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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2010
The great thing about these patterns is that they work. Wendy D. Johnson is always reliable. I love knitting in the round and socks are a lovely little bit of engineering. I have bought other sock books on line in the hope that there will be at least some toe ups and have been disappointed. It is my preferred way to knit socks and you can make sure they fit exactly as you go because you can try them on. I do knit on one or two circular needles, but prefer 5 pins and you can knit in your preferred way with any of these patterns. I have not mastered Estonian cast on, I use double knit cast on which works for me. Why is it difficult to buy 5 dp pins in a packet, there are usually just 4 ?
One small point, I knit in the British way. I don't pick like most Americans do. This means that you have to make some adjustments to the way some stitches any knitted. e.g. SSK is described as slip 2 stitches from the left to the right pin and knit together in front of the two stitches. This is probably easy if you pick, but it is cumbersome if you don't. I find it much quicker to knit through the back of the two stitches together. Same result and much quicker for UK knitters.
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on 5 January 2010
I got this book for Christmas and loved it so much that I started knitting a pair of socks that afternoon.
The book is divided into two sections:
Part 1: Toe-up essentials - this section has the basics of how toe-up socks work, including the different cast-ons, the toes and the different heels you can use. It also tells you how to alter so the socks fit perfectly. Finally this section details different cast-offs (bind-offs) that you can use to make sure your sock is perfectly finished.
Part 2: Sock patterns - this section has 23 different designs that you can knit, including lace, gansey, cable and sportweight socks. The patterns are beautiful and can be combined to make your perfect socks. There is a mixture of charts and instructions given.

I would say that this is one of the best books that I have ever been given for sock knitting, especially as her website (given in the book) has more support and images of the finished socks to inspire and help you.
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on 12 February 2010
I recieved this book the other day, and I'm not a great knitter, I find patterns hard to follow, but becaause Wendy does her patterns as charts, I have actually got a finished pair of socks, and there a lace pattern! From the beginning of the book everything is done step by step, which makes finishing the socks easy. I can't wait for Wendy's next book to be published. Definately worth a purchase if your looking for an easy to follow book, with amazing patterns.
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on 29 March 2012
For a long time I wondered what all the fuss about sock knitting was (apart from the gorgeous yarns, of course!) and now I know. I tried cuff down, but got bored long before it came time to turn the heel, but with toe up, it was a very different story. Having something that looked like a sock after just a few inches and being able to try it on as I went along, just made me want to finish the pair and get them on my feet. My first socks were a triumph, thanks to Wendy :)

The book describes in simple steps how to start, how to make the heel, how to do the shaping to get a perfect fit for your individual feet and the patterns are easy to follow and pretty enough to inspire you to want to make them ... all of them! There is a sizeable section on the various different ways to cast on and off, different techniques for making and shaping toes and heels and there is even more support and info available from Wendy's website, so she pretty much has all bases covered for new and experienced sock knitters alike (though this book is aimed primarily at beginners).

Then we come to the patterns. Lovely, lovely patterns! Short socks, long socks, plain socks, patterned socks, socks for ladies, gents and kiddies; all are covered. I'm a fairly experienced knitter, so I had no problems following any of the patterns, though I did have to YouTube some things I'd never done before eg wrap and turn, just to make sure I was doing it right. I loaned the book to a friend who has only been knitting a couple of years and she managed to turn out a pair with very little help from me. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a sockoholic (I love my lace shawls too much for that), I would certainly recommend this book to those new to knitting socks, as a good reference guide to the techniques and terminology used and because the patterns are beautiful, very wearable and you will want to knit them, over and over again.
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on 6 August 2013
I am only giving this one star because that is the lowest you can give. It was very unclear what this was, and it gave the misleading impression that you get the book on kindle. You don't. It is just one pattern, and definitly a bit of a rip-off in my opinion. I bought the paperback book after seeing that the kindle one was not what it claimed to be. The pattern itself is fine, though not one of the nicest in the book.
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on 23 November 2010
The method Wendy uses here means that I can knit socks for all my family i can easily judge how long to make the socks without left over wool or running out and having different colout toes as so often happens when knitting large mens socks, the technique works for any thickness wool any sized person and is easily memorised. I have made socks for my husband that he wears constantly, he has skinny bony feet with long toes and thick ankles and they fit far better than any he has had before so much so I had to knit cotton ones for the summer, I have made ones for my own swollen feet and balloon like ankes that look attractive and are in fun colours unlike socks available for people with swollen ankles. I have also knitted socks for huge sized feet where shops do not cater readily for them. Every pair I have knitted has been a total success and has fitted like a glove unlike many traditional sock patterns. The only point to watch with this method is especially if you are making the socks for someone with swollen ankles or chubby legs is the casting off must be loose, I normally cast off and leave the final pull through thread loose and attatched to the ball so that if it is too tight when tried on I can easily undo it and cast off a bit looser. Saying that you soon get used to it and then there are no problems with this method. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK
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on 18 March 2014
I was very dissapointed with this prouduct , I was led to believe I was getting a book not 1 patteren .The product has a very misleading description,describing it as having 127 pages when in fact it has only 14.It does not make it clear that you will not be receiving the paper back version in kindle form.Very dissapointed.
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on 21 January 2016
Unfortunately can't give this no stars!! Very misleading! Description implies you get the book on kindle but you only get this pattern. Complete and utter rip off DO NOT BUY!!!!
I never write reviews I just hate being ripped off!
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on 20 January 2013
I have just downloaded this after reading the review saying that it is for the book and not just one pattern. No, it isn't, it is just for the one pattern. The reviewers saying that it is for just the one are right. And as they rightly say, unless you are familiar with certain cast ons you will have to buy the book or go to youtube for the relevant information. Bad show Amazon.
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on 22 January 2016
The Kindle Edition is a single pattern and not the entire book, yet the advert on Amazon seems to suggest that an entire book is available in Kindle form. This is a very misleading advert - customers beware.

I returned the Kindle version and bought the full book.
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