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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2004
I'm so glad that I bought this book! It's a fab story about Jenny Greenley and her struggle to juggle everything in her life - she happens the agony aunt of her school paper and writing the 'Dear Annie' column means she is privy to many secrets and juicy pieces of gossip. However, to ensure confidentiality she is not allowed to reveal her true identity and things get really interesting when the hottest heart-throb in teen America, Luke Striker lands in her school complete with 'secret' identity and Jenny is asked to take care of him and its just gets really funny! I loved the way as Jenny's confidence grows so do the people around her, and we get some hilarious results! Even if the book wasn't so brilliant I'd read it just because of the choir Jenny joins and the laugh out loud scenes done so skillfully by the ever fab Meg Cabot!
I'd reccomend this to all Meg Cabot fans,people with a fun sense of humour who are looking for a book that will make them laugh and cheer at the same time!
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Jenny Greenly has been everybody's best friend or, like her REAL best friend called her, mayonnaise. She even helps out people with them not knowing it's her. You see, Jen is the secret advisor, Annie, who people go to to solve their personal relationships. She does the layout and the other secret thing (being Annie) for the Clayton High School Register in Clayton, Indiana. Of course, only the editor-in-chief of the newspaper and a few other administrators of the school know about the Ask Annie thing. But something very big is about to happen in the small town of Clayton.

Nineteen-year-old screen sensation Luke Striker is coming to this town to research a role for a big project coming up. So the school suggested Jenny be the one to show Luke around the school and keep this whole deal a secret. They decided for him to be a transfer student named Lucas Smith. Jen thought that Luke was going to be coming in like a week -- not the very next day! Anyway, Jen is not the type of person who gets star struck by a CELEBRITY! But I guess this was a very first for her. As she got to spend more time with Luke she seemed comfortable around him and didn't think he was one of those people who are just snotty, mean, and self-centered.

But will Luke turn out to be someone Jen didn't think he was going to be? Will she blow his cover with a little mistake or will Luke manage to do that on his own? Find out!

This book is so awesome! It's just so many things happening that you feel like you're totally in the moment! I personally think that Meg Cabot's books are really good and just right on with the every day life of teens. This book deserves a total of 5 Stars and a Gold Award.

Reviewed by: Spreeha
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on 18 May 2005
Lets face it, these days a decent romance is difficult to find. Yet here it is. This book has such great characters and situations that it is impossible to put down. Jenny Greenley is an average girl in America when a famous film star comes to her school to work on his next role. Of course he's really gorgeous and all the girls fall for him BUT DON'T THINK THIS FOLLOWS THE STANDARD STORYLINE!!! Meg Cabot has created a wonderful story that is utterably readable and perfect for a summer on the beach.
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on 23 April 2005
I dont want to right too much about this book - 'cos i dont want 2 spoil it. All I'm going to say is that it is really great and most teenagers will absolutely love it. It's about an average teenager - she is not the 'teen idol'. Everyone wil love it. I hope you get it - it is amazing!
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on 20 July 2005
one of the best books i have ever read in my life. u cant put it down! i read it in 2 days and i only put it down that night because i couldnt keep my eyes open. Meg Cabot is my favourite auther of all time and i would recomend it to teens everwhere (girls i mean). jen is wound up in Luke's secret while she still has to get on with her normal life and keep doing what she does. Luke helps her she something she has never seen before and the book is witty, charming and captivating. a nice twist! well done Meg Cabot!
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on 7 September 2005
I'm a BIG fan of Meg Cabot and this is now my all time fave book. Jen is a sophmore whom everyone likes and trusts, but she doesn't have a bf. When asked to show round teen heart throb Luke Striker - undercover - Jen agrees and he stays by her side for TWO WEEKS ! Her best friend Trina, - whom has a bf but adores Luke - ... well read it for yourself and find out ! lol. Trust me ... you won't regret reading this book !
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on 30 September 2012
Teen Idol is typical Meg Cabot and sometimes in life, what you need is Meg Cabot - that mix of teen romance, comedy and a healthy dose of wish fulfillment. Cabot's heroines are usually girls who get to live something you've only dreamt about, and after a girl who discovers she's a princess (Mia in The Princess Diaries) and another who saves the life of the president (Sam in All-American Girl), we have Jenny, a girl who gets to show America's hottest movie star around town.

Surprisingly, Luke Striker, the actor pretending to be a high school student, turns out to be only a subplot of Teen Idol. The main story is that of Jenny's character development. Jenny is the resident nice girl of Clayton High; everyone's friend, helper and shoulder to cry on. Only Jenny's so concerned with being nice to other people, that she never does what she wants. She does things to please others and never makes waves - even when it comes to the guy she likes.

Another surprise - Luke Striker is not Jenny's love interest! His role in Jenny's life is that of a fairy godmother - he shakes her up, sprinkles some fairy dust and encourages her to go for what she wants. I really enjoyed this twist and Jen and Luke's friendship is awfully sweet. The real love interest, Scott, is another of Meg Cabot's cute, geeky boys. He and Jenny talk about fantasy books and sci-fi movies and why was there never a boy like that in my school?

If you know Meg Cabot, you already know what Teen Idol will be like - like a fabulous romantic comedy for teenage girls. Teen Idol is good, frothy fun and the growth that Jen goes through is actually pretty interesting and has a nice message behind it. An easy read for when you want to remember your teen years as much sweeter, prettier and happier than they actually were.
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on 12 April 2007
I bought a copy of teen idol when I went on holiday in New York and loved it. It's about Jenny Greenley, who is secretly the agony aunt for the column Ask Annie.

She has some friends too:

GeriLynn-quite annoying and loves coke

Scott-GeriLynn's boyfriend who likes sci-fi

Trina-Jenny's best friend and has a boyfriend called Steve.

Anyway,there is an actor called Luke Striker who poses as a schoolboy, it's up to Jenny to look after him and make sure that noone finds out his true identity. Will Luke's identity be revealed? Will anyone find out who Annie is? Read the book to find out!
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on 6 June 2016
I enjoyed this book. It is very relatable and Meg had some good ideas when writing it. BEWARE, SPOILERS!! One thing I dislike about it, is how Luke ends up with Geri. I find this really odd, and it actually bugged me. Also, it kind of makes being a good person, friend to most people, at school, seem bad. Besides from those two things, it was great!
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on 17 February 2005
this is an amazing book, it will almost change your life!
Jen Greenley is like this perfect little girl, who i'm sure everybody wants to be. I picked it up in London last year, cus it was pink and by Meg Cabot! What a combination, i thought, i can't lose!! And i didn't. Yes, it has the obvious boy likes girl plot, but even that had a cute twist. This book was about a real girl, trying to grow up. Even the arrival of a film star (which just sooooooo wouldn't happen in real life!), made the book better. Luke Striker, the film star, challenges Jen to be an effector of real social change. Anyone can do this, and if you read the book, it can happen. To me, reading the book was a real inspiration, as i often feel like Jen, that nothing you are doing helps, and at the end of the day you're shattered! But Meg Cabot shows that people are listening, watching you and you can make a difference. A great moral for anyone, any age. I recommend this book to anyone who likes feel good movies, and especially cheesy, but great American chick flicks! This would be a great movie too, please make it one!!!!
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