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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 23 October 2000
Without using difficult language, this book gives a clear yet profound insight into human biology and the Christian Church as the Body of Christ. It blends the themes superbly, and shows how God as Creator uses practical things of His creation to reveal Himself spiritually. It makes me respond like the hymn-writer - "Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works Thy hands hath made...." - and say "HOW GREAT THOU ART". Thank-you, Dr Brand, for drawing together the practical and spiritual in such an unusual and fitting way. Thank-you, too, in these days of divided Christianity, for showing so clearly the part every individual believer has in the true Church.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 January 2017
Having read the YWAM biography on Paul Brand I was curious to read more about this medically brilliant man. The introduction in this book, written by Philip Yancey who spent time with Paul when he was living in Carville, LA, sums up Paul's work and personality perfectly. Missionary centered, Paul was a humble man who never got used to the prosperity in the USA.

Unlike most people who are glad to be free of pain, Paul knew the dangers of painlessness in his leprosy patients and actually saw many pain benefits. Having started a book many years earlier it had been 20 years since he had looked at it. In comes Philip Yancey. Spending 10 years together this book has an unusually long introduction (approximately 10%) but you get a wonderful glimpse into Yancey's heart and his appreciation of his mentor, co-author and friend, Paul Brand.

Following the introduction, this book is set out in four parts: cells, bones, skin and motion. Did you know that your body has 50 billion active white blood cells with a backup force one hundred times as large in your bone marrow? Are white blood cells really sluggish? It appears that way until the attack happens! Read how they rush into action. Did you know that there are no pleasure nerves in the body? Read more to find out more.

Fancy spending time amongst 600 skeletons? Paul did! Fascinating to read ho you can determine someone's job/sport from looking at their bones. The 10 commandments, Paul-phrased, are likened to a basic skeleton. What are osteoblasts? Did you know that when you are young 100% of your bone is replaced each year? Are you a crayfish kind of Christian? Your skin weighs, on average, 4kgs. It's most critical contribution? Waterproofing. "In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence." This quote by Isaac Newton heads the section on motion. Talks some about rheumatoid arthritis comparing it to a civil war.

Throughout this book, Pail likens the many different parts and functions of the body to the Body of Christ i.e. the Church. We, as individuals, are all different but together we make up the 'body'. Where, in your body, is the Holy of Holies? "The cerebral hemispheres of the brain."

I am no scientist, in fact you could probably call that my weakest subject HOWEVER I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If nothing else it gave me further awe into God's amazing creation of the human body. I would recommend this to teenagers on up. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a biography of Paul's life. To learn more of his parent's work in India along with Paul's life helping leprosy sufferers I suggest you read Paul Brand: Helping Hands by Janet and Geoff Benge or one similar. I purchased this book for my Kindle. I was not required to write a review but chose to do so. Thanks, Liz
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on 18 September 1998
I personally, like learning about the human body and the way it works. This book goes deep into the fine knitting of cells, bones, skin and the blessing of movement. It showed me how much I should appreciate the things that I normally take for granted. Such as if we didn't have that fine balance of cells in our body, we could either be destroyed by foreign invadors or by the one thing that destroys them!...our own white blood cells...resulting in Leukemia. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any reader. You don't know what you're missing if you don't pick this one up!!!
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on 24 August 2009
I agree with all the impressive things said in the other reviews. Philip Yancey wrote this book based on some writings, sermons and lots of conversations with Dr Paul Brand. The introduction explains how the book came to be written and reading it it is clear to see why Yancey was so grateful to have Dr Brand as his friend.

Dr Brand grew up in India with missionary parents and later he and his wife returned to India as missionary medics themselves. Brand spent many years serving leprosy patients and studying the disease and how to reduce it's damage and reconstruct hands and feet destroyed by the illness. Later they worked in what was the only US Leprosy Sanitorium. Dr Brand's knowledge on so many subjects is amazing and yet so easily communicated.

This book examines the miracle of the human body in great biological detail which was incredibly enlightening for me. If I were a teenager again I think it would have fired me up to be a doctor. Dr Brand also looks at the body and see how he thinks it should apply in the Biblical example of the church being the body of Christ. It covers the physical and the spiritual. An excellent book. I learnt so much. I will definitely re-read it. The sections are split into Cells, Bones, Skin and Motion. Each chapter is short and very readable.

Obviously the book is based on a Biblical Christian world view. I would recommend it to anyone who is open to considering things from that perspective. I would give one warning however, if you are ardently against all form of testing on animals you may wish to avoid this book as I suspect there would be three or four sections that would make you angry and possibly take away any benefit you may otherwise glean.
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on 26 May 1999
Apart from the Bible, no other book has inspired me so much, and led me to a greater and deeper understanding of the awesomeness of our Creator! Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey have beautifully and miraculously opened the eyes of the layman to see the wonder of the creation through our own bodies, and the relationship of the natural with the spiritual!!! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I am using it to build a study of biology for school. Sit down with this book, and let Paul and Philip lift up your eyes and your spirit to see God in a way you probably never have before. Truly inspiring and revelational!@!@
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on 18 July 1998
I have recommended this wonderful book to all my online friends just this morning. This link was sent to them for their review.
I believe that, just as the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament, our own bodies are a shadow of the Body of Christ. This book confirms my beliefs.
"Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" breaks down all ethnic and racial barriers, all Christian divisions, all personal inadequacies, and shows the relevance, the necessity, of EVERY PERSON in the Body of Christ. The descriptions of the human body (from cell and bone to skin and motion), and the wonderful descriptions of how each functions with the others in unity is beautifully explained! An even greater achievement is the author's ability to relate God's design of the human body to His design of the Body of Christ!
This is a wonderful book that I recommend highly to everyone!
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on 11 January 2014
An easy to read book, due to the involvement of the genius of Philip Yancey, but not simplistic. Each aspect of the workings of our body is explained, then spiritualised to relate it to the body of Christ, the church. Many times, while reading the book, I would be caught up in wonder at how incredible is the workings of our body. And since finishing the book, I have been left with a lingering astonishment about the human body.

But it's not all biology and spiritual lessons, it is also interlaced with many fascinating, personal stories from Brand's long and fruitful life as a missionary and surgeon.
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on 16 October 2010
Although written thirty years ago, this book by Dr Paul Brand and Philip Yancey is a classic that speaks powerfully to us today. Using his skills as a leprosy surgeon who specialised in restoring some movement to his patients' limbs, Paul Brand goes through various parts of the body and draws out their relationship to the Body of Christ, that is, Christians in general. It is a fascinatingly interesting book that I would recommend to anyone to read and ponder upon.
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on 6 June 1998
This book has been a great sourse of encouragement. I found the writing very readable and the message useful.
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on 21 February 2012
This book is incredible.Very easy to understand and read.Could not put it down, it was so interesting. Shows the likeness of the humanbody and cells etc ... To the BODY OF CHRIST (meaning individules in the church ) .It also deals with the insights and things learnt from working with lepers by this surgeon. Wonderful book.Really shows HOW GREAT GOD IS.
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