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on 17 June 2017
Great book with the story of the Beatles in their own words. With several pictures exclusived of the book. It's a good addition to the Beatles Anthology DVD.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 June 2016
This is a monumental book - truly a tomb of information! The book is massive in size (18" tall, 2" thick, and over 350 pages in length). It's a high-quality publication, and represents one of the most interesting books ever published on the Beatles. And the reason why it's especially fascinating is because it's 'written' by the Beatles themselves.

This book is part of the wider "Anthology" project by the Beatles - undertaken in the 1990's. The project included a documentary series (The Beatles Anthology [DVD] [1995]), three double albums (Anthology 1,Anthology 2 and Anthology 3), new singles (Free As A Bird and Real Love), and this book.

Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr each took part in many in-depth interviews - and their comments, and answers to questions, form the contents of the book. The material relating to John Lennon is drawn from interviews undertaken prior to his death. Everything is then blended together, allowing the Beatles to tell their own story - explaining what happened, their thoughts and feelings.

The book presents a history of the Beatles in chronological order. In addition to text, there's also lots of wonderful photos - some of which had never been published previously.

If you're a fan of the Beatles, this is a 'must have' book. It's a joy to read about the live performances, the trips around the world, the recording of the albums, the love and the break-ups ... Overall, a most impressive book.
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on 12 August 2015
a good book.
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on 26 February 2011
Buy the hard back , its superb quality through out . The pages are thick , beautiful photos, many from their private collections , which on the hard back look stunning. Alot has been said since this book arrived , as people have said its sanitised . To me, its written in small detail , page by page, by the people that were there, and thats the Beatles themselves.
John's comments are cleverly written in as each year and subject arrive , from the ( thankfully !) many interviews he did in his life time .
There is humour in here too, Georges comments on his first sexual experience in Hamburg ( with the others listening in, in the dark ) are really funny . George is missed so much , his honesty and soul, made him a special person, and was never shy to say exactly what he thought about anything . This book came out a year before he died, so its time less , to wrap it all up.
Most people know the Beatles Story , but this book does have the inside story, and lots of banter between them, which makes it a one off.
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on 26 September 2017
decent read
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on 28 May 2017
I watched the film and no I've read the book. Despite The Beatles being so familiar they are like breathing reading their own story in their own words is always fun.
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on 30 August 2017
Ideal 70th birthday gift for a 60's fanatic, especially the Beatles - bought in conjunction with the DVD set which are such a pleasure to watch and full of hitherto unseen footage.
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on 8 October 2000
What a Christmas stocking filler. This book will more than satisfy any true Beatles fan - whether he/she is a fan from long ago or someone who is just beginning to appreciate the magic these four guys created. Here in their own words and in the words of people who were closely connected to them is the real story without the hype. To select any one Beatle quote over another was previously, always a mistake, and in this book you will find more than just 'Beatle quotes'. Read what they thought of each other, their School going days, Lennon's gang or gangs - he had more than one. The worries and trepidations of Liverpool parents anxious that their sons/daughters would be led astray by this Liverpool 'Ted'. It is a big book - but then The Beatles Story is a Big story. Anyone opening this book will not want to close it. Early mornings will be preceeded by late nights as you want to read a little more, look at the many previously unpublished photos of John, Paul, George and Ringo - the quartet that became the phenomonon known as The Beatles. As a Beatles fan since 'Love Me Do' I find this book to be outstanding. I feel positive that many many people will be of the same opinion. Over five years of work went into this book and the researchers are to be congratulated. The layout is fantastic and this Big Book is really terrific value for money.
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on 5 February 2001
I have admired the music of the Beatles more and more over the last few years and I eventually wanted to know a bit more about their history. I simply wasn't sure about the best place to start finding out until now.
