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on 31 March 2007
Martin Evening is one of the most respected writers for digital photography. I haven't read any of his books before, though have one of Scott Kelby's books.

I must say I prefer Martin's style to Scott's. Scott tells you in easy steps how to accomplish different tasks, though doesn't explain the whys. Martin also explains how to complete various tasks, though explains why you carry out the various steps, to enable you to understand how to change the steps to achieve other results.

This book is the reference that should come with Lighroom. I've been using Lightroom since the PC beta came out, and over time have learnt to use much of the tools, but this book fills in a lot of the gaps, and extends my knowledge and speed using the application.

If you do not process many images, and got Lightroom to catalogue your images, then you will learn from the book, but you will gain so much more if you process large numbers of images (especially RAW) and want to refine your workflow, learn how to make the most of the cataloguing offered by Lightroom.

In short, if you want to spend less time behind your monitor, and more time behind the camera, buy this book. It's in depth, and yet beautifully clear, and laid out.
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on 10 April 2007
As Martin Evening states in the book Lightroom on of the goals for lightroom was simplicity. I participated in the beta-test of Lightroom but was still on the fence when vesion 1 was released. However, the 30 day trial with Martin's book in my hand has turned me into a convert.I am now good way through the task I had been putting off for some time, oganising my massive archive of digital photographs properly. Martin has perfected his talent for making complicated things accessible in his excellent photoshop books and has used this talent again here. I read the book from cover to cover over a weekend and his tips avaoided me making time consuming mistakes as I embarked on 'implementing' Lightroom. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 3 April 2007
Martin Evening is a reknowned Photoshop expert here in the UK. His books are very much looked upon as the ultimate reference for those who want to get the best from their software. Martin has produced this book on Lightroom, Adobe's latest offering for the digital photographer. It is a compact volume full of valuable information on this software and is a must-read for anyone seeking to use the software to best effect. The text is clear and concise, backed up by lots of colour illustrations and additional notes.

It is well worth the investment.
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on 27 July 2007
I don't usually write reviews for my own books. But in this instance I felt it only fair to point out that the spcific comment made by the reviewer G. E. Bignardi about 'highlight clipping' is actually not true. A quick glance at the index would have revealed that there is a whole page in the book that explains what highlight clipping means and uses image examples to help illustrate this. I think the same can be said for other jargon that is used in the book. For example, I use the term 'white point' quite a bit. Again, there is a whole page devoted to explaining to the beginner what this term means.

Lastly, I would like to let readers know that there is also available a free Lightroom 1.1 PDF update available for this edition of the book. It is 177 pages long and contains everything you need to know about what is new in Lightroom 1.1. Just go to the Peachpit.com website and register your book using the ISBN number to access the free download.
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on 2 April 2008
The content that's in the book isn't bad, doesn't waffle too much, and goes about things in a very practical and informative manner and would be an essential purchase were it not for the fact that it hasn't kept up with the software. There are some sections that only tell half the story (or less), particularly those on noise reduction, sharpening, exporting and keyword management.

The publishers provide a pdf update, but it's a supplement rather than the whole book and that makes it awkward because it means there's no single definitive resource.

My recommendation would be to try and make do with the help available from the Adobe WEB site and buy this book when it's been updated to reflect the current software version. This is particularly so, given that the first beta of version 2.0 is available, and that's sufficiently different to 1.* that it'll render the book irrelevant.

The publishers stuck a label to the front of the book mentioning the update. Fine except that it's next to impossible to remove without either leaving a sticky patch or damaging the cover...
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on 21 September 2007
A little research reveals that the author has been involved with Adobe Photoshop for many years, and also as a beta tester of Lightroom since its inception, so the reader could anticipate a very detailed knowledge of Lightroom's features.

This book portrays exactly that, and in a way that neither insults the intelligence of the seasoned professional nor places too many expectations on the beginner. This is extremely hard to achieve but I feel Martin Evening has got the balance just right in producing a first rate book that will suit most people. Furthermore, there are numerous tips on techniques that the author uses, so a lot of invaluable working knowledge has been included. The author has also provided a free 177 page PDF that describes the considerable changes made in version 1.1. This is available online from the publishers, Peachpit.

The only reservation I have is that the book is rated as being suitable for intermediate/advanced users. In my opinion, it is also suitable for 'savvy' beginners. If you really feel that 'Lightroom for Dummies' would be more appropriate, then start off with something at that level before you buy this book.

Without doubt one of the best books on Lightroom available. Highly recommended.

Buy with confidence.
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on 10 April 2007
I had used the PC beta version of Lightroom and had 'stumbled' my way around this truly Brilliant programme.

As another reviewer says - this is the book that should come with the software!

Martin Evening goes into great detail - almost too much detail when one is trying to come to terms initially with the software - as it is so different to Photoshop.

I personally would have liked a simplified step by step introductory chapter before being thrown into the detail. I know I will be referring back to this book for a long time to come - I think then I will really reap the benifit of the author's amazing detailed knowledge of Lightroom.
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on 21 May 2007
This is a straightforward book with a straightforward intent, that of providing a 'Complete Guide for Photographers'. As stated I think it can be said that the book achieves its aim though at the cost of making a number of rather obvious statements about the capabilities of the software.

The book takes a module by module approach to describing Lightroom and, because the software is designed to support a natural workflow, the book has a satisfying structure to it. It is clearly written and well laid out. So why do I not feel the wow factor? Well, I have been using Lightroom for about 2-3 months before reading this book, and it is one of the major strengths of the design of Lightroom that it is an intuitive tool to pick up. So most of this book already seemed very familiar and I started to flip through parts of the book reasonably rapidly while trying to find some genuine 'meat'. The meat does start to arrive when the author talks about Grayscale conversions, and then uses the White Balance and Colour Mix sliders to create different effects and I would have found more of this kind of information useful.

So, if you are completely new to Lightroom then Martin Evening is a sound guide to the capabilities of the software; if you have a few months of experience then you will get less out of the book. To be fair to the book overall, any book on Lightroom will tend to face the same problems of describing an intuitive piece of software.

Probably better than the 3 stars I have awarded it; I would have liked to have given around 3.5 stars since it is a soundly written and produced book. No real gripes but no excitement either.
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on 20 April 2007
This is an excellent guide to a fantastic piece of software. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole book is illustrated in full colour. Topics are covered methodically and in detail. The author also gives his own tips on workflow, which are invaluable. Overall, very happy.
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on 24 April 2007
What I found particularly valuable about this book is that it covers image adjustments excellently with well thought out examples and tips. It's clearly written, well designed and thought out
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