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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 23 January 2015
I enjoyed this scripture-focused book. It was honest and gave real life examples of how a woman can fall into emotional and physical temptation at various levels. It really encouraged me and gave applicable guidance on how to focus on God as a single woman, and I'm pretty sure I will read it again as an engaged and then married woman. However, I've given it 4stars because towards the end of the book I felt that she presented the woman's body as a prize (something you reward your husband with or give to him) what about the sacredness of a husband's body and they ways he may 'give' his body to his wife?! Despite that I would still recommend this book to any of my Christian friends.
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on 3 March 2014
I found this book a little hard to get in to and quite intense in places. That being said, I studied it with a friend and we've both found the messages and content very useful. I'd recommend this to most women and I'm very thankful that I read it.I'd probably return to read it again in the future.
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on 6 January 2013
I found this book really interesting and helpful. It faces personal issues surrounding being a woman in an honest and down-to-earth, no nonsense way. For anyone keen and willing to do what it takes to have the best marriage possible as well as good, wholesome relationships generally. It is a companion to 'Every man's battle' tackling the same issues from a male point of view.
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on 14 January 2015
I read this on my honeymoon, and it's a brilliant book. Definitely aimed towards married women, I'd say. It's very straight talking, and I believe has prepared me well for the challenges I'll be facing in my marriage, and how to keep honouring God and my husband throughout life.
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on 11 March 2013
Get this book as well as the one for young women called 'Every Young Woman's Battle! Woman need to know the stuff that is in these books! Their men and young men also need the companion books to these called 'Every man's Battle' and 'Every Young Man's Battle' All 4 books are essential reading! Wish churches would wake up and teach this stuff!
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on 27 October 2011
I would undoubtedly recommend this book for 'every woman' regardless of whether you are Christian or not. Although its aimed at those women who have a Christian belief, it is relevant to all women who understand the importance of having a pure and healthy lifestyle. Everyone has to admit that promiscuity and adultery are not beneficial to anyone's life and this book deals with the root causes of these things. It directly challenges women's motives and issues that have led to so many damaging consequences (i.e. std's, unwanted pregnancies, divorce, depression, mental illness)

From a Christian perspective this book truly exposes the emotional, spiritual and physical battles that women deal with on a daily basis and gives practical, useful and meaningful advice on moving forward. If you want a 'soul-searching' experience when it comes to why you do what you do then this is the book for you.

It isn't preachy or self-righteous - Shannon Ethridge speaks from her own honest, candid experiences and offers plenty of real life examples (which may cause you to be shocked, horrified or possibly empathetic with the women in the stories). Of course it is not perfect, and some may find a few of the suggestions for a deeper walk with God a bit far-fetched and unrealistic, but in general a great read.

Definitely a book I found difficult to put down and I almost didn't want it to end. I've given it to friends in my church to read and it has truly led me to make some life-changing decisions.
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on 18 January 2006
A friend insisted our book group read this one and I honestly thought she was crazy: What do a bunch of nice, happily married Christian ladies need to know about "battling" lust or sexual impurity?? Well, that's not really what the book was about... but it sort of was. Overall it focuses on falling in love with Jesus, being confident knowing that God loves you and created you just the way you are, and practical steps for developing healthy and wonderful sexual and emotional intimacy in your marriage (or future marriage, if you're single). A great, easy read that clips along at a good pace and created TONS of fodder for a great group discussion. I also am confident it would satisfy someone who simply wanted to read it on their own, but it was a great choice for a group. Shannon Etheredge is candid and gives lots of personal examples from her own life. She also shares letters and stories from women she's counselled. Her instruction is backed up by lots of Scripture and practical, down-to-earth advice. Honestly I wish I had read this book about 7 years ago when I was single and struggling as a Christian to stay pure emotionally and sexually in a world that tells you constantly that you are no one if you haven't "done it"! READ THIS BOOK LADIES, and reap blessings in your life.
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on 22 June 2009
This is an amazing book! WOW:)

This book is informative with straight forward format to follow and excellent practical examples and guidelines that are able to be referred back to whenever necessary. You will learn so much about yourself, and take steps to be the person you Want to be.

I recommend this book to EVERY WOMAN - Single or Married - you need to read this, its for YOU!

This is my personal copy (which I have marked) and I am about to buy a second copy to share around my friends.

I hope you find it helps/prevents you from falling/seeing the pitfalls - and you can Live The Life God intended for you! Go Sister! :)
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on 8 September 2014
This book is incedibley helpful
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on 13 September 2003
I purchased this book in July in the States, it's the kinda book you can't put down. As a new Christian woman, the book holds very frank and honest comments from the author Shannon Ethridge, about how God wants to have a close and intimate relationship with us. She talks about how we can protect ourselves from emotional affairs and how they can be as damaging as a physical affair. She talks through the differences and explains things in really down to earth ways. I highly recommend this book to any woman, whether single, planning on marrying, or married already. Shannon Ethridge has done a brilliant job of opening the eyes of many woman on their attitudes to sexual and emotional integrity.
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