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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Intuition (Insight)
Format: Paperback|Change

on 3 September 2017
I haven't read Osho's books yet. He seems like the typical Indian guru whose only true virtue was the demigod like status he had allowed him to sleep with many of his followers. speaking of which, his status was positive, hiv positive. I think that's what got him in the end. Just a pity he never allowed hiv positive to join his sect, hey ho.
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on 24 February 2009
This book is not really about intuition. It does touch on the subject but it covers ground on a much larger spectrum. While it took a while to really start enjoying reading the book, I soon got hooked in. This is a book based on Osho's work and his ideas are so refreshing!But best of all they make sense and ring true. So many things we take for granted about being human he explains with amazing clarity and renewed perspective. I thrive on reading material that challenges me to question my idea of reality and my believes, this book does not disappoint. As far as I am concerned I've found a treasure chest of literary gold and I intend to read all the books based on his thoughts and philosophy. I bought this book along with another one that I read first about connecting body and mind.I found that first book I read quite boring, I think perhaps because the crux of the book was in doing the exercises on the CD,which I didn't do because I didn't enjoy the book.But I am glad I read" Intuition" , it really got me thinking and questioning, which is EXACTLY what I want, as most books seem to tell you what to think, but their material is never exciting enough to arouse one's curiosity!But be warned, if you're not someone who wants to read radically new perspectives of what you know to be true, then make sure to avoid this book, because it is not a book you'll enjoy reading.I would only recommend this book for those who want to be exposed to new ideas(or rather new ways of looking at the same old things)!
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on 9 April 2017
I really liked all the concepts in this book.
A breez of fresh air, and easy to read and understand.
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on 22 January 2010
Osho is a genius but try to avoid the compilation books. They are made against his wishes. As with all masters try to avoid anything the close students do. Find Osho books that are commentaries to mystics and published before the last five years they are less likey to be edited and tainted by his followers.
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on 22 November 2016
I was given this book as a present and it is quite a humbling experience to review it. The true essence of this book is what we as human beings have lost. A true sense of trust in intuition and our inner guide. In writing this sentence you will instantly know whether such a book is right or wrong for you to read.

Readers are seekers or those with an interest in the subject. With elements of the principles of yoga, the words induce meditation.

The book starts with the barriers we place on our mind and how this affects us. With particular reference to how we rely on the head in the form of intellect to control our lives. Intuition is the mystery and indescribable sensation we fear to believe in.

Though the writer is a male there are quite a few condemnations of the male traits that rely too much on intellect than feelings or intuition. There is very much a preference to Eastern culture compared to Western values.

With such strong opinions, the author stresses that you follow the book as a guide rather than as a rule or cult. Using the information to reflect and to follow your feelings, which is the aim of the book.

This book appeals to my interest in intuition and that sense that society is not following the right path. For fellow readers, it may mean something different and that is its beauty.

A highly recommended read and I will leave with the author's definition of success: "Success is ego fulfilment, not bliss".
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on 4 October 2011
as with other Osho books, i found his book on intuition informative, revealing and a little bewildering at times!!
great for stimulating a mind stuck in the rut that modern day society has created.
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on 27 March 2013
Another book by the fabulous OSHO. I would recommend reading "Tantra - the supreme understanding" also by OSHO before reading any other of his books, as he has a very unusual way of looking at things. Once you get to grips with the way that OSHO sees things...all of his books are an enlightening read.

This book is particularly good, but it is a shame that is doesn't contain any meditations to help the reader connect with his/her own intuition. It talks about Intuition itself...what it is... but has no practical tips on how to reach it. I feel there will be other books to help with this. I enjoyed Intuition and have added it to my collection.

Book arrived in very good condition within a few days of order.

Many thanks x
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on 1 June 2016
I like Osho's book, one of my favourite author but even those book was published long time ago they are still popular so sometime it's not cheap to buy. I will read back again.
The book condition is good no market, no missing pages and clean.
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on 23 February 2013
Osho was described by the Sunday Times as one of the most influential people of the 20th century, his writing trancends time, the principles he advocates give spiritual and philosophical insight into the human condition whilst remaining highly readable, a real cannot put down book.

Should be compulsory reading for everyone.
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on 20 March 2016
I love Osho, I am very partial here. Probably some of the ideas here you can find in other books too, but still a great read.
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