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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2012
Lady Amelia Templeton, an Englishwoman, is asleep in bed, when someone breaks into her bedroom, swinging an axe in his hands. The stranger is Duncan MacLean, aka The Butcher, who's reputation lives up to his name. He's there to kill Richard Bennett, an English officer, having his own personal reasons for doing so. When she tells him she's Richard's fiance, he kidnaps her, and they go on a journey together through the Highlands. Amelia tries to find out why he wants to kill Richard, and when he finally tells her, she doesn't believe him. On the journey, the Butcher is aided by his ally, Angus Macdonald aka The Lion, who isn't happy his friend is keeping this Englishwoman alive. She later escapes Duncan and tries to get help, but her fellow Englishmen are drunk, and only interested in one thing. Duncan saves her and it's then she realises perhaps she was wrong. But just as they find themselves opening up to one another, she escapes again and Amelia is hurt when she finds out another secret about Duncan, who she's fallen for. But then Amelia must decide where her true allegiances lie when her fiance shows up.

Overall, the book was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. The Butcher looks scary and has no mercy for his victims, but deep down inside, he proves what a gentle man he really can be.

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on 26 October 2013
The beginning was very promising but towards the end of the book **spoiler** the strong male lead kinda turned into a bit of a wuss, There was very little on the antagonist character, only a couple of paragraphs gave him attention. There was no real substance to him. His bride to be instantly goes from thinking he is a honorable man then they words of her captor seems to instantly change her mind from a so called "note". So she in herself seem a bit dim in certain things.

As for romance novels goes. I have felt there was no real passion between the two. Yes there was sex but it seemed a instant thing. There was no intense build up or earth shattering experience that so many "maids" experience in these types of tales. The girl seemed she couldn't make, one moment you read her as a high spirited woman, the next, a shy maid, and then instantly she is a experienced love maker to her partner. So it could have flowed better and more depth to certain chars. so all in all it was a okay read for a free book.
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on 17 October 2013
Not normally a fan of this genre I picked one of the books in this three book series up for free and was immediately hooked. Within two days I had purchased the other two books and had read all three, falling in love with the characters and finding the books impossible to put down.
Glorious romances proving that change is possible within everyone and showcasing the triumph of love, all set against the beautiful ruggedness of Scotland.
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on 26 June 2014
Well, normally overly tall and muscled men with blood all over are not my usual type, but mixed in with (a must for a romantic novel) male vulnerability and, aye, you have a male dreams are made off!

Loved it, a little predictable as all such novels are but this is why I probably like them. I do not wish to give too much away, therefore I only say that there was one twist I did not see coming. I was so worried about the outcome that for several hours I did not want to continue reading as I was so worried that the outcome would be tragic.

Well it wasn't and thank god it was not. Super book, well written, historically interesting. I am off now to find myself my own highlander (without the blood!).
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on 21 November 2013
I really thought I would enjoy this book, especially with all the 5 stars and because I love Highlander books, but I'm not sure what I think...
There were definitely snippets of a good story, and at times, even some chemistry between the Butcher and Amelia, but as soon as he turns into 'Duncan' (complete with his wigs and flouncy clothes) it all changed for me. I felt the slight chemistry became clumsy - there was no build up, it was straight to the sex and his sweet talk was non-existent ('Now take off your shirt, lass. I am lustin' for you.')
There was quite a lot of repetition and some 'strange' sayings used - 'Her knees dissolved into clotted cream.' and 'He had no answer. His head was full of thistles.' - to name but two.
So, I'm not sure how I feel, but I am willing to read other books from this author.
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on 11 October 2013
Loved this book from the first paragraph, loved the dialogue between Amelia & Duncan, loved the romance, loved the adventure, did I mention I loved this book. I have read some of Julianne's books before and this one does not disappoint, looking forward to reading the other Highlander series.
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on 13 February 2012
Captured by the Highlander proves that everyone is able to change. Even the strongest of Highlanders have a weak spot, love does concour all.
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on 26 July 2014
This is a fantastic book, unlike a lot of other free books this is a full length one. It is truly captivating and very well written.

Once I started reading I did not want to put it down.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, and I certainly recommend this book.
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on 3 February 2012
I almost feel like I read two books in one with this novel. There was a really clever twist in the plot half way through, which took me totally by surprise and changed my view of one of the main characters completely. Without giving anything away, there is an element of duplicity going on and when that is revealed, the rest of the novel is completely different.

I have to say I usually pride myself on seeing these things coming a mile off from the little clues we get, and they were there, but I didn't catch it this time. Minus one respect point for me. And once revealed, I really had a strong urge to go back to the beginning and look at this character again and examine every word they said, armed with this new knowledge. But of course, I didn't really do that. I went on and read the other half of the book instead, which unfortunately, wasn't as good. The reveal worked great as a plot device for shock value, but I didn't like the character as much afterwards, so that kind of dulled the effect.

All together, it's a good highlander read, but not a great one. I would read from this author again, but I wouldn't be tempted to re-read this one as I would others.

I give it 3 stars.
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on 3 October 2013
I have really enjoyed this book, the highlander is a strong man with a strong character. The lady of the story compliments him well. They make the story a fast paced read and very enjoyable. It made me fall in love with the highland theme so much that I purchased another book from this series.
So sit down and enjoy it will be worth your time.
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