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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 8 June 2017
Only purchased because the name amused me :) but it really does have a few good recipes.
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on 12 June 2014
Bought it as a gift, but I've been told it's "perfect"!
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In one sense there is nothing original about many of the recipes contained in this book, and most of us will have one or more versions of many of the recipes cook books or family tradition: I am thinking here of things like lemon meringue pie, tarte tatin, flamiche or custard tart. There are though some brilliant recipes which are not commonplace and I find my self going back to the book time and time again.

Savoury tarts include a sweetcorn & spring onion tart with a polenta crust; courgette & basil tart; potato, garlic & parsley tourte. On the sweet side there is a scrumptious white chocolate tart with raspberries, butterscotch tart, almond cream tarts, a great Normandy apple tart, Seville orange & marmalade tart and pear & ginger tarte tatin.

Recipes are reliable and TDL will even countenance the use of shop bought pastry as long as it is an all butter version which may come as a bit of a surprise given her reputation for culinary dogmatism. I am not sure though that many would run to her particular choice of shop bought puff pastry which she sources from a supplier who charges £16 (in 2000) for a kilo but I doubt it makes much difference overall.
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on 9 July 2001
I can't believe I never discovered this book before! Like Nigella (of whom I am an absolute fan), Tamsin makes you want to rush into the kitchen and cook as many tarts, tortes and quiches as possible. Beautifully photographed, each recipe simply begs to be lovingly prepared and savoured. Pastry has never seemed so easy and Tamsin, like Nigella, makes you feel as if there are no culinary bounds. Her style of writing makes you feel as if she is there with you to enjoy the moment when the tart comes out of the oven, gloriously steaming hot and filling the kitchen with wonderful aroma. This is an excellent book, beautifully written, a dinner party must-have and I feel as if I've discovered a great gem. You simply must buy it!
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on 30 August 2010
This book certainly gets you in the mood for tarts, as a great tart lover myself I'm half revved up already. The prose is perhaps rather gushing and posh in its description of the tarts and various vignettes on each of them but it looks and reads very nicely, getting the juices flowing every time! There are some nice sounding little numbers in it. It's a bit like tart pornography.

i cook a large tart at least once a week and having used the book and others for a number of years though, I do conclude that too many of the recipes are flawed. The recipe for lemon tart contains enough filling for at least 2 tarts and states a cooking time and oven temperature that will barely warm the filling through (in fact even at a decent oven temperature the filling will not set, there are no egg whites in the mixture) The recipe for frangipane tart contains way too much flour and although the result looks amazing it is too dry and floury. The recipe for fig tarts fails to mention that the tart will be flooded with fig juices and go soggy.

Overall, it seems that a lot of effort went in to producing a great sounding book, but rather too little on recipes that work. I really wonder whether anyone ever tested them....not good enough for a book costing such a lot.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2004
This is a little book, not your usual cookery book size. Hence, everythinginside is that much smaller - but don’t let that put you off. Despite thesize, it is packed with some wonderful tarts and tartlets - sweet andsavoury.
I personally prefer the sweet section although the Monkfish Tart withBéarnaise and the Spinach and Anchovy Tart from the savoury chapter areparticularly noteworthy.
The sweet tarts are mouth-wateringly marvellous. I love the Lemon MeringuePie with just the right tangy sweetness, the Treacle Tart with awholemeal crust strikes the perfect balance of heavenly and healthy, theButterscotch Tart will leave your taste buds reeling and, my favourite,White Chocolate Tart with Raspberries is so lusciously divine.
Tamasin Day-Lewis advocates the use of all things organic. You shouldn’tworry if you can’t comply - the results are just as good - but make sureyou religiously follow her instructions on how to make the perfect crust.A good crisp crust makes all the difference.
My only complaint - the small font makes it difficult to read the recipeswhile in a hurry in the kitchen. But still, it’s a small price to pay forthe pleasure of these naughty tarts!
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on 18 June 2003
My family and I love enjoy quiches and tarts very much. They are so easy and practical, as you can make them ahead and reheat them. I usually made them using ready-made pastry, because my attempts at making my own were always a bit laboursome, it was always a bit difficult to roll the pastry and not to tear it, and somehow it was always a bit undercooked (maybe that was due to the fact that I used rice instead of baking beans, but now I have bought them). Those times are over! Now I can make perfect, crisp and tender pastry in seconds, using the food processor and the best part is that it rolls in a breeze! I don't know what was wrong with my method, but now that I have this recipe I don't even think of buying ready-made pastry anymore.
The recipes for the different fillings are wonderful, too. We have found great quiches that we love to have for dinner. You should absolutely try Spinach and Anchovy Tart it is delicious!
I haven't tried any of the sweet ones yet, but I am sure that they will be tasty too.
Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.
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on 10 July 2007
I am sure this is a fantastic book...but it is too tiny for me to comfortably read. Oh Tamsin.....why did you not make this book big and beautiful with yummy pictures?
I love your programmes...( even though I am a veggie)...and I especially delight in watching you cook in your old kitchen...(much more interesting and comfy then the new one)....
If you are under fifty years old with great eyesight..then I recommend this book thoroughly..........Linda
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on 15 October 2002
This collection of recipes that covers classics old and new as well as a host of new ideas is absolutely indispensable. I never realised how flexible "the tart" was until I started cooking my way through this terrific collection. Every recipe is tasty, interesting and well-described in clear prose, whether it's the everyday rustic numbers or the high end dinner party food that are included in this great little book, which I guarantee will become a favourite.
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on 14 May 2007
I recently bought a Kenwood Patissier and thought this book would be a good place to make a start in the world of pastry, and what a lucky discovery it was. I have only had it 2 weeks but so far I have made the Smoked Haddock and Watercress tart - utterly heavenly, the Cherry and Almond tart - yummy and great looking, and the treacle tart which had my guests asking for 3rd helpings which I take to be the sign of a very good recipe. I was a complete novice at pastry before opening this book and the clear instructions have proved very easy to follow.

I would recommend this book to anyone whether they are a novice or a practiced cook, it combines the classics with new and unusual tarts to tempt your palette, it is also small enough to fit in your handbag when you pop to the shops to buy the ingredients (I'm somewhat forgetful).
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