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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 September 2016
Read the first two books (Zenith and Exodus) as a kid, and absolutely loved them, so couldn't wait to get my hands on this one.

Would probably fall into the young adult fiction/dystonian future genre of books, but with less 'drama', and instead really touches on the emotions and stories of each of the characters and their world as a whole (while reading, I always felt reminded of the bigger picture that went beyond just what the characters were facing at that moment). One of the more unique books I've read, that really helped shaped my future taste in books.

I'd say I definitely preferred the fist two books (would recommend reading those, if you haven't already), but this wasn't a bad conclusion to the story, and is definitely worth a read.
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on 2 June 2011
A book with an ending that could make you scream....................

Well as I thought Aurora picks up about 15 years in the future from where Zenith was set. Reading the end of Zenith I was
sure I was going to hate the jump to the future. But I really didn't. I have to say I found Lily a little annoying,
perhaps because I loved Mara so much I felt Lily was stealing her thunder a little bit. And I never eally understood Wing becoming a Wolfman, that kind of came from nowhere and made very little sense to me, but thats all for negatives, thats just
a couple of small things that bugged me a little.

So the Treenesters did not feature too much in this book. After Lily has runaway and Mara has of course gone tearing after her we hear nothing more about them and the others living in Candlewood, I think it would have been nice to, but the book really didn't suffer for it. I just always loved the characters of the Treenesters and di miss them a little, although, a lost Treenest does make a reappearance, but I won't add any more so as not to spoil this for anyone.

I did love that Lily took after her mother and I totally understand her wanting some adventure, just as Mara did.
Especially after spending 15 years having to spend 6 months underground at a time! That would make anyone want to escape and have an adventure. Throw in Lily's sudden knowledge about the true identity of her father, and well I'd have run for the ocean myself. I loved that Wing went with her, to protect her, as he had with Mara way back in the neverworld.

I was surprised to find out about the changes to Ilira, everything that had happened, and what Tuck had acheieved, but Tuck really was not a likeable character to me. Yes he had done great things, but not in the best way. I was angered that people had once again reverted to a time where having slaves was acceptable, and punnishing people in discusting ways was the norm.
Surely after everything people should have learnt better, but maybe its just in our nature.

I really enjoyed the story jumping from New Mungo, back to Ilira, and between the numorous goings on in both settings. It did get a little busy sometimes but I didn't find it hard to follow, I will say that I think somethings happened a little too quickly, and it could maybe have been a little more gradual with things happening so as to build more suspense or just tell the story in a little more detail. Aurora is the shortest of the 3 books, I trhink it could have been longer and then it may not have felt quite so rushed. Developements were not always explained as fuly as I would have liked and major things happened in just a couple of paragraphs or pages. This was a little frustrating.

I won't go into the plot anymore, but the ending........... Argh!!!!!!!
I felt for sure this time everything was going to be wrapped up, I mean not EVERYTHING, but most things. I do like to
wonder what has happened to these characters I have grown to love or hate, but realy, the ending was not what I was expecting at all. These people that had spent so long searching for each other, I wanted to know what happened when they met.
I want to know what plans they have for building a future, I want to know what happens with the war. Do they change the way some of these shorsighted people view the world, that money and power are all that matter? Will Mara return to Rowan and her sons? Will Gorbals and Pollock find out that what they thought was true for the last 15 years is not in fact true at all?
What will happen when Mara and Fox finally see each other?

I have far too many questions and no answers, really Julie, is this all we get!??!

Do not get me wrong, I loved this book, I loved the whole series and I am so glad I stumbled upon them.
But please, just one more installment, I'm sure I am not the only person who really really really wants to know what happened!!! I guess for now I'll have to make up my own ending, as far as I can tell this is the last one, but
a girl can dream right?
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on 12 July 2012
So even though I liked Exodus, I was really disapointed by the sequel, Zenith. In places it didn't even make sense and it was basically just one long run of suffering. At the back of Zenith there was a Q and A thing with the author saying there would be a sequel, but after 4 or 5 years of no sequel turning up I started to think it must have been cancelled. And then I found this in a bookshop...