The Beatles anthology answers that question to the above. It is beautifully readable, and painstaking work that must have gone in to it to achieve that standard almost beggar's belief.
The story is told form the point of view of the individual Beatles, their producer George Martin, Neil Aspinall their road manager and Derek Taylor one time spokesperson.
Although John Lennon was killed twenty years ago, the way his account is interlaced with the other members of the bands is seamless and provides a poignant reminder of just what the world of music lost as well as the far greater tragedy for his wife, family and friends.
This book covers the Beatles entire history from the early Liverppol pre-Cavern days through to and now looking back, the inevitably bitter break up in 1970.
The best areas of the book are the detailed accounts of their early Hamburg days, and the wonderfully chaotic yet disasterous running of Apple, the record company the Beatles set up in the late sixties.
Through out the whole story of the beatles, the anecdotes are illuminating, and in the detail fascinating. For example the inspiration behind some of their songs, is breathtaking in how seemingly insignificant phrases and ideas can be turned into gold by sheer unadulterated talent.
All four of the Beatles characters do come through vividly, although it is hard to tell how much is revealed to us by accident or by deliberate act.
For example Ringo appears almost hopelessly and fantastically positive about everything to do with the Beatles.
George Harrison, the quietest of the Beatles seems much more radical in his thinking than even John Lennon was at his peak. He was much more into Eastern philosphy than Lennon which to me appears suprising.
Paul Macartney, does seem to be the one who was hurt most by the Beatles breakup, although he comes through as the most egotistical of the Beatles, although certainly not off-puttingly so.
Lennon himself reamins the most complex character in the Beatles, and it seems through this anthology he never (unsurprisingly) got over the early tragedies in his life and therefore built at a times a deliberately cynical persona, which belied his true personality.
The book I think is also illuminating on Yoko Ono's part in the breakup in the Beatles. The surving beatles are much kinder over time to her now, when they say it was many factors that split up the Beatles, not just her appearing on the scene.
She appears from reading this even if they can't admit to it to have been the impetus that finally broke up the Beatles. Although she probably saved the beatles from becoming a band staying on just for the sake of it, and becoming perhaps a pale shadow of themselves.
The book itself is well designed, although the print is a little on the small side.
The overtyping on some of the pictures can be a little hard to see at times. Although this is just minor quibble. The book is well basically fantastic and shows the beatles inter-relationships in marvellous and often affectionate detail.
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on 5 October 2000
Anthology is probably the most eagerly awaited Beatles book of all time and having previously read many books about them(the Hunter Davies biography,Philip Norman's Shout, etc), this should have been THE definitive book.
For the first time all four Beatles have their say,(along with contributions from Neil Aspinal and George Martin )and as a result, the book is well balanced. Unlike for example Shout, where Philip Norman's bias against Paul McCartney led you to believe the author had a personal vendetta against him.
A heavyweight book in size and content, Anthology is an enthralling read, and with the benefit of handsight, having everybody's views on critical stages of the Beatles story - Hamburg,the sacking of Pete Best(although Paul McCartney saying that they just wanted the best drummer in the world i.e. Ringo Starr leaves you with the feeling he's looking through rose tinted glasses),Beatlemania, touring, Sgt Peppers, Let It Be, The End, makes for a well rounded read.
And therein lies the books problem. The front cover is a picture of the 3 Anthology cd releases, the worst covers of possibly any album ever released. The content of the cd's painstakingly selected over hours of listening, then the covers looking like they'd been hastily put together at the last minute.
Anthology the book leaves you with exactly the same impression. The words, comments, quotes carefully extracted from the thousands spoken and written. The pictures thrown together like a childs scrapbook, most of them written over by comments, lyrics , tour dates, and coming nowhere near to the vibrant, powerful imagery of the Andrew Salt and Sam Egan, Imagine book.
Essential to any Beatles story, is not only the music, but the written word and the photographic history of the most influential musically, most written about and the most photographed group in the world.
When rating the book, it should have been 6 stars, instead it's three and solely because of the poor photographic content.
I was hoping to write about the book it is, instead I find myself writing about the book it could and should have been.
Keith Mann, Bradford, West Yorkshire
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