not very successful. And though John saves her several times Pierce isn't sure she should trust him, but does she have a choice?

Abandon is another young adult book which reinvents the greek myth of Persephone and Hades. In an inventive way. First we get to know Pierce. A seventeen year old east-coast upper-class girl which doesn't fit. Anywhere. Since she died and was reanimated she lost all her old friends and is distancing herself from the world. She seems to be lost and waiting for something.
I liked the beginning of the book very much. You got drawn into the story. I wanted to know what is going on. Why did Pierce die? What happened to her? Who is coming after her? But after a while I also got annoyed by all the hints which where never completely explained. Especially so in dialogues with her new schoolmates and her cousin Alex, which just floats in and out without any obvious purpose. I felt lost. I sincerely hope that there will be more (and especially facts) about him in the next book.
On the other hand I loved the interaction between Pierce and John. And I was eagerly anticipating more informations about John as we don't really get to know him.
What I didn't like at all was the end. I know this book is the start of a trilogy. But still! What a cliffhanger. First I thought I accidentally skipped a page until I realised that the last sentence I read was indeed the last sentence of the book. For me there were to many unsolved questions. This book felt unfinished. Abandon is a nicely written paranormal romance with an adorable heroine and a powerful but sensitive hero. Not the best I ever read but quite entertaining and I will definitely watch out for book no. 2, which is supposed to be published in 2012.
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on 20 June 2012
This was a book that I had wanted to read for a while so I was excited to see that gorgeous cover when I was out on a shopping trip, obviously I couldn't resist buying it!

I was intrigued right from the first page, this modern version of Persephone and Hades has a dark, dangerous feel to it that completely captured my interest and made it another one day read for me.

Reading about what happened to Pierce after her accident was fascinating, it was almost like I could feel her confusion and when she finally realised where she was, that confusion turned to fear.

There were hints of something that happened at Pierce's previous school and I was relieved when I found out what it was, although I had kind of guessed what was involved I hadn't predicted the details.

This book had so many intriguing factors, I think that is probably why I read it so quickly, coffin night was one of those factors - the whole idea made no sense to me when I first heard about it but once it was explained I could see it's significance.

Just as the truth was being revealed and everything was making more sense the book ended, I wasn't ready for it to finish but I suppose that's the idea because now I'm really looking forward to the next instalment Underworld and I'm also looking forward to reading more from Mag Cabot.

A dark and intriguing story that I just couldn't put down.
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on 1 October 2011
I am a huge lover of all things mythology related so when I got told about this book, I knew I had to read it and soon!

I immediately felt sorry for Pierce. How could you not when she just died?! The opening to Abandon was strong and exciting and introduced me to the main character well. At times, Pierce was extremely strong and a hell of a lot braver than I would have been in her position. Because of this, I really liked her and was routing for her from the beginning. I certainly didn't want her to go through some of the things she did as she didn't deserve the stress. While Pierce started off really well, it didn't stay that way for the whole book. Sometimes it seemed like she was a bit stupid if I'm completely honest. She can see what is going on in front of her but either refuses to acknowledge something is happening or she acts in a silly way that gets her into trouble.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Pierce and John although I completely hated his name. For his character, this was such a bad choice and it was so boring and normal and John is anything but those things. The relationship was extremely real and that was why I liked it so much. There was none of this fall in love instantly rubbish. Pierce doesn't even like John in the slightest to begin with and the progression with them moved forward at a really nice pace. John, however, could have been a little more adventurous as a character and the danger in him could have been done a bit better. There is obviously a lot more to him than was revealed in this book.

This book is based on the myth of Hades/ Persephone but when we enter the underworld for the first time, it is cut way too short. I was hoping for a good chunk of the book to be set there but really, we only get to visit in passing. Spending more time in the underworld would have given the book a much darker feel and it would have added to the intensity and mystery of the story. I am hoping that as this is a trilogy, this setting will be visited again and in more detail. I think there is a lot more here that could be explored and it would help back up the rest of the story. One of the best aspects of the darker side of Abandon was the idea of death deities and the Furies. The Furies are something which I can see playing an even bigger part later on in the trilogy.

Pierce's family were characters who could have been amazing but they weren't used nearly enough. I really would have liked for her relationships with family members, especially her cousin and uncle, to have been explored a little more or for them to be featured more. In the way of secondary characters, while there are quite a few, I never really got to know much about any of them expect for one and that was a real shame. Another thing that could have made this book better overall.

So far, this book sounds like a real mixed bag but I really did like it. Yes, there were things that bugged me but overall it was extremely enjoyable and completely different from anything else I have read. Something that I really liked about Abandon was the fact that it switched between past and present. This gave me the opportunity to really get into Pierce's life and understand what she was going through from all sides. There was so much going on before and after she dies and it was a great thing to find out about these events. This way of telling the story also gave great insight into why Pierce is the way she is sometimes and why she makes certain decisions.

Abandon was my first Meg Cabot book but definitely wont be the last now. This is a trilogy which promises to be extremely exciting!
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on 31 August 2011
Abandon by Meg cabot
Pierce drowned in her family pool but when most people stay dead and go to their final resting place pierce did not. She meets John and tall, dark and dangerous it's his job to help the dead to their final resting place. While most girls might have jumped at the chance to be with him forever Pierce just wanted to live so she ran...

Now a year on Pierce life has changed so much after her brush with death and while she tries to pretend she is ok and happy her mind is never far from john and he always seems close by. Sometimes love comes with a price and sometimes love is dangerous.

This book had me from the first page between Pierce and John you can't help but love the book. The plot was well constructed and played out well. While the book was a dark love story there was much more then that going on in the book.
While there were a lot of emotions going on between Pierce and John through the book and you got a lot of enjoyable play backs on events passed in Pierces life. You start to try and work out what's going to happen next but you're always left happy and surprised by what the author writes next.

Lots of weird things seem to happen in the main characters life and that leave you excited about what's going to happen at the end.

To sum this book up I would say it's dark and sexy and leaves you breathless for more.
If death meant walking into John's arms i don't think i could say no.
5 stars
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on 18 June 2017
Absolutely loved how this book was portrayed and the greek mythology theme running through was amazing!! I was never a fan of Greek mythology but this made me review my aversion to it and has me absolutely amazed!!! The second book is also amazing and the third was a lovely way to tie in... all in all I would definitely buy this book and consider further purchases from this author :)
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