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on 4 September 1999
Not being particularly attracted to Rajneesh, I avoided this deck for years. A "Tarot Master" for 11 years, I now find myself astounded by the vibrant art, and consistantly right-on readings I'm able to do. The accompanying book is insightful and (beyond) thought provoking. Now my 2nd-favorite deck, it's an excellent non-traditional Tarot for anyone willing to stretch their personal limits. (A NOTE: two of the cards evidentially did not meet the author's standards, and so addtional, better quality cards were enclosed. This is High Integrity!)
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on 29 November 1998
Ahhh This deck is simply beuatiful. The illustrations are so that a child could read Tarot from them and the adult could learn more about themselves and the world around them at the turn of every card. Wisdom seeps from the colors of these wonderful cards into the eye which gazes openly into them. There aesthetic beauty alone does not carry this deck. The teachings and wonderment of Zen Buddhism lies in the book waiting ever so patiently for the curious eye to peer and the ever mature mind to grasp. May all the blessings of knowledge be bestowed on you through the beauty of these cards. And may they touch your soul as they did mine.
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on 7 July 1999
I have three decks but this deck is my favorite. The illustrations are absolutely goregeous and so are the summaries to the cards. I have the best readings with these cards and I have gotten some excellent feedback after reading with them. I highly suggest this deck for anyone who is learning to read Tarot.
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on 20 March 2002
Many practitioners of Tarot use it as a resource to assist personal development, emphasising that the power to act and to change circumstances stays with the querant and is not defined or restricted by 'what is in the cards'. It is rare in my experience to come across Tarot readers who claim it as a tool for predicting the future or telling you what to do, yet some of the booklets which come with card decks can be disempowering - particularly the older decks. Not the case with this one.
This deck is ideally suited to the 'personal development' model of using Tarot cards. The cards do largely correspond to those in a more traditional deck, yet the card explanations and artwork feel new and are ideally suited for challenging your view of a situation and your role within it. The one word card headings (e.g. Transformation, Compromise, Guilt) provide an excellent basis from which to learn the system, as does the comprehensive book which comes with the deck.
Plus it is a beautiful deck, worth owning for the art alone.
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on 8 July 1999
I originally bought my first deck of Osho Zen cards about 3-4 yrs ago. I'm now on my second deck-everyone I do readings for ALWAYS picks these cards out of the 18 decks I give them to choose from. The artwork & colors are beautiful & vibrant. It definately attracts the eye.
They are very easy to read & understand. It suggests a look into your own self for answers-it helps to point out the things that were always there but we were unable to see on our own.
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on 22 January 1999
I have collected and read tarot for about 25 years. I have held and studied some of the oldest cards that are in the British Museum. I own over 100 decks. This deck was going to be just part of the collection -- until I read from it. I couldn't believe the insight and how well it fit with today's world and issues. It was like an epiphany. Most of my tarot reading friends have purchansed it after seeing me read from it. A friend who had been trying to read the tarot for years, but said she just couldn't get it, can read from this deck. The wonderful colors and imagery of the deck and the poetic language of the book trigger one's intuition into full gear before realizing it. Readers of other decks can quickly use it as it follows the traditional pattern but in an innovative way. New readers can also begin using it quickly as the deck and book are inspirational. I highly recommend this book/deck combination!
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on 13 July 1999
The book that accompanies this beautifully illustrated deck leads you on an adventure of self discovery. Who are we now? As Osho said: The past is not worth remembering and the future has yet to happen. A great tool for meditation!!!
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on 9 June 1999
I'm a scientist; I don't believe in magick. But this deck should be in everyone's house regardless. Many other tarot decks are geared towards giving you answers about what will happen -- predicting the future. People get them to help make decisions without having to think too hard. Asking this deck questions, on the other hand, tends to immediately focus your thoughts on yourself and who you are, but never really "tells you what to do". I thought it was great and it was exactly what I needed during a personal crisis.
I also love the artwork and the ideas for the cards - simple, bright, happy. My favorite is the VIII (Courage), which shows a flower ringed in light growing out of a stone wall. Every time I turn over this card I smile.
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on 23 September 2011
I have been reading for clients using these tarot cards for about 14 years after trying many other tarot decks. These are by far the best and easiest for me to read. The images on the cards are colourful, reader/sitter friendly and very spiritual.

They are about the Zen way of thinking and so are different from the original tarot. They still consist of the Major and Minor Arcana, but there are differences, for example in the major arcana instead of the tower card, the thunderbolt card replaces it, there are other replacements too, whilst some of them are still the same i.e. the lovers and the fool. In the minor arcana instead of wands, cups, swords and pentacles, they are replaced with elements: fire (wands), water (cups), clouds (swords) and finally rainbow (pentacles).

Prior to my using the Zen cards, I used the Rider Waite cards; I found people did not feel comfortable with these original looking tarot cards, which had the medieval style pictures. I noticed a look for concern crossing the sitters eyes when they saw the original tarot images before I started to read for them, which then made my job difficult because I had to work though their anxious energy. However, when I changed to the Osho Zen cards, people seemed to relax straight away, they (and I) loved the colourful pictures, even the ones that looked negative when dealing them out, they were not anxious, but curious instead. I found that I read the cards intuitively with a lot more accuracy and I really enjoyed using them.

I did not read the book meanings initially because I have always preferred my own interpretation of tarot cards, which has always proved accurate and so the book got lost among my belongings. However, on moving home recently and going through my mounds of books, I found the book and because I was looking for inspiration myself for my life, I thought I would do myself a card reading and read the book meanings instead of using my intuition. I was astounded at the meanings I read they were extremely spiritual and mind provoking. I then read the entire book and felt elated; happier and wiser (obviously, I had not been ready for the information before, hence losing the book).

Although the people I read for prefer the reading to be about their life in a material sense i.e. romance, career and home etc, I can still use the spiritual significance in their readings after my understanding of Osho's meanings.

This book will not only be valuable to aid my readings, but for me personally when I feel I need some guidance. I cannot recommend these cards and book highly enough to professionals and amateurs alike.
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on 27 February 1998
I have worked with this particular tarot deck for over five years, professionally, and have found that it's insights, teachings and unique view of life, love and learning offer real assistance to both reader and querent. It has a wonderfully warm and humourous quality often lacking in other Tarot decks and it's wonderful, spiritually uplifting and descriptive illustration render it immediately user friendly and, I have found, captures both the attention and immagination of the person receiving the reading. All in all, one of the best tarot decks available - and as far as I am concerened as a tarot reader, the only deck worth working with.
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