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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2017
An interesting account of an ordinary ten-year old Yemeni girl whose father marries her off to a repulsive sounding thirty-year old - "I recognized him right away from that overpowering odour of cigarettes and khat".
Sent miles away to live with his family in a remote village, Nujood endures a couple of months of rapes and beatings before fleeing to the court, when on a visit to the capital, and seeking a divorce. Taken up by a lawyer and human rights groups, the end is a hopeful one, as Nujood is back with her family, attending school and able to help financially through royalties.

Sadly recent information shows that Nujood's father has used the money for his own ends and has married off her littlle sister, so glad I only bought a used copy!
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on 17 May 2017
very sad to read how these poor children are married at such a young age.
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on 1 April 2017
Read this in 2 days...Great story
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on 1 July 2011
Throughout this book, I had to keep reminding myself that the events and characters in it are all real, and not some work of fiction.

Nujood, a ten year old girl from Yemen, has her life torn apart when her family marry her off and send her to a remote village to live with her in-laws, despite the legal age to marry of 15. I found myself hooked on this tale as she struggles against sexual abuse from her husband and tries to find the courage to help herself. Her vain hopes of help from her family are dashed, as she realizes that her father will do anything to protect his honor. In desperation, she quickly finds out the only way out of her own living nightmare is to file for a divorce.

This heroine's story moved me almost to tears as she describes the horrors that no one, especially at her tender age, should ever have to go through. For both me and my mother, it served as a sharp reminder that although we live in comfort with equal rights, tragically in other parts of the world things are completely different. It will make you aware of the divide between cultures, that allow such shocking events to happen. A heartbreaking but enlightening read, I totally recommend it.
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on 11 March 2013
I have not bought this book and will NOT buy this book until the publisher gives assurance that Nujood's royalties are paid directly to her, and not to her father.

Nujood has been kicked out from the house that was PAID FOR by the proceeds of this book. Her father takes all her money and pays her a small allowance. This is the guy who married her off at the age of 8!

Read the article entitled, ""I made it possible for my father to buy new wives" March 2013 - published on Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Please don't buy this book until you know that Nujood is receiving the full royalties, and not her abusive father.

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on 22 April 2011
Simply wtitten in her own style, this girl gives interesting background to life in the Yemen, her life, a little bit of politics and history[ necessary if one is to understand her story,] it is a quick and easy read[ in terms of speed of reading] but horrible to learn that there still is the ability for men to "get rid" of their daughters and their responsibility for them so easily; although a law was passed after her divorce case that prevent young girls being married until they are 17, it is still an issue there ,and in other countries. However this little girl took an opportunity to change her vile situation and "luckily "people ready to support her, unlike in some countries where she would have had no recourse whatso ever, the aftermath , about her being in school and playing with toys is heartbreaking as it brings it home just what a little girl she was when sold to be virtually a sexual object and slave , and so cruelly treated by her"husband " and his family, the more people made aware of this the better.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2010
Nujood is a brave, determined little girl. Married off at 9 to a bully three times her age, it is beyond belief that any father would subject his daughter to such horror. Promises to allow her to reach puberty before he consumated the marriage were unfounded, the poor child lost her virginity on her wedding night. Not only was she now many days travel from her family, but she was not allowed to play, she was expected to work in the house doing all the menial tasks and, being a married woman, she had to cover her whole face leaving only her eyes.

Her determined bid for freedom at the local court house has opened a small door of hope for others in the same position and it is encouraging to see that the legal profession supported her rather than simply sending her back home.
I wish I wasn't having to review this book, I wish these things never happened - but maybe this little girl's story can help others in a similar plight.

This story alone would be enough to sell a book but this short tale also relates the experiences of Najood's 12 year old brother who left Yemen to try his luck in Saudi, her older sister who was also married off hurriedly, not much older than Nujood herself and her eldest sister who ended up in jail. Little wonder that Nujood is determined to become a lawyer when she is old enough and has no intenion of ever getting married again.
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on 6 June 2011
The world has known some amazing women that have stood up to change what they see as injustice, they are not often 10 years old.
Nujood had the courage to say NO to her situation and go against a culture and family that all told her she must just endure. Deprived of an education to the point she was unable to read and could only write her first name, this little girls courage changed not only her situation but has changed laws and saved others like her.
She was named woman of the year and after you read the book you will see why she is one of the most worthy winners. There is no self pity in this book unlike most 'survivor' stories, and no blame from her to those who put her in the situation. I read this book in one morning and would urge everyone to read this girls story.
This book is written in simple language as you would expect from a 10yr old, and it has been translated into English but this does not change the power of the story.
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on 8 August 2013
What a truly inspiring story!

Aged just 10 years (or approximate) Nujood is taken from her childhood home and happiness and thrust into an adult world of marriage and everything that comes with it. This is the story of a brave young girl who has no choice in anything in her life and is married off by her father to a man almost 3 times her age. Her world is brutally ripped apart as she is taken from her family, childhood and everything she knows and loves to become an adult and cater to her husbands every whim.

Unlike a lot of these stories there isn't a huge focus on the abuse Nujood suffers, there is enough that you are in no doubt what she goes through but the stories main focus is on her life and how she goes against everything her culture and beliefs hold true to stop the hurt and pain inflicted by her religion and family's customs.

Whilst it is sad at parts, this is a story of inspiration and bravery of a young girl who disobeys everything she has been taught for the right to live her life as a child and not be brutalized. Brave steps that opens the gates for others like herself and the potential dishonor upon her family. With only 190 pages this is a thin book and a page turner, I found it totally fascinating, 4/5 for me.
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on 20 July 2011
This book gives the reader an insight into the treatment of women and girls in rural Yemeni culture, and the extrodinary story of a ten year old girl and her staggering story. Hard not to be shocked by her story.
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