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on 6 April 2014
I thought the beginning was interesting especially when explaining what had happened to Blaine, the main character. The idea of a prison in some God-forsaken wasteland and how the people had found the wherewithal to make the best of the worst circumstances was fascinating. The political machinations were believable and the characters were fairly likeable.

The book dragged in some parts and I found the interminable explanations and discussions littered throughout the book exasperating. The use of language was also occasionally perplexing, for example, ‘We’ve got a situation topside’ as stated by a captain sounds like a modern-day military person giving orders to his men.

The book has vampires which is unusual in fantasy. I am not sure whether this juxtaposition works in the book (and in fantasy, in general) even if the vampires are divided in the ‘not so bad’ and ‘very bad’ ones. I am unable to work out whether my aversion to vampires in in this book is because I am not a fan of the vampire/horror genre or because I just don't like vampires.

Having said all the above, the book did keep my interest. I want to know what happens next and will consider purchasing the next instalment. Who knows, the 2nd book may allow me to come to terms with the vampires.
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on 21 October 2014
I was really looking forward to this book, having read all of the Chronicles of the Necromancer and The Sworn series. However, I was quite disappointed - the idea behind the book was good (hence two stars), but the plot was unfolding very slowly. The characters were not as well presented as in the other books and I could not relate to them. I made three attempts but eventually left the book unfinished. Then again, it must not deter others from reading - it might just be me.
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on 19 January 2013
Great plot original, good read, finished it in a day but have a voracious appetite and a sjort attention span so nuffsaid!
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Hmmm, this was okay but I wasn't blown away.
Lord and heir is exiled to frozen wasteland because he kills his rather nasty father. While he is away the kingdom is at war and it goes badly with much loss of life and the apparent loss of magic. In this world many people have 'minor' magic that helps them in their everyday lives and of course some have 'big' magic, mages and so on.

Anyway our hero returns to his war torn homeland with a group of trusted friends to see if he can bring the magic back. They return to the usual battle between good and evil, but luckily some vampires are there to help...

Although this is easy reading (and I liked the idea of people with a touch of magic to help their beer brew or their bread to bake) our hero and his chums were far too perfect and lacked depth. While the story skipped along nicely our heroic Lord was just too clean and perfect and that took some of the tension and depth of the story away. Having said that, despite a slightly slow start, by the end there is a real pace to this. Now that everything is set, I will probably pick up the next one, but I hope the author gives more depth to her characters.
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on 19 June 2015
The best way to describe this series of books is very very shallow. The characters have no depth, are one dimensional and are generally all male. Whilst there are some interesting ideas the author presents a very simple story, simple world, no map, no culture. The idea of restoring magic is quite childlike in its portrayal and borrows from a poor understanding of eastern philosophy. The motives for characters actions to endanger themselves and solve mysteries they don't understand is totally irrational and poorly written. There are over 100 better fantasy books than this out there, not worth the read.
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on 29 March 2013
Sorry, as much as I hate to give up on a book, I did half way through. I found the characters uninteresting and decidedly boring. Can I get my money back?
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on 25 January 2014
A deep and involving story set in a very harsh world. This is the setup for what promises to be an epic saga with some great characters and a unique plot. Not just for the fans of Gail Z. Martin but to those who know her work, you know you can expect some great characters here, maybe none as unique as Jonmarc, but there's plenty of time for the new characters of this brilliant book to evolve. A little slower in pace than what I like but looking forward to the sequel.
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on 1 February 2014
Have read many of Ms Martins books on the past and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one fell very short of my expectations. Thin story, poor vocabulary. Nearly every decision, thought , idea, problem, difficulty was substituted by the words Figure or figured . The characters not really believable,Too many contradictions on the difficulties faced by the list of characters. Not a good read. I did persevere to the end but won't be buying the sequels
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on 6 February 2013
Another book that Gail Z Martin has enthralled the reader and leaves one wanting more. After reading the Summoner and subsequent books in this saga I was unsure wether Ice Forged would live up to the Winter Kingdoms series but to be honest it kept me enthralled throughout and look forward to the 2nd installement. It may not be totally on par with the Winter Kingdoms series but it is entertaining and well worth a read.
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on 16 March 2013
I picked this book at random looking for something new, so glad I decided on this, I couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen next, the characters meld well together and the story keeps a good pace, so no chance of getting bored. I'm now looking forward to the next book to continue on with the story.
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