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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

on 28 July 2017
Fabulous! A downtrodden divorcee is given a new lease of life when she takes a job working for a PI. Watch her blossom and grow into a vibrant, sexy, confident woman. A great plot with arson, missing jewels and romance. Funny and vibrant. Recommended. I have this in a hard copy as well and have read it numerous times
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on 9 May 2017
Sexy, funny and beautifully written, in places I laughed out loud - who could ask for more? I am a fan of Ms Crusie.
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on 13 February 2014
I'm a big fan of Jennifer Crusie and I rate this up there with Welcome to Temptation and Faking It. Unusual and believable characters, plus a quirky, fun and interesting plot. Very enjoyable.
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on 9 February 2002
In this contemporary comedy/thriller, we first meet our heroine, Nell Dysart when she decides that getting a job with the McKenna detective agency seems just the ticket to kickstart her life back into gear after a painful divorce. She kickstarts more than just her life however, as she unwittingly more or less takes a flame torch to the otherwise tranquil life of the darkly handsome Gabriel McKenna, who only wanted to keep the family business going and retain the status quo and have someone to answer the phone and bring him coffee. Soon, they are unearthing all manner of intrege and neither seems quite sure who's the boss.
So why is Jennifer Crusie the best writer of contemporary romantic fiction? Exactly because it is hard to catergorize her as such, she is quite simply a writer. And a wonderful writer at that. Fast, laugh out loud funny, and witty beyond measure her books manage to be romantic without being sentimental, sexy without being explicit. Not as steamy as Susan Andersen, or as action packed as Karen Robards or Linda Howard, Crusie out ranks them all by taking the genre to a higher level. While keeping it light and entertaining (bodies in the Freezer under the serloin stakes, murder by antique chinaware, death by soya milk), she also examines the interminable war between the sexes, life after marriage, sex after divorce and one of her favorite themes, female friendships. With a startling economy of words she describes the 'landscape of the heart' with touching accuracy, for example, at one point trying to explain the 'zing factor', that electriciy that pulls two people together she writes ".. you know....when he's writing and you get hot just watching the pen move. You hear his voice and have to take a deep breath because you stopped breathing the minute you heard him..." Crusie writes so well, you have to stop every now and then just to take it all in. Still it is 'chick lit' so the plot (be warned, it gets silly) is secondary to the characters and the characters secondary to the wit, but that's alright, because if 'chick lit' had a big sister, a grown up sexy, intelligent 'girl power' progressive big sister, Crusie's books would be it.
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on 18 October 2011
I have Just read this book, the first for me of Jennifer Crusie, and I loved every page of it. I read most of it,in bed, and I did laugh out loud in lots of places. The neighbours must have thought I was having a good time, and I was. I grew to adore Marlene, and I too would have stolen her form her cruel owner. I thought Nell was wonderful, and the one liners from Riley and Gabe were perfect. I will certainly be buying her books again, especially if These three plus darling Marlene are to be the storyline. I really found picturing Marlene in all her posh clothes wonderful, and could almost see her prancing about in her trench coat. More please Jennifer.
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on 21 March 2017
This is my first read from Jennifer and I loved it. The friendship between Nell, Suze and Margie was wonderful. I laughed out loud many time especially when Nell and Suze went to dinner with her ex Tim. I'm definitely going to read some more from Jennifer.
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on 28 January 2003
There'll probably be wails of disagreement about this - but this book is better than Welcome to Temptation. Yes, I agree that Gabe doesn't quite match up to Phin in the hero stakes (who could) but the interaction between Nell and her two sisters in law and best friends is so brilliantly portrayed that this book would be a must-read even if Gabe was a total frost on the hero front (which he most emphatically isn't).
This is a fun book, a quick read, frequently amusing, nicely written. The plot gets silly at times, some of the men get tiresome at times, but the women, originally three sisters in law, though two are no longer with their husbands - recovering Nell, sex-pot Suze and Margie with the obsession with china, are always entertaining. They are radically different from one another but still best friends, always there for support - or to assist in a bit of dognapping. Great stuff - I think I'd be prepared to trade in a hero for friends like these.
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on 12 October 2005
Even as I write this review I am still on the fence about `FAST WOMEN'. On one hand I did really enjoy the book but on the other hand `FAST WOMEN' wasn't exactly a romance nor was it exactly a mystery and not the best of either genre. But ultimately I decided to give the book four stars, which is probably more like three and a half which according to my personal ratings system (see more about me) puts `FAST WOMEN' at slightly above average.
`FAST WOMEN' is about a fairly newly divorced woman, Nell Dysart, who finds herself having to start over completely as with her marriage so went her career. So Nell is forced to accept a position (gotten for her by her ex-brother-in-law) as a badly needed office manager for the McKenna Detective Agency. Nell soon finds herself thrown in the center of a plot to blackmail the owners of the prestigious O&D law firm that just happens to be owned by the very same ex-brother-in-law that got her, her job who also happens to be her best friend Suze's husband, also beeing blackmailed is the father, & the O in O&D, of her other best friend Margie! But after people start turning up dead Nell and her bosses Gabe and Riley McKenna begin to suspect a cover up of something much deeper.
While all of this is taking place Nell and Gabe, who first bump heads over everything from office furniture and business cards to a case about and emotionally abused dog by the name of SugarPie, begin to find themselves inexplicably attracted to one another. Forging a relationship, however, proves to be very difficult for Nell and Gabe with the case and their ex's (oh and did I mention that their kids have also started dating one another??) making it all the more difficult. But it is very interesting to find out how and if these two can get it together.
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on 19 June 2005
A Brilliant book. It has eveything to keep you gripped from cover to cover. It's got thrill, suspence, murder and even a little bit of romance. A must have for any serious chick lit fan. A good one for snuggling up in front of the fire, with the lights low, on a cold winters night. With it's twists and turns - you may think you have it solved but this has a totally unpredictable ending. I strongly recommend this to all fans of Jennifer Crusie and new comers alike. UNPUT DOWNABLE.
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on 27 December 2002
This is my first Jennifer Cruise novel and I know it won't be my last, it was fantastic. I was completely in love with the leading man Gabe and was cheering for Nell the whole way through the novel. At first I found the large numbers of supporting characters quite confusing but once I got them sorted out their presence made the book all the more interesting. Basically I consider this a romance book with the back drop of a detective agency making it the most interesting and exciting love story I have read in ages. I have already put in my order for all of Jennifer Cruise's other novels and I can't wait to read them
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