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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Function of the Orgasm (Condor Books) (Condor Books)
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on 31 October 2013
An absolute masterpiece! Describes Reich's discoveries on Biology and Biophysics related to human current functioning and it's ideal functioning in order to reach a really healthy and fulfilling life.
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on 27 May 2017
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on 3 May 2011
Dr Wilhelm Reich was probably one of the most intrepid, inspired and revolutionary natural scientists of the modern, if not any age; whose discoveries should be helping mankind on an enormous scale, but which amazingly never appear to have been permitted to. If you read this book, and then its companion volume 'The Cancer Biopathy' and continue reading more of this brilliant man's prodigious output you will probably come to the same conclusion. This book changed my life and the way I look at the world in a very good way. Recommended for everyone who keeps scratching their heads in astonishment at the follies of the human race and asking: 'Why?'.
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on 20 September 2004
You know the bit in the Bible where John the Baptist says he is not fit to untie Jesus's shoes? Well, that is how I feel about Wilhelm Reich. After all my reading in psychology and religion I have NEVER read a book that has so opened my eyes, nor filled me with such a thrill as this one.
And here's the problem you see. If I give you the bare bones of what he says you'll read it and might easily miss it, all at the same time. That's because nearly 50 years after the culmination of his work SO MUCH of what he discovered and so much of the ground he broke has become taken for granted. That the sexual function is critical to our good functioning, that we can access trauma from our past and resolve it through the breaking down of our physical "armour", that there is a complete unity to body, emotions, mind and spirit and that there is a real life-energy that he called "orgone" but which others call Chi or Prana or whatever. All of this has been taken into the periphery of our culture, if not the mainstream, and affected our whole way of thinking. But, when you read the case studies of the application of all this, as you will in this book, your mind will be blown; if it isn't, only one of two things can have happened either (i) you didn't believe it or (ii) you have not understood what is being said.
When Reich talks about man's every religious and artistic longing to be the deep desire to regain the wholeness that comes from breaking down the armour and restoring the natural functioning of the organsism he is explaining an amazing and verifiable world view that in effect means that we are all expressions of the life energy, the orgone. If you buy the proofs you find in this book, and moreover in therapy, you buy a new view on the world.
Now I cannot finish this without saying that you will run into chunks of Reich's work here that will make you twang if not undergo a full-blown gritch. If you have an education then when he gets on about the bions, for example, you are going to choke and you may be tempted at that point to do what a lot of people who read Reich do, which is to grab tightly hold of the rim and with white knuckles and the vein on the side of your neck bulging in anger, throw out the baby with the bathwater - but don't. You are being shown here an amazing pathway; get sidetracked by a gorse bush and you may miss the most important thing you will ever know.
Please take the time and the not inconsiderable effort to read this book. If there were 6 stars I'd want to give it 7.
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on 9 October 2008
This is a book that will challenge your preconceived ideas on sex and sexuality. A taboo, that many people vigourously hold on to and unknowingly allow to hold themselves back in life, love, health and happiness.
This book is not perverse or smutty or pornographic as some might imagine from the title of the book and it's subject matter, but a serious, wholesome, clinical look at an all important phenomena of life and love that most people are too afraid to acknowledge or discuss.
The language reflects the period in which it was written (1920s-40s) and there is a lot of scientific jargon and historical background which may put off some readers, but stick to it through to the end and absorb the principles laid down with an open mind and hopefully, Wilhelm Reich would have helped another reader cast aside their fear of their own sexuality and capacity for love.
If you have, or are ready to have, a more mature and serious outlook on sex (not the whimsical brand of sex, peddled by marketing execs and mass media), then I would highly recommend this book to you.
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on 5 March 2012
This is an amazing book to reach us before we make any mistakes...we are in love...and we think all will be resolved by being in a partnership. Stop right there! We are only happy when we are in a relationship which can truly fulfil us. We have fundamental needs and this book highlights us into realising that our needs are met with being who we truly are. If we love someone, they love us back. If they love us conditionally, then they do not love us back...we can only be ourselves, truly, when we can say " I am truly home " and it is then that we can really say we are at ease with truly being ourselves. This amazing book says just that. If you read this book, then you can go ahead and have a happy relationship...otherwise you will always be searching! The reality is we need to have a truly sensual relationship which satisfies us in every way.
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on 14 July 2002
I found this book quite hard to read but very rewarding at the same time, the language used needs some getting used to, but the rewards for such labour are unlimited. Reich begins by talking the reader through the development of some of the topics discussed in the book, the case studies are particualarly interesting and somewhat amusing (surprisingly), but i guess that may not be the case for all readers.
I imaging that this book would only appeal to those who already have some knowledge about Reich, otherwise you may find yourself up the creek without a paddle. so to speak, enjoy!
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on 18 October 2014
Fast & efficient service. Product as described. Would use again! :-)
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on 6 December 2014
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