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on 30 May 2013
I have now found another great series! Shadow falls is unlike any other series I have read. I loved the idea of a camp for super naturals and every book had me hooked from the very first page. It was all I could think about whilst I was at work and I could not wait to get in, put my Jammies on and read the next chapter - in some cases the whole book. I think it took me four nights to read the whole series. I am a fast reader so when I finished the last book, I went back to Born at midnight straight away. This series is amazing! I kept wondering what Kylie was and what she was capable of. Who would be her love interest? and what would her two friends do next. This series is great for fans of fantasy, supernatural, romance and a good laugh every so often. I recommend this book and the whole series, because it is so awesome! I wish I was at Shadow Falls.
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on 17 February 2015
Was brilliant and the shapeshifter is so funny changing into a kitten. Great twist at the end. Will definitely get the next book.
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on 11 June 2015
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on 10 July 2011
When Kylie Galen is forced by her mom to spend the summer at Shadow Camp, a camp for troubled teens, she thinks that she's in hell. But she has no idea that this summer and the new people she meets at the camp will change her whole life.
Kylie thinks that she's a normal, mostly boring teen. So she is shocked when people at Shadow Falls insist that she is special and that she has paranormal abilities. Just as everyone else who spends the summer at the camp.
Will Kylie be able to find out if she indeed has special abilities and will she find new friends at the camp?

"Born at midnight" is a book that made me forget time while reading it. I started it and the next time I consciously looked on the page number I was already on 167. So it's safe to say that I loved the authors writing style, the way she built her world and her characters.

What I liked about this book is that the author took the time to introduce the reader, together with Kylie, to the paranormal world. Nothing was rushed and still the story never was boring or dragging. I loved the close connection that I developed to Kylie and think C.C. Hunter did a great job with making her main character interesting and likable. Kylie's doubts were understandable and I enjoyed that she needed some time to get used to all the info she got about paranormal beings.

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed is that even though there was a love interest for Kylie (maybe even two), that was not the sole focus of the story. The friendship between Kylie and some of the camp members, the discovery of her unusual abilities and her relationship with her mom & dad were more important. Reading about the friendship that developed between Kylie, Della and Miranda (they share a house at camp) was great and one of my highlights.

I furthermore liked how the relationship between Kylie and her mom was portrayed. Both had to learn anew to listen to the other and it was great to read how their relationship had changed towards the end of the story.

The only thing I didn't like about "Born at midnight" was that there is the possibilty of a love triangle. I'm tired of them and hopefully it will not play a major part in book #2. Other than that I loved reading "Born at midnight" and I'm very excited to read how the story will go on.

I like the cover and the atmosphere that is created through it, but I don't like the girl on it. She doesn't fit to the story and looks to glamorous.

final appraisal
"Born at midnight" is a captivating book that made me forget the time while reading it. The story is addicting and not only young adults or readers of paranormal stories should enjoy this first book in the Shadow Falls series.
I would recommend this book to all readers who enjoy reading about a fascinating paranormal world and unusual friendships.

