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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 22 January 2007
I've read all the Princess Diaries books and I have to say I'm getting fed up with them now. The first was good - although I always think that these sort of teenage diary type books don't take all that much talent to write - and I still remember what happened in the second and third books, so I'm assuming they were good-ish too. But after that...they all merge into one. I KNOW she's a 16 year old girl, but she hasn't matured in any way at all since the first book (where she was two years younger) and I can't help but finding her increasingly annoying.

To me, it feels like Cabot is taking advantage of the success of this series, and is continuing writing them until they go out of favour. Her writing style is good, if not particularly unique, and Mia was an interesting enough character in the first three or four, but now Cabot's writing is becoming predictable, tiresome, and her plots always have the same basic storylines.

Still, I continue to read them, if only for a comfortable read that takes no effort and provokes no thought. They're not horrible - merely rather tedious after the first few. Cabot is a capable writer, and I'd like to see her attempt something different. All of her other books (Nicola & The Viscount, Victoria & The Rogue, etc) seem to be similar as well, and I don't see why someone who can obviously write doesn't try and push her boundaries.

This book is slightly different in that we finally get to the inevitable break-up with Michael, but as it's taken eight books to reach this point, the impact that could have had was sadly reduced. It's predictable, and I would have preferred to see a more imaginative break-up than the cop out idea that Michael has to go away for a year. I did like the reminder that he's nineteen, and we finally get to see some of those age issues (finally!).

I don't know...I'm rambling now, but I guess I think these characters are all a little two-dimensional. Mia's character hasn't grown at all throughout the series, and I just want to scream at her to stop being such a wet blanket and to stop overreacting.

I'll wrap it up here, because there's not a lot to say that I haven't already. In a nutshell these books aren't terrible, not by any means, but they're not particularly imaginative or unique and I want Cabot to try and stretch herself. Predictable, but easy to read and amusing enough if you switch your brain off.
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on 13 July 2007
I've recently got really into the Princess Diaries Series.
I read volume 5~8 in 2days! They are THAT wonderful!

However, I'm so disapointed with Mia on this one...
and I dont even understand her behaviors...
kissing guys like P.J. instead of Michael...
I think in the inside, Michael truely is Mia's Prince Charming,
but she kind of likes P.J. too...

I hoped that Mia gets back with
Michael in the 9th volume,
but I happended to find out that they dont,
by reading an overview...
I just HOPE that they do anyway!
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on 21 February 2007
I thought this book was a lot better than the previous seven. I was slightly disappointed with the seventh as I thought it didn't have much depth and Mia was fussing over nothing. Instead of laughing at the supposedly funny mishaps I cringed for Mia - how could she be so stupidly short sighted? - but then I suppose that's why I can't help but love the books.

However, in this book she comes face to face with some real problems - not just whether or not Michael's taking her to the prom -, and yeah she's not that good at dealing with them, and just makes he sitution worse, but that's what makes it so funny! i think that this book shows just how much Mia's come on emotionally throughout the series. i think Meg's really done well this time in giving Mia some real problems to deal with. All I want to know now is...WILL SHE AND MICHAEL GET BACK TOGETHER??????
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on 19 September 2015
i have read all but this one (including the VERY last two - those who have read them will know what I'm m talking about, but i dont want to spoil it) and i just want to reassure you guys that it is the perfect fairytale ending, as always - i thought that it was going to be one of those disapointing realstic books. but it wasnt, which is great, but she gets mega depressed in book 9 and makes friends with lana weinberger. (; have fun reading the rest!
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on 28 May 2007
Since the other reviews have already explained the plot basically i was disappointed at how mad Mia got at Michael.

Yes - I admit it, I am a true romantic at heart, and I couldn't see how Mia could hold it against Micael that he was 'with' Judith at a time when she was dating Kenny. At least, not hold it against him so much that she let him leave for Japan without a fight, especially since in all the other books she goes on and on about how he is 'the love of her life.'

But I know this is more the plot and I couldn't find anything wrong with the actual writing to complain about so I gave it a 4 star. I hope this helped you decide whether to read it or not...
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on 15 February 2009
I loved this book, recommended to any reader. Meg Cabot writes with such a passion which any reader can feel involved with the characters. A shocking twist which any Princess Diaries lover will be surprised at. I couldn't put this book down. Mia is a enticing character who the reader immediately feels a connection with and loves.

