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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2011
Similar to the books of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, Power Down features a no nonsense hero in Dewey Andreas.

A series of terrorist attacks sparks a chain of events that only our hero can solve. Of course, this type of book has been written before, but the energy, set-pieces and plot make this a cracking read.

The baddies are vicious and you will cheer as they get their comeuppance. But, does Dewey get them all...?

A welcome addition to the political thriller genre, Ben Coes has started his career with a belter.
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on 11 April 2016
Only half way through at the moment but superb action and characters making for a great story Hope the rest of the book carries on in the same vein If so will definitely be reading the following books in the series
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on 22 June 2015
First of Ben Coes novels I have read and I was not disappointed. Gets a
bit bogged down with detail at times, put it down too lots of research.
A stunning plot that has you turning the pages.
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Going in I had been expecting 'Power Down' to be yet another 'lone man on a mission' thriller in the vein of Lee Child or Vince Flynn. Certainly the cover blurb suggested that it would be Dewey Andreas, ex-Ranger with a dark past, taking down a terrorist plot single handed.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find that Power Down is a far more complex affair, a more than a one-man revenge mission. Whilst Dewey Andreas' adventures do form the core of the book there are plenty of other characters who get a significant amount of focus, and the story isn't just Andreas cracking bad-guy heads.

In fact the book feels more like a techno-thriller than a straight action piece. Amongst the shoot outs and fist fights there are some quieter scenes within the halls of the FBI and inside some large corporations that are smartly written and feel plausible. The plot as a whole is a nicely convoluted affair, with some decent twists and turns. The eventual outcome remains uncertain until relatively close to the end.

Coes also manages to inject some unexpected elements into the story and avoids some obvious cliches. Dewey himself, whilst not the most charismatic hero, is at least a nicely reluctant lead who is unwillingly dragged into events and tries for much of the book's length to extricate himself from the affair entirely. Coes also avoids shoehorning any sort of romantic subplot for Dewey into proceeding, for which I was grateful and came as a pleasant surprise.

Not everything he does includes works however, and this does have some clunky moments that a more experienced author might have avoided. The key bad guy is the major duff note in a cast who otherwise feel pretty believable. Neither he nor his back story ever really come off a remotely plausible, and the book suffers for this. A less OTT character (and fewer scenes of him effortlessly picking up Russian models at parties with charisma we are repeatedly told about but which never really leaps off the page) would have worked better.

The plotting also stumbles from time to time. Coes has to work hard to keep Dewey involved in the story, to the point where he has to throw plausibility out of the window entirely. Its one thing for the FBI to keep Andreas around as a witness; another entirely to believe that they would let him take part in the raid of a master terrorist's lair when the fate of the USA is at stake just because he fancies a bit of personal revenge. With everyone otherwise acting in a relatively believable fashion this sort of wild flight of fancy to keep the hero in the game stands out like a sore thumb.

However, overall Power Down isn't a bad debut. Its certainly good enough to deserve four stars and to make me add the next Dewey Andreas adventure, Coup d'Etat (Dewey Andreas), to my wishlist. The jury is still out on whether Andreas has the potential as a leading man to carry a continuing series but I'm willing to give him another shot based on this first outing.
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on 31 March 2016
I was struggling to find a new series after getting up to date with Brad Thor and Vince Flynn's series. Whilst the story starts kind of slowly it soon gains momentum and spins a very good yarn which keeps you enthralled right till the end. Dewey is obviously damaged goods as are all hero's, but this doesn't detract from how well this is written and that the plot keeps evolving. Give it a go if you like the above authors.
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on 21 October 2010
Excellent debut novel introduces a new hard as nails action thriller hero Dewey Andreas. A former Delta Force member (having left under a cloud 10 years previously) he is now in charge of an oil rig off coast of Columbia. When terrorists take over & destroy the rig killing majority of his crew Andreas sets out to avenge them. Andreas is very much in the Jack Reacher mould & I look forward to the sequel
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on 13 December 2012
This book i'd been waiting ages to come out and then ordered it from America, i was literally chomping at the bit to get my hands on it.
So imagine my great disappointment when i found it slow and hard to get through, yep heartbroken i was.
Dunno why it's gotten such amazing reviews cause if i'm honest it's just not that good.
I'll give the next in the series a try because the main character Dewey was pretty good, he was just wasted on this story.
So hopefully #2 will be better, i noticed there's a 3rd too so if the 2nd goes well i'll get the 3rd.

3 and a half stars from me.
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on 13 February 2014
Jack Ryan carbon copy Dewey Andreas has the typical tortured past but is a man of honour, as long as you are a right wing headcase, anyway.

Features a cast of muslim villains who must have nitro glycerine in their veins considering how many of their heads seem to 'pop' under the crack marksmanship of our hero.

I like the Ryan and Reacher books of Clancy & Childs but this just plain sucks-badly written ultra conservative gung-ho American wish fulfilment at it's worst.

Glad I got my remaindered copy at the Pound Shop-that way I don't mind chucking it in the charity donations!
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on 18 December 2012
This is the best thriller I could read this year , a gripping stream of action ,well told. Highly recommendable ,looking forward to his next novell !
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on 25 September 2014
Adventure, danger, realism, thrilling and mjnd blowing explosions of action packed, on the edge of your seat nail biting war.
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