what to read next by the author
Ok, yet another series to add to my reading list. "Awake at dawn", book #2 in the series, will be out in October 2011 and my copy is already preordered. I just hope that the love triangle plot will be resolved quickly.
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on 9 March 2013
I loved this book. Finished it in about two days and couldn't put it down. Bought the other series. The relationship between everyone is so believable and draws u right into the book :)
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on 2 August 2012
I did a promotion post for 'Taken At Dusk' which is book 3 in the series. The book sounded really good so I decided to look up the series and ordered them from the library. Of course I ordered the whole series, I like to have them all ready to read if I know it's a series. Of course frustratingly book 3 arrived first, so I had to wait for it, but at last I had them all.
Kylie's life isn't what she htought it would be, at 17 her boyfriend has left her for another girl, her parents are getting divorced and she is being stalked by a crazy guy in army uniform that no-one else can see. When she is caught at a party and arrested her mum decides to send her to a Summer Camp called Summer Falls. Kylie has heard it's a place for Juvenile Delinquents, kids known for taking drugs, committing crimes etc, her life officially sucks!
But this camp isn't what she expects and she finds a whole new world waiting for her.
This book is instantly gripping, I'm not even sure why, but for some reason I couldn't step away from it. I immediately wanted to know what Kylie was and what would happen to her. I loved the idea of the summer camp, it was so well set out and the imagery allowed me to picture everything in my head clearly. I swear it was like I was almost there with Kylie and her new friends.
I loved the host of characters, Kylie is instantly likeable and I had to know more, and the others around her only improve the story and become like long lost friends. I loved 'Della's' attitude and quick retorts, Miranda's sensibility but also fun, and Derek. Yay Derek. Lucas is the mystery man, a remnant from her past, now back in her life, but I definitely know which 'team' I would be on. Derek all the way!
Each time I sat down with this book I only intended to be there for half an hour, but on both occassions I was there for just under 2 hours and so finished it in two sittings. This book is certainly addictive.
I love the world Hunter has created and I can't wait to get stuck into book 2 (Awake At Dawn)
And I have to just add. I think the covers are gorgeous and very cool.
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on 15 September 2011
Kylie's life is really sucking right now her boyfriend has dumped her and is now shacked up with someone else her parents are always fighting and are now getting a divorce and to top it all off, she is seeing someone that's not there her life could not get any worse right nope it can. Trying to escape for free hours, she heads to a party which ends up getting police searched and everyone is arrested. Her mum has had enough and send Kylie to camp over the holidays only problem is this camp is full of supernatural weirdo's and all Kylie can think about is getting home to her normal life the only problem is could Kylie really be a supernatural to.

When you start this book, the first thing that hits you is how much I loved Kylie's thoughts and feelings when she is feeling down she always seems to think something so funny you want to laugh your head off. Kylie is really confused with everything that's happening in her life, but I felt that really, deep down, she knew all along that something was not right. She was a great character that you could not help but love and her two roommates are brilliant they all worked really well together, which made the book really easy to get into.

Now the story line was all about supernatrals trying to get along at camp but there were also lots of other things going on like Kylie finding out who she is and whether she can trust Lucas and Derek. Then there is the fact that someone at camp is really out to close the camp down your mind spends lots of time trying to work out who's doing it and which boy (Lucas or Derek) you like best and want Kylie to end up with which is really hard because I really loved both guys. The author gave you lots to think about and made the story easy and exciting to read.

The ending for me was good it sorted out a lot of loss ends and keeps it well open for the next book in the series all together the book was well written it had lots of dark and light moments that made the book fresh and fun to read.
Five stars
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on 25 April 2012

My daughter received this book direct from the author C.C. Hunter (and its signed) so definitely one we won't be parting with! I have being going to read it for a while but then continued to commit to dated reviews so couldn't manage to read it. Then my daughter kept saying I would really enjoy it etc Rachel recommended it etc (here's her review) So I decided I could manage to fit this one in before my next time dated review.
Well Rachel was right I really did enjoy it. Born at Midnight is the first in the Shadow Falls Series. You will learn the relevance of the title within the book. The main character in the book initially thinks that shadow Falls is a camp for misbehaving children, somewhere their parents pack them off to when they can't be bothered with their children. Kylie learns the real purpose of the camp as you get into the book.It was a little slower starting than I normally enjoy but I felt the slower start to the book helped me get to know the characters a little better instead of being bombarded with things I would need to remember. The descriptions of both the surroundings and the characters are so detailed that you have no problem of visually imagining the people and places.
I love the character of Kylie, the way she can have lots of her own problems, such as her parents impending divorce, and the fact her boyfriend just dumped her because she refused to go "all the way" when he pushed the issue with her, yet she always manages to help those around her with their problems. I know we don't officially know what Kylie's supernatural talent/gift is yet but I definitely believe that empathy skills are part of her gift.
I thought the way C.C. Hunter has the Supernatural's reading each other by wiggling their eyebrows whilst concentrating on the Supernatural they wish to read is comedy gold. Its really funny by the end of this first book when a character wiggles their eyebrows you start doing it with them. so if you read in public places get ready for the funny looks lol!
The book is quite light, in that it has humour within it, but it does deal with some very serious subjects, divorce, parents new partners, dyslexia and racism against the supernaturals as a whole and within their individual races. The book also covers different friendships and the difficult subject of teenage sex. The book is very cleverly written and does not come across preachy about any of the subjects it covers or touches on.
This book has plenty mystery, suspense, danger and still has room for joy, happiness, humour,understanding and love too.
Kylie finds herself attracted to two guys. One who is initially thought a very bad guy, but she later learns he is not guilty of the terrible crime she thinks he committed. The other guy is a good guy...or is he ? One of his talents is being able to control peoples emotions and Kylie can't help but wonder if he is manipulating hers into falling for him. I purposely have tried not to mention characters names or too much of the plot as I think you should discover it in the same way I did through reading the book for yourself. As though my daughter recommended the book she would not tell me anything about it, other than the details in the synopsis. I could go on and on about this book but then I feel I would give too much of it away so I will stop now! I will move on to the book cover, I really like the different purple shades of the cover it suggest mystery, possibly danger. Then there's the image of Kylie standing in the middle of a tree that has been split down the middle, which to me represents how she feels at certain points within the book herself as though she is split in two or is in two minds about what to do/say. You will read more about the tree and its significance within the book.
So did I enjoy the book?Yes, Would I read more of the series/ more by C.C. Hunter? Yes am already reading Bk 2 Awake At Dawn. Would I recommend? Yes even though it is aimed at the YA market I still enjoyed reading this book.
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on 6 June 2012
16 year old Kiley Galen's life couldn't get worst. Her boyfriend dumped her, her grandmother died, she's been seeing this weird looking ghost who keeps on stalking her, and her parents are getting divorced.