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on 8 May 2007
An irritating PD book. I'll try to explain without adding too many spoilers. The basic plot line is that Michael has the chance to build a robotic arm prototype that will allow open-heart surgery or something and has to move to Japan and Mia is hoping by sleeping with him she'll convince him to say. The book is basically, will she/ won't she?

But then Mia discovers Michael isn't as "pure as the driven snow" as she is. No, Michael never actually states he's a virgin before this book but he certainly implies it in Sixsational when he states "you're the girl I want. One day, you WILL be mine." So is it really irrational that Mia then rethinks her whole "I'm going to sleep with Michael" scheme? I don't think it is. I think it's pretty judgemental to hold it against him for having slept with someone else though and that the loss of his virginity was obviously not as big a deal to him as it would be to her however for someone as intelligent as Michael supposedly is, you'd think he'd have picked up on the fact that she assumed he was a virgin in the 3-month review sessions? Hmmm

Anyway, Judith Gershner? Judith head of the computer club Judith? Judith going out with a guy from Trinity Judith? Oh wait I'm being judgemental, but I guess it's not very typical of fictional characters such as Judith to be two-timing their bf's. Meg Cabot is original you have to give her that. But it just seemed so farce-like. I half-expected Michael to break out in a grin and shout "fooled you" that's how out-of-character it all seemed.

I think there was a little too much info on the Lily/Boris thing, those who haven't read it yet... well you'll see.

Finally... the ending... it just seemed wrong. I just felt both Michael and Mia displayed really weak characters. Michael should have stuck around to find out *why what happened - happened*. Considering Mia was the one who instigated the whole relationship would it be too difficult for him to try and salvage it? He was too scared to admit that he "loved her" so that's how he started his relationship with Judith so wouldn't it make sense to stick around and find out the reasons behind her actions involving JP? Mia then displays a shallowness of character by ditching her life-long vegetarianism. Strong convictions - not.

I haven't felt this dissatisfied with a Princess Diaries book since Mia started dating Kenny.
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on 3 November 2013
I did enjoy this book that's why I gave it 4 stars. I would of given it 5 stars but the book got a bit too rude for my liking. Also I think it went a bit over the top with the Michael things and stuff.

All together I thought it was a pretty good book
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on 21 January 2007
I really like the Princess Diaries books and I've read all of them so far but I was disappointed with this one because I felt like Mia was being a wimp and Michael was being a pig.

What Michael does in this story is WRONG - he lies to Mia, and then he makes out that its not a big deal, but it is a big deal for Mia and he knows it would be or else he wouldn't have kept it a secret. He really hurts Mia's feelings but instead of just saying, yes, I did a stupid thing and I'm sorry, he calls Mia crazy and gets mad at her for being upset. Also, he just decides to go off for a year to Japan without even consulting Mia and doesn't get why she is upset about that either. This is not like Michael. Anyone could see why she was upset about all this, but no one in the story seems to get it!

Then, instead of sticking to her guns and staying mad until he apologises, Mia caves in at the end. I suppose this had to happen because basically EVERYONE in the book is on Michael's side and they are going on at her constantly. That really annoyed me too, because what mother takes her daughter's boyfriend's side when he has made her daughter so upset that she is actually SICK??? And what kind of best friend is Lilly? I would have dumped my icecream over her head if it was me.

Basically, I felt like Meg Cabot just wanted to break them up in this story to give JP a chance or whatever, but it didn't work because everyone acted like what Michael did was no big deal but you ask ANYONE who has a boyfriend how THEY would react if this happened and they'll tell you it IS a big deal. If Meg Cabot wanted Michael and Mia to break up she should have had the courage to make it realistic.

I'm not saying that this book is no good at all, some of it was funny and interesting. But it was not really true to the characters. At this point I would be happy if Mia did end up with JP because I wouldn't want to end up with someone who treated me like that.
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on 5 September 2014
Nice little teen book! Easy to read, easy to understand. Very very very teen, but nice to read during vacation.. not much thinking involved! Haha!

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