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on 30 April 2012
As I know hank personally, I must say even I was amazed at what was opened up in the book!, Hank is a very smart person and it must of taken a lot of guts to have opened up about Tiger !( and not just for the money!) I remember in the beginning how he used to say how demandinga person he was, I just thought he was arrogant from an early age no respect and he proved it all the way through his life!, yet he demanded it from other people. A sad person The book will open your eyes a must for any golfer Pro to beginner who wants an inside look into Tigers woods Life.....!
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on 28 April 2012
A real good insight into the person behind the golf club. You learn so much about tiger woods the man and how he behaves and treats other people.
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on 9 May 2012
I usually prefer instruction books to biographies when it comes to golf books, but this book was just brilliant. It has just the right mix of personal insights into Tiger and Hank's relationship, mixed with technical details of Tiger's swing changes. A great read, buy it.
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on 2 October 2012
This book is an amazingly gripping insight into the very private world of on of the greatest sportsmen ever to walk this earth. As a genuine golf fan I found it great to learn and understand about Tiger, and Hank wonderfully depicts the struggles, but mainly triumphs of this man. If your looking for something that gossips about his scandal, find a different book. This is for the real golf fans who want to learn a little bit about Woods. Also, Hank tells a good bit about his story, and the circumstances that concluded in him coaching the world's best player. A decent amount of knowledge is given about the mechanics about the golf swing, but not so much to bore. Definitely worth reading if you want to learn what it takes to be great and the behind the scenes of one of the most talked about human beings.
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on 23 September 2016
I must say, I'm going through a tiger love-in, but I couldn't put this book down.

Haney is maligned for being subjective in his book, but that's the beauty of it. it's warts and all.
It made me cringe at times, like a reality tv show might, and presumably as close as we'll get to ever figuring out the enigma of woods.
You will come away from this book thinking, Haney is not a very loyal guy, and I almost feel guilty reading someone's diary, but I got over it! : )
Golf book wise, this is up there with the 'greatest game ever played' , for me.

Finally, it's worth mentioning this is excellently written. I'm an editor and found one single syntax flaw. Credit to Jaime Diaz, here I suppose, who always writes excellent stuff on golf.
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on 27 December 2012
I found this study of Tiger Woods deeply fascinating. The insights into his relationships, or lack of them, with the people around him were especially interesting. Most of the book is fairly balanced so that Tiger's good points are as evident as his eccentricities and flaws. However, the final chapter seems a little more personally condemnatory which is a shame. For all that, it is a pioneering book insofar as it reveals more of Tiger than has been available before. Well worth a read even for the non-golfer although there are a couple of brief passages dealing with golf techniques which might be better skipped over.
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on 11 February 2014
As a teaching professional I found the book very interesting. From Tigers point of view I am astonished he teamed up with Hank as he has tried to teach a playsafe game to the one player who has every shot in the book, and many that haven't been published!
From Butch Harmon (the best) to Hank Haney and now via Sean Foley it is no wonder he has too many swing thoughts to choose from. He is talented enough to find his way back in time unless his off course problems have caused him long-term damage psychologically. If you have a supreme racing car and limit it to third gear you are going to be disappointed.
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on 17 February 2013
I don't quite get the one and two stars some people have given the book - it's far better than that. I must admit though, if I didn't get it as a Christmas gift I wouldn't have bought it as I was put off by the critics.

I don't think Haney deserves the criticism he has had from some quarters of the golfing community since the release of the book. I think it is a frank view from someone who was part of the inner circle of what is the 'Woods Machine'. A far, far better read than some of the dross that is out there at the moment. Certainly kept me hooked from start to finish.
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on 7 January 2015
It's an interesting book. If you consider it as a whole you can build up a picture of how Tiger and Haney worked together. You also get a bit of an insight into both of their lives during that time. There are no massive revelations and not much technical stuff considering the subject. Haney doesn't come across as the most confident or knowledgeable coach. It does have the feel of a book that may have been heavily edited both on the technical side and about some of the details of Tigers life.

On the whole I enjoyed it and thought it worth reading.
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on 28 January 2014
Not sure what I expected from this book but I'm shocked at the level of unprofessionalism shown by Hank Haney during his time as a coach with Tiger Woods and as an author of this book.

Hank lacks self confidence and dignity. I found it very difficult to enjoy this book as Hank took every opportunity he could to slag Tiger off and make himself look like the innocent good guy. I think Hank overdid the "I'm the good guy" routine and for this reason I'm disappointed with the egotistic approach he took to writing this book.
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