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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

on 1 September 2013
good laugh at all the antics, hope thats enough words other wise its not my review, guess its not enough lol
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This is the story of the worst campaign group you have ever heard of written by its creator and creative director. That O'Connor can be pilloried for his passion for creating publicity it surely missing the point, would we be discussing the head of a protest group who shyed away from appearing in the press, I think not.

That O'Connor has a high opinion of him self it well understood but why not? He took the secret family courts and put them on the front page of every news paper in not only England but all of the Western World. Quite an achievement in it's self. The law has as yet to be changed and inequality between the genders in the family courts will no doubt take generations to change but Fathers 4 Justice has got the debate going after twenty years of PC man failed to generate the correct volume of protest whilst tiptoeing on egg shells.

Weather you love or loathe O'Connor and Fathers 4 Justice is not important, what is important is that you know who they are.

What leads a man to pull on a pair of tights, scale a building and indulge in petty vandalism? Fathers 4 Justice will show you why and how. Is it a plane? is it a bird? No, it's the worst campaign group you have ever heard of. Ker!Pow!
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on 6 September 2007
As an old colleague of Matt O'Connor's I can't quite believe what he's done - nor can I believe the flack he's getting for doing it. Firstly, it's Matt's story not anyone elses. A bit of a giveaway is the name on the cover for those that didn't spot this, so naturally, he's going to spell it out his way and for those that don't like it and can read - don't read it or just look at the pretty pictures.

Secondly, from what I can see, all the main people in Fathers 4 Justice are still with the organisation and working with Matt and have been since day one. In any campaign people come and go all the time and for those that don't like it grow up out of your playground tantrums - it's embarassing for everyone. The book chronicles what happened in great and often very amusing detail so no point going over very old ground there unless you have some personal problems that require medical help. What IS fascinating about the book is how, on his journey Matt has changed from the playboy parked at the bar every lunchtime, to somebody with a burning commitment to change a legal system none of the rest of us blokes knew much about. Until now.

That nobody else has the ability, guts or determination to do this is not Matt's fault. It strikes me that he is the world's least likeliest champion of this cause but tough for those who are trying to change things, because it looks like you are stuck with him and better get used to it. One plus point, at least the City is quieter these days. Well done Matt if you read this and great press reviews!
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on 10 September 2007
This tome collates the activities of Matt O'Connor & F4J to date, & illustrates with superb statistics & other evidence the sorry disarray of the secret family court system , where no one is accountable, & children's lives are destroyed.

Witty,candid,visceral & loaded with orca sized profanity, O'Connor plays Ahab to the family court's Moby Dick, in this unzipped lycra, factual reveal of the most colourful campaign group of this century.

Kamikaze escapades are propelled at us,& the author's recollections of these sorties are filled with profanity. Harry Ramsdens must have a hotline to O'Connor, as he sure knows how to batter. But it is humorously delivered, with a keen eye for sharp prose, & whilst stuffier bookworms may object, O'Connor has delivered a historical text rock & roll stylee, & where applicable,it's shrewd, rude, & crude. His soul & raison d'etre is bared more effectively than a Spencer Tunick photo;You won't get this bones bared honesty from any other public figure.

O'Connor grabs you by your vitals, & pell mell polemics one through an odyssey of trial by poor deals, naming names & shaming the games of the authorities. He punctuates with punchlines & floors you with the hopelessness of the system & it's hapless, helpless contenders.

The journey is comic, anguished, & ultimately sends a message of rational thought compassion & forgiveness.

Buy it, read it, & batter any one involved in the legal system over the head with it!
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on 8 September 2007
This book does not so much "sweep you along" but runs up behind you, kicks your backside with a pointed steel cap boot then grabs you by your belt loops. By the end of the book, if your brain is still functioning properly and you have quelled the sick feeling in your stomach from the offensive stench that is family law, then you will be more than happy to slip your slightly out of condition physique into a lycra suit and march along on the campaign trail with this band of brothers (and sisters).

This style of campaign group and founder (even with all his faults) were a head of their time with ideas, creativity, stunts, humour and PR, and other issue campaign groups could learn a few lessons too.

Forget bland modern history books, schools and colleges should be grabbing this book with both hands as its ticks so many boxes; marketing, pr, design, history, sociology, politics, current affairs. Reviews that claim this book is bland and dull are seriously short of the mark. Its written in full spectrum Technicolor.

What these negative comments about this book seem to miss is that this book could never be a nicey nicey happy ever after book praising every dad who ever made contact with F4J, just look at the subject matter. What's the use of a book and a campaign group designed to raise awareness if the founder hides in a cupboard with his lycra tights and is only ever best friends with everyone he meets. Its these very points that makes this book so good.

This book is designed to pick you up and shake you till the penny drops, the language is controversial, the subject is controversial, the author is controversial but he's got your attention hasn't he!!! Before F4J no one was listening.

