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on 12 January 2017
Scott Turow does not disappoint
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on 11 November 2014
I enjoy Turow. His characters are very believable and fully human. This was not my favourite but was well worth the effort.
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on 14 March 2013
Caiaphas said that it is expedient that one man die for the sake of the people! Whether it is write to execute malefactors still troubles many and there is little evidence that the question is near an answer. This book is a distingished contribution to the ouevre.
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on 31 July 2013
An excellent read. Grown up themes, tightly plotted and well written. Turow once again doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended to all fans of the genre
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on 4 April 2014
A good crime novel but not his best - burden of proof is better and has more complex characters and a twisted plot.
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on 16 October 2007
I have found Scott Turow to be one of the more impenetrable authors of legal thrillers. Despite this, I thought I would give 'Limitations' a try and I found it to be a thoroughly disappointing read. While many other books by former lawyers are genuine 'page turners', this one, rather like other Turow novels, seemed to ramble with no hint of tension, intrigue, twists or plot development. The characters are hard to engage with and somewhat bizarely, I was pleased to get to the end so that I could start another book - a sentiment that I rarely experience.
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on 25 November 2012
This novel elicited either very low or pretty good reviews from readers, averaging around 3/5 stars on Amazon's UK and US-websites. Is this fair? Does size matter? Many fans like the intricately-plotted, 4-500+ page books that made Scott Turow a bestseller author. Only a few reviewers in the US and UK liked this brilliant tale of < 200 pages. In France, Germany and the Netherlands, this reader was the first reviewer on this site and gave it four stars. Someone like ST does not deserve dismissive 1 star reviews.

This tale finds George Mason (GM), a well-respected Appellate Judge in a US state court, in a situation prompting soul-searching, perhaps approaching a personal crisis. A shortlist of his worries, in no particular order:
(1) A week ago he lost his mobile. He uses the cell phone of his wife of 30+ years, who is undergoing chemical therapy against thyroid cancer;
(2) He has been receiving death threats via email. The FBI has no idea about the sender. He accepts protection in his workplace, does not want his home guarded 24/24;
(3) He and two other judges will decide shortly about a ruling by a lower criminal court in a complex rape case;
(4) He is under pressure to confirm his intention to serve another 10 years as Appellate Judge within two weeks.

So it begins...

The age of 60 is seen as the year when long-forgotten memories emerge spontaneously from dark recesses of the mind. GM is 59 when he suddenly sees the loss of his own virginity > 40 years ago in a perspective acutely relevant to the rape verdict he is judging. His deep shock is described on p. 57. And he soon worries about what happened to the girl who released him from his own virginhood. Ultimately he finds her... There remains plenty to uncover for readers. And a PhD on this work is probably in progress.

Rich, short study of the dilemmas of a high-minded, steely, rigorously logical, but also imperfect, fallible, also sentimental or paranoid servant of the law. Few authors can beat Scott Turow on plotting, background, characters and quality of dialogue, or the ethical perils of practicing law. Once again, beautifully written and well plotted, with convincing characters, albeit seen through the eyes of GM. And one plot line is thriller-like as well. Despite the tiresome US legal parts, a warmly recommended book.
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on 15 June 2009
I was looking at reviews of books and came across this and saw only three one star reviews, well not reviews just useless and unfair comments.

Limitations is by no means Turrow's best book, however if you compare it to similar contemporary thriller books with a small character set then it stands solidly alongside them. I felt the plot was simple but compelling and generally engaging, well written and agreeable. It felt as if the narrative was comfortable for Turrow, not stretching and varying as much as is pervious book Ordinary heroes (which to be fair was an excellent step away from his usual stories, and a stand out piece of writing amongst and genre, a hugely enjoyable read for me as someone deeply fascinated by ww2 and that era.)

Turrow however, and this is where I think he always succeeds was able to create characters that felt perfectly normal and believable, I liked the way Mason and his wife dealt with the issue of cancer, the mixture of awkward thoughts and feelings amongst the routine. For me it works well as an added layer of tension to set the main storyline against. The book as a whole is well written, offering up enough questions and incidents to create suspense and as any book of this type should, to urge the reader on. The story is a good length and well contained.

Well worth a read over summer and I would recommend any of his books. But especially ordinary heroes, it's a true thriller with a moving depiction of war, love and humbleness in the face of great sacrifice.
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on 28 March 2007
Turow is a master of the legal thriller. His writing is taut and spare, making his books a pleasure to read. This one is a little on the short side (less than 200 pages) but is still fantastic - good characters, intriguing plot, and a proper ending that is both simple yet brilliant. Not quite at the level of 'Presumed Innocent' but still great.
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on 25 August 2008
Having read Scott Turow before I had high expectations of 'Limitations'. Unfortunately, the title illustrates well the novel. Limitations in plot, writing, interest and overall standard. Not what I expected from Scott. This book is best left with the printers.
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