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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars

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on 23 February 2009
The premise of this book centres on the idea of a society of magic-users who fight evil in secret from the rest of the world. Not a particularly original concept, but the plot does have some original ideas such as the seer-demon-killer relationship and the role of Nephilim as the evildoers. Elizabeth Phoenix is a psychic and ex-policewoman who becomes a seer on the death of her mentor, and proceeds to find out about the great battle of good versus evil which had been hidden under her nose the whole time.
This book was a bit of a let down for several reasons. First and foremost the characters were one-dimensional, and I found it impossible to empathise with their stories. The reactions and thoughts of the Elizabeth Phoenix character toward the things she finds out about were particularly unbelievable - she seems to accept the existence of all manner of monsters and angels with very little fuss. Also, the supposed love interest 'Jimmy' came across as stupid, arrogant and selfish, making the heroine's reactions toward him unfathomable and increasingly annoying to hear about.
The only interesting character in the whole book is Sawyer, and I would have liked to hear more about his story and more development of his and Elizabeth's relationship. However, the story itself is slow and dull and only determination made me continue reading past the first 100 pages. I have enjoyed some of Lori Handeland's other books, so the generic story, the shallow characters and the general lack enthusiasm in this book was very disappointing. As this is the beginning of a series, I can only hope it gets better.
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on 9 May 2015
I first discovered this authors work when I picked up Blue Moon the first book in her Nightcreatures series and happily admit I devoured the rest as soon as I could. So seeing this the start of a new series I could not resist reading it but I think it fair to say the Phoenix Chronicles has much more of an urban fantasy feel to it. In spite of that though there is still a romance of sorts that permeates the story but I think with the authors background in paranormal romance that's not totally unexpected. The story however is !
At the beginning of this book we meet Elizabeth Phoenix who is working as a cop in Milwaukee but Liz is not quite the usual cop on the beat. No Liz has unusual psychic abilities that grant her the gift/curse of seeing events through touch and her colleagues consider her to be pretty spooky. Events take place that rock her world ( not in a good way) and that's when the story truly begins. Liz is no longer on the force and when she gets the feeling she should urgently visit the woman who fostered her it's to find her dying and that's when all the weirdness begins. Strange dreams, evil creatures and a blast from the past who will have Liz left wondering just what on earth is really happening!
So I'm a tad hesitant in how I review this book if honest. I liked the beginning with Liz working as a cop and kind of wanted that to continue but the author took it in a completely different direction. The world building is quite complex and just about everything you can imagine is thrown into it and I'm not sure that it felt right. It turns out that Liz is a Seer but there's Nephilim , Skinwalkers, Dhampir , Witches and even Berserkers to name just a few and lots of Native American lore thrown in for good measure. There's also the relationship issues with two very different men , both flawed. I'm a firm believer in free will and choice so for this reader the sex scenes just didn't gel well. This book is firmly about Liz and it's impossible not to want her to come out on top and in a crazy kind of way she does. She seems unlucky in love and doomed to lead Demon killers in an effort to abhort the oncoming apocalypse . A battle between good and evil and yet nothing is straight forward. The ending leaves the reader with questions but I'm not convinced Liz will be a heroine that all will love because at times she says things that had this reader rolling her eyes! Still it kept me engaged and yes I am curious about what will happen next .
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review
A three and a half from me
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on 6 August 2009
Any Given Doomsday, by Lori Handeland, is her first in what she hopes will become The Phoenix Chronicles Series. This book surprised me; I expected to be reading an urban paranormal suspense/horror book and what I got was a paranormal Harlequin one-dimensional romance novel. The descriptive sex was not needed in such detail. And what there was of it was repetitive and disturbing. Without these scenes the book would have been one star better especially since the author seems to have a fixation on rape as good sex.

The twist in this book is that most the supernatural creatures are explained as being the spawn of fallen angels that are left on Earth in order challenge mankind. And doomsday is literal and it is our heroines, Elizabeth Phoenix, job to stop it. If you like playing first person shooting games you may enjoy this book more than most. It seems to follow the standard video game plot line. I would place a warning on the book that this book is for adults and is not a book Christians would want in their home because of the gratuitous sex scenes that are all rape scenes.
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on 1 February 2009
Good horror book. The main characters are strong, the story is ok. You feel when you finish this book that you want to know more about them. I will buy the next one!
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on 15 November 2014
just what I epected
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