This book finds the raw nerve and then scrapes its fingernails down the chalk board just to make sure you were listening the first time. It touches a raw nerve not just for those who for whatever reason are caught up in the injustice of family law but it will have touched a raw nerve with the police, legal system, judiciary and government because they all come out of this book looking like "idiots" at the very best and "down right evil" at the very worst. If these people aren't in the very least a little un-nerved by this book then they really are nothing short of the child-catcher character out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, without the sweets and happy ending.

Jenny is right, just read the book. This book is a jolly good read, pacey, intelligently written, political, socially spot on, controversial, funny, sad, exhausting, frightening, and revealing are just some of the words I would use.
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on 3 September 2007
Good book, but none of it could have been done without the dads who risked life and liberty. Family court hell by Mark Harris and Denied Access by (Spiderman) Dave Chick are much better reads and these guys realy were let down by the system, not like Matt who basically was unfit as he admits to be around his kids.
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on 8 September 2007
A door stop AND a knockout hardback that could be used a lethal weapon!

With recipes for a 'Condom Bomb A La Tony Blair' and a 'Dirty Martini' sitting alongside a 'Cell Survival Guide' and the A-Z of how to don your supersuit, this gripping read breaks the mould for books on what can be an interminably downbeat subject. Most importantly it's a laugh out loud read that BOTH men and women will want to digest and then argue about!

O'Connor's morally dubious back story adds weight and contrast to a book that reads like you've been strapped to the roof of the space shuttle. Sure, the language is offensive and contains more profanity than a Gordon Ramsey/Bob Geldof 'love in' but, I guess, that reflects the passion of a man who brutally savages and then incinerates the family courts and his own critics as they set to bring him and Fathers 4 Justice down.

I can't imagine it will endear him to any of his critics who are complaining it's a book all about Matt O'Connor. Well there is a bit of clue in the name on the book for those that can read - and if you can't, don't buy it or just look at the pretty pictures

As much as O'Connor was a very unlikely champion for this cause, nobody else has shown the same talent and determination to get people talking about this issue whether through protest, TV interviews, press, books, films whatever. In fact the book is the best advertisement your campaign could have.

Clearly this is annoying some people as much as it makes the rest of us laugh given the irony of it all!

What redeems him is his love for his children, his family and their support for him through thick and thin. O'Connor will doubtless revel in the controversy - both good and bad - this book causes but it's his story and as the Times & Will Self say, one that he tells with a refreshing honesty, emotion and aplomb.
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on 5 September 2007
Why, why why, isn't this guy making more waves and headlines? As somebody who, I'll admit, has helped police F4J events in the past but always been ambivalent about the men in tights, this book is a revelation. Sure, O'Connor can talk the talk, but here he manages to blend an hysterically funny read with personal tragedy to stunning effect. I just don't understand who could argue with what he is saying or doing? He spills his guts out without hesitation, puts his hands up to his mistakes but triumphs over adversity with a single-minded dogged determination that nearly saw him lifted a couple of years ago but for his PR campaign which saved his bacon. The authorities will hate him for this book and it's clear other people hold some bizarre grudge against him but what do people expect? Jesus Christ? The best bit in the book for me was the final chapter where he talks to his kids about why he does what he does. Hats off to him and I think most other officers will think the same.
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on 6 September 2007
After reading O'Connor's autobiography, it is easy to see why at its peak the Fathers Movement flourished and caused an international press sensation. Using humor as a way of getting his group's stunts and hence the campaign to the front pages, he popularised a new style of campaigning. Although the response of the press, public and police might not always have been positive, it would still seem that O'Connor achieved what he set out to do - to bring this important but unacknowledged issue into the public consciousness. The fact that this book has been published is proof alone.

His writing style is both intelligent, crass, un-PC, arrogant, humble, humorous, emotional, all at the same time - as he says; "All human life is there". Describing the campaign group he started as containing "Animal, Vegetable & Criminal" it is an enlightening account of the law, issues and the real people facing & dealing family breakdown. There are many interesting and frightening facts, its worth checking out the Appendix too, for useful tips and facts

If he is in life, anything like he is on paper then he's a crafty charismatic charmer with a very cheesy sense of humor. While being eager to point out his faults and failings, and admitting failing to overcome them, it would appear Fathers 4 Justice became O'Connor's panacea. A bit like Marmite, you'll find yourself either loving or loathing him, or both at the same time, as he reveals the extremes of his personality that lead the group to become so high profile

I'd definitely recommend this book for both its humor, easy readability and also because its an issue that affects us all.
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on 9 September 2007
I have just read Fathers 4 Justice The Inside Story after hearing Matt O'Connor on George Galloway's show last weekend. O'Connor tells a highly personal and intimate story with honesty and great verve. The colour pictures of the protests are great, the story cracks along like a John Le Carre thriller and it's a real shame that a minority of bitter people want to rubbish what is to date, the definitive book on Fathers 4 Justice by the only person who could possibly have written it.

I like Matt O'Connor and tend to judge people by what they have done, rather than what people say about them. Matt, Mark Harris and their kind are pioneers in changing family law though quite why (O'Connor especially) put up with the criticism I don't know.

What a pity then that the traitors who rubbish their efforts might as well be working for HM government rather than the movement they profess to support. Grow up.
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