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VINE VOICEon 10 August 2006
I love Crusie's book's. "Welcome to Temptation" is her best in my opinion. I'm afraid that I've never read anything by Mayer before. I have to agree with the other reviewers', this book definately lacked something that Crusie's other books have.

The 'all action hero' scenes were good and fast paced (presumably Mayer?). However, in between the pace was slow, dragged slightly and lacked Crusie's usual fast paced wit. We know after reading part of the book that the action and double crosses will happen on the last day of the film shoot and I just wanted it to hurry up and get on with it.

It was funny in places, but I agree that the plot was far too convoluted with too many bad guys coming out of the woodwork. If the idea of this partnership was to create a book aimed at both men and women, then I don't think it has worked. I prefer

Crusie by herself.
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on 15 April 2008
I really like Jennifer Crusie's books I own them all. So I was really looking forward to getting a new one. To be honest I had been warned by other reviewers. so I didnt do what I usually do and get the hardback I waited for cheap copy. I glad I did for I grudge every penny.
What makes JC standout from similar writers is her writing - she is witty and funny with excellent one-liners. Her heroines are faisty and stand up to the men. The men have good one liners the plots are unusual, fast paced often with a twist. I really really love Jennifer Crusie. - so who wrote this book? the style of writing was not the same, the plot was confused convoluting and frankly messy. Rather then enjoying every page I dragged through the book hoping that it would improve.It didn't. Sorry I can't recommend this book at all. JC fans don't bother Everyone else just look for all her early books like Faking it, Fast Women, welcome to temptation and others - all funny, romantic fast paced well written books Come Back Jennifer Crusie I miss you! or if you can't Please just give up. quit while you are ahead and let me remember you fondly
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on 26 September 2013
Initially I was really intrigued by the concept of the Crusie/Mayer collaboration, having a man write the male character's POV and a woman the female POV seemed an inspired idea. However, I think Crusie and Mayer come from such different backgrounds that this really didn't gel well at all. Crusie is all about the heart and the dialogue, Mayer, in his own words, is all about the killing.

Mayer, an ex green beret himself, really excels at the detail given to Captain Wilder and I can see why his books are so popular, however, in a romance - as this was billed - there is a little too much focus on death and violence for my liking.

Lucy is the archetypal Crusie heroine, dealing with life's blows and rushing to help everyone in sight, with a healthy dose of snark mixed in. The relationship between Lucy and her sister is wonderfully written and Pepper is an enchanting young addition to the cast. Considering the novel takes place over a four day period things do move a tad too fast for me (but what's new in the romance world?) but the obligatory sex scenes do seem to lack any real depth or vigour (...er, excuse the word choice).

Finally, the external plot and common antagonist seemed rushed, confused and ... what the heck even was the plot in this novel? I've honestly only just put the book down and I couldn't explain it to you. Confusing, meandering and a little loose at the end I honestly just didn't get it.

It is clear that this is the first collaboration between Crusie and Mayer and that it was most definitely a work in progress and even something that was still being negotiated with publishers. Personally I think that the two voices are too distinct in this initial venture and that the transition between the two characters is jarring to say the least. You can also tell that Crusie crafted the majority of the padding of the novel so the Mayer/Wilder sections really do pop.

I am not entirely put off by the premise which definitely has promise and I will be giving Agnes and the Hitman a go. I'm also intrigued to read one of Mayer's novels which I do think I will enjoy. Overall, I was disappointed by the novel but I think that I was expecting it to reach the dizzying heights achieved by Crusie's pervious books.
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on 6 May 2006
I love Jennifer Cruisie and was looking forward to this new book, although I admit I have never heard of Bob Mayer.

It's hard to write a bad review for JC but this was an average story. Of course, there was her usual style of witty dialogue and alpha heros but I found it was a little disjointed in places. In particular the time-line was hard to follow, with little reference made to day or night, there was no flow.

I wonder if a second read would help me understand the full story better as the twists at the end just kept coming and, in my opinion, didnt add to the book in any way. I think my main problem with the book is that the plot was a bit vague in some areas and too convoluted in others.

I did like the characters though, and thought the romance between Lucy and JT was nicely done - although we never did find out what the JT stood for!
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on 16 April 2006
As a big Crusie fan, and having followed the blog by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer, I was looking forward to reading this. However, I found it thin when compared with Crusie's solo efforts, the pacing was staccato and there were two bloopers that hauled me out of the story with a big yank (one a factual mish-mash, the other a typo).

Nonetheless, the story is a good way to while away time, and the characters are reasonably engaging. By no means vintage Crusie, but on the other hand, a little Crusie is better than none at all and we must all thank Bob Mayer for helping her out of her creative stall.
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on 16 November 2007
Never in a million years would I have believed i would give a negative review to the wonderful and talented Ms Crusie.

Her characters and stories are usually so smart, sassy, sexy and a Crusie novel is a real event, a positive treat; B U T...

I could not finish this book; God knows i tried... I met the amazonian movie director, our heroine on her film set and the serious faced, muscle bound Stunt man that in the first few pages saves the cute kid. I was waiting to feel something for the sister that has a problem or chuckle at the on set antics of the hapsless but handsdome leading man but nope... as I literally slogged on hoping against hope to like this book I found it a slow, dull, humourless bore.

Now in case you think I am some snooty, look-down-her-nose at romantic fiction, hardback novel reader I will say, I have read nearly all of Crusie's books and love them. I also nearly always finish books I pay for.

I could not get through the first 50 pages and I am heartbroken that my queen of romance idol, Jennifer Crusie has her name attached to such a heavy going, confusing, unattatching book. I will thus blame the whole thing on Mr Mayer.

Do not bother with this book but read Welcome to Temptation, Crazy for You, Bet Me, Tell me Lies, Faking it ... the list goes on and on.

Jennifer Crusie writes wonderful books, unfortunately "Don't look Down" definitely is not one of them!
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on 19 May 2006
I am a huge fan of Jennifer Crusie but this book was not up to her usual standard. I have to agree with the other reviewer the plot didn't seem to make much sense but the characters were the biggest disappointment, it was hard to feel that you really knew or sympathised with them unlike her other books. I love all her other books but the very best are Welcome to Temptation and Faking It. Try those and you'll be hooked.
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on 8 March 2008
...but this book is very funny with real people. Mystery and romance with a great cast with typical dysfunctional issues. It is like being on a roller coaster, once you start you can't stop.
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on 13 August 2007
A co-written book is always difficult to rate especially when you are used to the best reads Crusie has provided for in the past. Yet, unlike other reviewers I found it a promising joint effort. The characters had spunk and it was fast paced in that there were lots of twists and turns, perhaps one or two of those plots would have satisfied other readers but I maintain that as a joint writing effort by two very different authors, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.
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on 4 May 2007
I have to agree with other reviewers. This book was disappointing. I didn't like the characters, they had potential that never developed. I thought the plot was disjointed and confusing. By the end I really didn't care about any of them. I was so sick of the 'alpha' male thinking 'get out of the kill zone' I was ready to kill him myself. I normally LOVE Jennifer Crusie's books, but I had to rate this one a one star read.
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