Wanting to forget about those things she goes to a party with her best friend - Sara. But after the party goes completely wrong and the police arrives, her mum decides to ship her of to Shadow Falls Camp ( A camp for 'troubled' teens).

When Kiley arrives at Shadow Falls, she is really freaked out. She thinks that she doesn't belong to these bunch of freaks. Then she finds out that Shadow Falls isn't really a camp for troubled teens. It's a camp for supernaturals. As if Kiley's life couldn't get worst, enter Derek and Lucas. 2 hot boys that yearn for Kiley's heart.

I'v read Born At Midnight a while ago and i still can't stop thinking about it!

I LOVED all the characters. The camp leader ( Holiday) is so cool, she is so different from other camp leaders. Miranda ( Kiley's new best friend) is a witch. And she has a boy problem of her own. I really like her. Then we got Della ( Kiley's new best friend number 2) she's a really mean but hilarious vampire. She's also a good friend. I loved how Kiley cared about other people and tried to help then with their problems. I also loved the way she tried to help the ghost that was stalking her. Every Character is really interesting and described really well.

Reading this book is like being on a roller coaster and holding on for the entire glorious ride. I couldn't put the book down.
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on 25 January 2013
so, to start with, I liked Kylie a lot. she has a great likeability. that always helps in a first person narrative! lol

going into this book, within chapter 1 you find out that Kylie's mum and dad are getting a divorce, her boyfriend broke up with her because she wouldn't put out and she has a stalker, dressed as a soldier, that no-one else can see.

I did think, oh please don't be a boohoo, sucks to be me story! and it isn't! promise!


not really sure if anything I'm about to say is classed as a spoiler, but didn't want to ruin it for anyone so thought id better cover my back! lol

the start is a really good set up to know all about Kylie, and how she's always held back, not saying what she really wants to say, or to stick up for herself. buy by the end she's really found her place.

I did like the resolution Kylie gets with her Mum, have to admit that i completely didn't see that one coming, and might have, possibly, shed a tear or two when i realised the truth! lol

the big Lucas Verse Derek debate! lol

is Derek manipulating her feelings? is something going on there? either he is (with all his "fairy" power!), or its a meeting of similar souls, so to speak. The whole "Disney effect" is NOT normal, well, their kind of normal! lol

and Lucas. have to admit, got all types of wrong images in my head when he talked about having sex with the she-wolf and said he "gave in to baser urges"! lol

DO NOT like that we didn't find out what she is by the end of the book. And I have no idea what she is! I have to admit, I am getting a little confused as to what she could be. All the gifts and which species that makes them from are blending into each other! Lol

some brilliant laugh out loud moments in this book. So very happy to read book 2, and will look forward to book 3 after.

Not sure why the "ending without revealing any secrets" doesn't bother as much with this book as it did with, say Lauren Kate's books. Maybe I like Kylie more, therefore willing to follow her through the journey? Because it does seem as though she is going to have to go on a journey to discover he true powers and species.
All in all I think a great start to a great new series.
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