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on 5 January 2011
I had some experience with other photo-editing software packages previously but decided I wanted to take the plunge and get Photoshop CS5. When I first came to CS5 I was somewhat overwhelmed by the complexity of the programme and found it daunting to find my way around all the menus and control panels. I checked about on the internet for books and tutorials and came upon this book which seemed to be well reviewed. I ordered this book in time for my Christmas break.
The book arrived, a paperback, which is nicely packaged with a matt cover and very professional finish. The layout of the contents are exremely clear and easy to read and the format is maintained throughout the book. Illustrations are well printed and clear to see even in the fine details.
The book takes the format of 14 lesson chapters each of which takes about an hour to work through. The raw materials for these lessons are supplied on an accompanying CD which you copy to your hard drive.
The first chapter begins by introducing you to the tools bar and gives a brief description of them but you are soon into the first exercise. The quality of the materials supplied on the CD are of a very high standard and make working through the exercises a joy.
The book walks you step by step through each exercise with some explanation of the processes involved. It is presented as point by point steps so that you never feel that you are losing your way and I never once found an error in the process. Everything literally happened as it says in the book.
This is a tour-de-force of CS5 and presents to you through the exercises just about every process and tool there is on offer.
As this is presented as a work-through exercise book it is not intended as a reference book. To use it for this would be a little clumsy. Throughout there are tips and techniques which expand on the main text although these could be a little fuller.
If you are looking for a book that will explain how-to "fix" your photos or acheive certain artistic effects then this may not be for you but if you need to learn how to get around the interface, understand layers, paths, channels etc and how these can interact then I would be suprised if there is any better book available.
In short a brilliant exercise book which has given me the confidence to go further with the CS5 software and now reading the techniques in the photo magazines makes sense and I have the confidence to tackle their techniques.
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on 28 September 2011
If you need to learn photoshop this book is for you.
It's simple, easy to use and friendly.
Also it covers all photoshop CS5 features.
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on 26 January 2012
this book is a useful and effective tool for doing the tasks described to the images provided on the disc (for the most part - there were some instances where no matter how carefully i followed the instructions i did not see the results i needed).

where the book falls down is that while it tells you what to do, it rarely tells you why you are doing it - so you can't perform the tasks on any other images. this limits its usefulness, as i imagine that most people that purchase it hope to use it on images other than the ones on the accompanying disc. when you try to apply the "skills" you have learned to other images, you may well find it a profoundly frustrating and futile experience.
it also has a tendency to explain things in a way that don't make much sense to the inexperienced used - for example, when it explains the difference between channels, channel masks, layer mask, vector masks and clipping masks. after having read the paragraph a good thirty times, i was if anything less clear on the distinction.

this may well be the best book available on the topic but it falls short of what you would hope from the makers of the program.
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on 10 August 2010
Having received CS 5 as a gift, but with very little knowledge of how such a professional product can best be utilised, I looked for a book/manual that would provide me with the best insight. Bearing in mind that I would only be using it on an occasional basis, but would at least need to know the basics. With that in mind this manual seemed to tick all the boxes. I have found it to be a easily followed set of directions and tips. I also found that the instructional dvd to be of great help. For those who need the insight in greater depth, this manual should also tick your box.
Like many of these books you do not have to read as a novel. You can identify the issue that you want to approach and choose the appropriate chapter.
One tip I would give if purchasing book and have the same minimal knowledge, of Photoshop as I have, watch the dvd first. I found that it enabled me to understand the book better.
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on 23 August 2010
having previously had photoshop cs3 i was looking forward to the upgrades of the cs5 version. this book has help me utilise the new fucntions that the cs5 has to offer. one can go through the chapters in about a hour as the exercises are short, it explains the functions of the program in detail so that one can work on one's without having to jump back and forth to the book due to uncertainty. i recommend this book to all who wish to get the most out photoshop cs5.
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on 19 August 2013
I am using a Kindle Edition on a Samsung 10.1 inch tablet beside my main PC screen. The layout, structure and numerous coloured screen images make this book a real pleasure to read.

Having used and discontinued Lightroom 1.2 many years ago, I have recently purchased Lightroom 5. The content of this book is comprehensive and, as far as I am concerned, nothing important is missing. It has been a very pleasant learning experience. The book includes a link to downloadable chapter images that are used in the lessons.

Many years ago I bought a Classroom in a Book (CIB) for another Adobe product and it turned out to have so many errors that it became impossible to use; I and many others wrote critical reviews here and returned our books to Amazon as unfit for purpose. I am pleased to say that this CIB is a vast improvement and although there are some errors, they are relatively minor.

Overall, it is highly recommended.
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on 25 June 2011
I found this book very clear and concise. I am an amateur photographer who wanted to be able to use photoshop mainly for the basics, such as using levels and clone tool etc. This book contains a cd with lessons to follow step by step. It shows you how the photgraph should look at the end of the lesson and it doesnt assume you know anything already like a lot of books on the subject. It is simple to use and very informative. I dont use every lesson in the book as some cover Vector drawing technigues and Typographic design both a little too advanced for me. I would recommend this book for the beginner or the more advanced photoshop user that wants to dabble in the art side of photography or design. My work college teaches Photoshop and recommended this book to me as she uses it for her teaching as an aid. I havent looked back.
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on 18 July 2010
I am a Photoshop fanatic ever since the early nineties and upgrade every time a new version comes out.
I am perfect or like to think I am, but with each upgrade, I get the Classroom in a Book.
Photoshop has a very steep learning curve, in fact, and gets steeper with each upgrade.
Learning the basics is similar to walk before run, and like walking(Power Walking)there are technics that
need to be observed before attempting the complicated steps.
I always pick up a rule I may have forgotten with these books as well as learning the new "bells and whistles".
There is a disc attached that contains the contents for a lesson, so don't be "smart" get this book.
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on 22 September 2010
I really feel that this is one of the most user-friendly tutorial books for PhotoShop I have ever owned. Highly recommended!
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on 29 November 2010
This is one of the best lesson books for Photoshop CS5, and so cheacp in comparison from purchasing from Adobe direct!
A great way to learn.
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