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on 2 February 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed Wild! Cheryl Strayed’s account of her epic hike along a section of the Pacific Crest Trail is both heart wrenching and entertaining. She tells her story with exceptional honesty and self-deprecating humour. I finished the book feeling as if I had made a friend such was the intimacy between author and reader. A heart-warming, inspirational tale told by a formidable yet ordinary human being. Recommended.
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on 10 August 2013
I'm a sucker for strong female characters and Cheryl Strayed is a great example. I found the book uplifting despite some of the themes of drugs, abuse, and depression. In the book, the author goes on a trip unprepared and suffers some of the consequences. I've read other reviews that call it irresponsible and compare it to Into The Wild, where the main character travels to Alaska because he's disillusioned with consumerism and wants to connect with nature. While the trip into nature (and the title) have similarities, I don't think Cheryl is trying to convince anyone to go off and hurt themselves in the wild. She takes a trip to find and heal herself, and she comments on that trip with introspective and insightful musings. She's a funny, sarcastic, and kind narrator and touches on themes of self-loathing and self-healing that spoke volumes to me. After reading about her physically-grueling trip, I decided to take my fitness more seriously and challenge myself more in my life. It's been an inspiring and memorable read.
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on 7 August 2017
I enjoyed the story. It came across as honest, or at least what the author believed to be honest. It operates on 2 levels: one being a travelogue of one person's walk along the PCT and the other being a journey from despair to repair. I enjoyed it on both levels. Cheryl showed great resilience and personal courage to make this journey and i'm so glad she chose to share it with us. Bravo
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on 6 November 2016
I absolutely loved this book! So much so that I read it in two days.
I read it around the time the movie came out, but I wanted to read the ebook first, so I purchased it on my kindle. I just couldn't put it down.
I sort of knew the story already, but I was really drawn into Cheryl's events, and I felt as if I was there with her whilst she hiked.
I lived in Oregon for a little bit so when I got to the bit where she's in Portland I felt as if I had gotten back in time too, and I was back in Portland as well.
Would definitely recommend. I suggested this book to my brother as well,and he loved it too. So don't be put off, if you may think this is a book just for women.
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on 25 April 2015
An extremely engaging, page turning account of a young woman’s walk along over an eleven hundred miles stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail when she was twenty six in 1995. She was under prepared for this walk and ‘Wild’ recounts the trials and tribulations that she experienced along her trek. Strayed tells us of the landscapes she walked through, the effect the daily trekking had upon her body, the people that she met and the animals and wildlife that she saw.

But interwoven throughout this journal of her physical journey is the deeper and more profound emotional journey that she underwent. The use of the word ‘journey’ is often inappropriately and over-used, but I believe it is entirely fitting here. Strayed tells us the story of her young life, heavily dominated by her relationship with her mother who tragically died of cancer when Strayed was only twenty -two. It is about her coming to terms with her loss and finally leaving her grief behind on the trail, which enabled her to then start to live her life to the full and create her own family.

At no point did I find this self-indulgent as perhaps it could so easily have become. Rather, Strayed courageously tells it exactly as it was. She does not seek to over analyse her emotions nor to intellectualise them and this is refreshing and all to the good. She lays her feelings and experiences bare with no censorship and because of this she comes across as a very real person, somebody that you can relate to. There are passages which are intensely moving.

I can quite understand why this was a no.1 bestseller. I therefore heartily recommend it.
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on 27 October 2017
I thought this was going to be a take on Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. How wrong can you be! While I enjoyed Bill's book enough to have read it several times, this book has more depth and intensity per page and Cheryl Strayed's reason for her hike on the PCT is not just because it's there. Her compulsion to exorcise her guilt over her mother's death & her subsequent moral collapse leads her to push herself to the limit for more than 1000 miles - that's some exorcism! A brilliant book,
unputdownable, and left me with intense admiration for the strength of will that pushed her on day after day. Highly recommended.
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on 30 April 2017
This book took me way too long to read, apologies, but in the time that I was reading it I began to learn so much about life and love and grief. I genuinely think this book has prepared me for the future and for that I am so grateful to Cheryl.
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on 5 October 2017
I liked the book for its sheer force of will. It's unscathing look at relationships, particularly that of Cheryl and her mother, and with her ex husband. In juxtaposing these relationships with that of the landscape. The brute beauty of the wilderness. Cheryl slowly freeing herself of her demons along her walk to the Bridge of the Gods. I would highly rate this book. Cheryl was a novice hiker but now an accomplished writer. I would recommend to anyone of any age or background, simply because it is a story of being free, of letting go of the trappings of modern life and convenience. It is about going back to basics, of finding oneself but not in a saccharine way, rather like peeling an onion to expose different raw layers, but at the heart is understanding and meaning, just like the fish beneath the surface of the Columbia River. Enjoy
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Anyone who is interested in hiking , travel and the great outdoors will find this work fascinating.
It is honest funny and very true to life....!
I take my hat off to Cheryl for her endurance and her bravery for undertaking the PCT and also for sharing this work with us all.
Thank you........
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on 4 March 2016
I read this book after a recommendation from my friend who read it in her book club. We were hiking in a UK national park together and she said the book made her want to hike alone for weeks on end. That intrigued me. I walk a lot, I hike fairly often with a partner, and have considered one night alone camping as a list of brave things I might like to do one day. I love nature and connecting with nature has been a healer though hard times in the last couple of years. Ive done quite a bit of "work on myself" in recent years too, and although I have had some serious changes in my life recently, I thought I was doing alright.
Then I read this book.
WOW, the effect on my was incredible, I felt every little last bit of pain along her journey, the pain and the victories and joy too, like they were my own almost. It was so powerful. I really resonated with some of the issues Cheryl had, not that they were the same as mine, but that all pain is universally connected somehow, and I felt a huge release of my own pain through her journey. I cried a lot, and I was so happy for her for her incredible achievements both physically and emotionally and spiritually (although not written in a spiritually moralising kind of way at all). I couldn't put the book down, I fantasised about my own healing trip. What makes it even more brave and incredible is that all this was before the internet, where people have so much more access to advise and blogs and so on. Really loved this book. I'm not saying that you will feel the same release or gain the same strength that I did from this, but either way, this incredible journey is worth hearing about from this brave and very special lady!
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