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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Lora Leigh is an auto-buy, and this year, she has surpassed herself. I don't know how the woman manages to do it with the number of different series she has on the go. It was great to finally have Nathan's story, and to see some of the other characters from the SEALS books again, and we are also introduced to the future leads of the soon-to-be-published Elite Ops books. This tale has it all - a really romantic romance, a lead couple who are very likeable, hot, dirty sex and a decent storyline, and for unlike in Killer Secrets (its predecessor, last of the SEALS books), there was no stop/start to the tale, just GO, GO, GO. I love the way in which both Nathan's (Noah's) and Sabella (Bella's) emotions came across and how each of them remained true to the other (Nathan knows he must let Bella believe he has died to keep her safe, and Bella hasn't been able to stop loving her dead husband) and how she came to realise that Nathan must be Noah and figured it out, but was also adult enough not to totally lose it and freak at him when she found out that he had been alive for 6yrs when she had been told he was dead. She was military-wife and understood why what happened happened, and best of all, this lovely couple get their HEA and their baby. A wonderful story, up there on the keeper-shelf
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on 26 September 2008
Well, i can't believe she's done it again!
Lora Leigh just keeps on bringing out amazing books and amazing series..

This book was so full of emotion and hot love scenes that its definately going on my keeper shelf.
I would recommended this book, and this author to anyone who loves a romance, hot love scenes, humor and action.

One tip i would offer to newcomers to this author, is that as previous reviewers have stated this series/book is a take off from the SEALS series. Nearly all SEALS characters re-appear in this book, as well as you were introduced to Nathan in the second book of the series Hidden Agendas, while his is captured.
Therefore i would recommended to read this SEALS series prior to starting this one, as characters do develop throughout this series (SEALS) and into the next (ELITE-OPS).
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on 20 September 2008
This is the first of a new series of books from Lora that takes off from the Seals Series - Nathan and Bella`s story is one of the best I`ve read from her(and I`m a great fan of her Breed Series)

Bellas left to mourn her husband thinking he was KIA but instead after being drugged and tortured, then rescued by his team mates: he`s changed (physically - from plastic surgery and mentally due to the drugs and torture) from the husband she once knew - and he thinks she will never be able to handle the kind of man he has become.

Now he has to face her and with the special ops team he`s now with is back to protect her and his family from a Millitia Group running a cell in his home town.

He comes to realise quickly that Bella is no `fly weight` and comes through as a strong very independent woman more than a match for the changed Nathan(Noah)

I think Loras books get better where normally a series tends to get weaker as it goes along as authors tend to plough everything in the first lot of books then seem to run out of steam.

A really good read HOT love scenes as always and I cant wait for the next on Maverick.
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on 27 September 2013
OK where to start?

1. THE BOOK: It had a lot of eroticism and sexual intensity that got to me right after Noah/Nathan had appeared. The chemistry between him and his wife was of the chart and there was one moment I thought I was going to melt from the heat! Put it simply their passion was so freaking hot, you could feel it on our own skin. The author actually made me believe there was love between them..not just "saying" but "showing." Their connection was so intense and real, I was captivated by their consuming feelings they had for one another and how destructive that was for them. However, the plot-line suffered a bit due to Belle's and Noah's main focus in the book and some scenes were repetitive and although the spicy sex scenes added that dark edge to it sometimes there was too much of it and I wish the author could have use that for more plot on the action side.

2.NOAH/NATHAN: I hated what he did to his wife...leaving her for 6 years and letting her suffer for fucking what??? for his fucking drug in his body??? he did not even gave her a chance to prove him that she was more than just a helpless blond, but his stupid pride was more important that his wife and she paid the ultimate price literally her life fell apart in front of her yes! No matter how much he tried to justify himself it was unforgivable what he did to her and I did not understand his reasoning...he left her in fear of losing her if she rejected who he have become, but she as well could have found someone and married that someone so he would lose her anyway? His logic was not convincing enough so i refused to sympathies with him. On the other hand, his transformation was really interesting to watch, especially when seeing his wife in a completely different light forcing him to admit his own stupidity and blindness that led him to leaving his wife at the first place! I liked his edgy side the possessiveness and intensiveness and man the bad boy in him was as exiting as his dirty talk! He carried that sexual magnetism that was hard to resist and i could not blamed Sabella for falling under that sexual magnetism. Noah was obsessed with his wife and I loved to see his inner tremor over his jealousy with himself, but I did not liked the fact that he was using his wife for sex knowing that he would leave her..NO that really make me angry a big time!!!..and i felt there was not enough suffering compere to his wife! But what saved him from being a total jackass was the fact that he was faithful to hid wife no matter what girl they thrown at him he fought and I liked that quality about him!