Well I don't know if the amount of time it seems to have taken to write meant the author could correct whatever went wrong with Zenith, but this book is waaay better. Unlike the first two, it's told through the perspective of just about every character who's involved, starting with Pandora, the urchin found by Fox at the end of Zenith, who has since fallen in love with him and wishes he'd reciprocate her feelings. Although actually that's never openly stated. One of the good things about this book in my opinion is that it doesn't flesh everything out for you-a lot of the feelings and emotions are implied or assumed and that gives a tint of uncertainty to the whole thing.

Probably the biggest problem I had with this book was that, since it's been years since I read Zenith, I had trouble remembering a lot of detail the book seemed to expect me to know. I kept thinking Who's Wing? Who's Scarwell? Urchins have webbed feet? Was Broom the name of that woman who went missing? I couldn't check in Zenith and Exodus becasue I'd got them out of the library so didn't have them anymore.

Lily, Fox and Mara's daughter, is in love with Wing, the urchin from the first two books, who is living with wolves and the more hostile urchin Scarwell, in a cave. Since Scarwell is jealous of Lily and Wing, she tells Lily that her real father is Fox rather than Rowan, as Lily has always been told and so Lily sets out to find him, with Wing as a guide. However things are complicated when she is captured by Clayslaps, the missing son of Pollack and Broom from Zenith, who although a slave himself, is working as a slave trader for the sinister land on the other side of the mountain(also from zenith but it's explained far better in this book.) At the same time Candle, the daughter of Clayslap's owner, is preparing reluctantly for her marriage to Tuck Culpy, the mysterious bridge builder and overlord of the land. I did NOT like Tuck at all in Zenith but since he is not remotley marketed as a goodie in this book, I actually got quite fascinated by his character this time around. The plot is very complex and has plenty of twists and turns. There isn't so much a love triangle this time as a love pentagon, or something like that anyway.

Lily was o.k. as a main character, but I was more fascinated by the other younger female characters, Pandora and Candle. It's a mark of the realisticness of this series that they're not...nice...and you really wouldn't know where to put them in the goodie/baddie camp. Their interactions with Lily, who they're both jealous of, for different reasons, were really interesting. And I also liked seeing Candle come into her own...

Mara is in this book, in case you're wondering and she actually does a lot. We also get to find out about Fox's parents.
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on 17 June 2011
In the third - and final??? - instalment of Mara's tale, Julie Bertegna weaves together the threads of destinies hinted at in her previous two novels. Despite the blurb suggesting this is the final book in the series; the ending has left an opening for more. I hope the author does write more...this is a world with limitless potential.

I really liked this story, it didn't quite grip me the way the first did (Exodus), but it certainly kept me reading. Rather than the focus being on a new adventure of Mara's, we actually experience this unique world with her daughter, Lily.

Unbeknownst to Mara and Lily, Fox has managed to tell Mara's story to the whole world. To remote communities who did not know of the existence of the tower cities and the story of her survival and the rescue of the refugees in Exodus brings people hope.

Instead of concentrating on trying to create new cities in space, the Guardians of the tower cities decide to claim for their own few bits of land that have not been drowned. Not only will they not help the poor stranded on ships and boats in the ocean, they now want to take land away from the few survivors outside of the safe ocean towers.

Fox knows it is time to strike. For sixteen years he has worked to destabilise the elitist society...

Well, this book is about the coming together of plans and the collision of lives. Less romance and more revolution :)
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on 13 March 2014
A good story with the other two books, but the last one seems to be as scattered all over the place a little bit. I appreciate the open ending, it's more like an invitation to endless possibilities in life. Altogether it's a good read, I would certainly recommend it to people who find it hard to decide on their future. There's some good advice in this book.
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on 29 July 2014
it is a really good book and series as well. I enjoyed it a lot. However there were some typing errors and we couldn't really understand it at all. Anyway it was an amazing book.
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on 26 December 2012
Pretty good. A great end to the trilogy. New what was going on the whole time. Couldn't put it down
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on 5 November 2014
another in a very exciting series I have read them and passed them on to my library
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on 3 April 2015
Great book
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