3. SABELLA: I like her, she was not stupid, but I wish she could have told him sooner that she new who he was and let him grovel more, compare to all the trauma she had to endure, his suffering was not enough...why did he had to make her feel guilty over sleeping with him, when she did nothing wrong? I was so angry with him and with her not pushing him hard enough for all the suffering he inflicted on her!

3. Sabella's brother RORY was my rok! I really hope he will get a chance to have his own story, as he was the most appealing character for me in this book...the fact that he stayed with Bella, look after her his brother Noah should kiss his a$$ for that and not being angry with him!

Overall the book deserves a solid 4 stars for the intensity and intriguing characterization of Rory, I will be tempted to look for other books in the Elite Ops series.
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on 7 September 2014
Oh this book is beautiful! At the start, one of the characters talks about there being layers and layers in life; the story that follows is full of layers too. Wonderfully crafted, you are rapidly pulled into the lives of the lead characters . From the moment we meet the heroine, Sabella, we are cheering for the sassy young lady and her adoring husband. Usually getting married is the end of the book - here it is just the start. I loved seeing how the characters changed and developed over time and the events that affected them. The love that they sustained for each other though? Wow! Just beautiful. Well paced and filled with action and suspense. Just when you think I'll be hitting a plateau in the story now, something more is revealed. Wonderfully accomplished. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Layers upon layers.... Thank you Ms Leigh; it was a joy and pleasure reading this.
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on 28 August 2012
I discovered that I love thrillers with romance about 3 years ago when I read a book by Karen rose. Until then I only read thrillers such as patricia cornwel etc. So I thought hey I really enjoy books if there is an alpha male, distressed pretty female and hot sexual after reading all of Karen Rose, Linda Howard, Beverly Barton, Elizabeth Lowell and couple more I was on the look out for another author. Some google research brought up Lora Leigh. After reading a couple of her books I discovered yet another truth about myself. Apparently there is a limit to how much sex I like in a book. I mean pages after pages of almost identical paragraphs of repetitive sex.after the first time it just got boring. The real shame is that Lora Leigh is actually a very good writer if you exclude 300 pages of sexual content the books are decent. And if an author wants to include this much sex then she has to think of different Ways of writing these kinds of scenes. Also I don't mean to offend anyone but anal sex just has no place in a book that is about hard alpha male and very capable female.and it does not matter how many poetic proses of emotional phrases are used to describe anal sex it just makes for a very uncomfortable and embarrassing read. So if you are like me who likes romantic thrillers than be ware too much Repetitive and explicit in some cases very unromantic sex.
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on 15 July 2013
I've fallen upon this author quite by accident and have read three books this week alone! I've been captivated by each one the story gripping until the end. She is now one of my favourite authors. Go Lora Leigh.
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on 25 July 2014
If your a lover of the alpha male with special ops thrown in then this is the one.
Intense, even romantic and very emotional.
Sabella's lost the love of her life Nathan, her soul mate, her Irish after he goes out on mission and never comes back. That is until 6 years later.
Nathan is now Noah. He's a killing machine and he still loves Sabella probably more now than he ever did but he's a changed man both mentally and physically and he's part of an elite team brought in to protect Sabella and her town.
Loved the way Sabella had to fight against her guilt over the loss of Noah and bedding Nathan (which was inevitable) it was even more intense with Nathan having to keep his mouth shut about who he used to be.
Some very erotic and bone deep emotions were vented making this an excellent story.
And there is a storyline about the illegal hunting of immigrants but it wasn't in your face.
Maverick (Elite Ops, Book 2)
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on 5 December 2014
I thought this book would have been as good as her navy seals series as I loved that series but I was disappointed when reading this book as it doesn't really have much action in but a whole lot of love scenes and I usually like these type of books but this was just dirty talk and it became monotonous after a while as its practically all the book has written in it.
The action started at 90% of the book and lasted for only 1 short chapter and was boring.
the characters were good as all LLs characters are, but I did read the story and skimmed some of the love scenes but overall it was a good read, not brilliant or a book id reread and I will buy the next instalment.
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This is first book from the Elite Ops series and the whole series is brill.

I can highly recommend Lora Leigh's book. If sex, action & Navy Seals is your thing I would read Lora's Tempting Seals series first then The Elite Ops as they all tie in together and tell the stories of each member of the teams, although it isn't necessary to read them in order. I read them the opposite way round and really enjoyed them.

Steamy, sexy and tough men what more can one ask for.

I highly recommend Lora Leigh's Elite Ops Series, I love them. This is the second series of hers I have read and I'm about to start the next!!!
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