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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 2 April 2016
There is loads of useful information in here and if you understand it all and put it into practice I am sure you would stand an excellent chance of recovering from your depression! I have found some it very useful and made it part of my recovery plan, and the author obviously knows what he is talking about, both as a sufferer and a doctor and therapist.

However there are two things about it I found it hard to get past. One is how dense it is and lots of theory about things which might be fine if you have got a PhD but are a struggle for other people. The other thing is that while in some places this book sounds quite sympathetic, in others the tone of it when describing depressed people's habits sounds quite bullying to me. In the end this has just put me off using this book as much as I might, because (as the author says!) depressed people need understanding. Not to feel any more pushed and criticised than they already do, because they are doing it to themselves.

Perhaps I'm being oversensitive because I'm depressed but this is how it comes across to me, and it is not helpful. Perhaps if the book gets revised again he can tone it down a bit!
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on 9 July 2017
Good, thanks.
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on 5 April 2017
A very interesting read giving a real insight into depression.
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on 9 August 1999
Immediately after visiting the Undoing Depression website I purchased a copy. My comments about Mr. O'Conner's masterpiece: FINALLY a book written in plain, understandable English!!Finally, somebody takes away the stigma of depression and says recovery IS possible. Finally a book compassionately written about how to recover from depression - FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS. His profile of a depressive is right on the mark, and the steps he outlines as the road to recovery are understandable and attainable
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on 8 February 1999
I have been diagnosed with dysthymia. I was taking medication, but just stopped out of the blue. I felt very alone. The only discusssion or dialog between my prescribing psychiatrist and I, were about side affects of the drug. Although medication made me feel better, I really needed something more. I needed to understand that I'm not alone, to know that intelligent, seemingly normal people are affected by depression. We walk around everyday with the mask of happiness and normalacy, but feel differently inside. Thanks for bringing light to this area. It is comforting to hear of other successful people who are plagued with depression, but in spite of this setback do lead normal lives and make contributions to society.
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on 24 May 2007
I suffer from Bipolar. Before I was diagnosed (having spent from age 14 to 41 being treated on and off for ordinary depression) I was very confused about depression and its causes. It was this book that started me thinking that there was something else wrong with me other than circumstancial depression. Very informative, with lots of case studies. A good book if you want to broaden your knowledge of depression. It also teaches you new life skills to make living with depression easier and to put you more in control. I felt empowered and optimistic having read this book.
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on 9 May 1999
This book will be helpful for everybody suffering from depression. Certain passages let the reader identify with his situation and therefore he's provided with a glimpse of hope. Another book that I absolutely highly recommend and which is very helpful and effective is Dietmar Scherf's "I Love Me: Avoiding and Overcoming Depression" also available at Amazon.
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on 17 September 1998
I always wondered why everyone else was having more fun than I was. Then I was diagnosed with clinical depression. After medication and therapy I began to understand why I was not happy even though I didn't have a terrible lot in life. When my sister found Dr. O'Connor's undoingdepression web site listing a local appearance, we attended. He was so caring and informative and makes so much sense. The fact that it worked for him and it shows in his manner and his words is constantly reassuring. Even if you've read them all, this book has something valuable to give you.
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on 30 December 1998
Because of the engaging, highly readable, compassionate writing style, I was able to keep reading even when "the truth hurt." This turned out to be one of the best presents I have ever received, even though it came as a surprise. So I'm thanking jojo in Framingham for her insight and her kindness in reaching out to me.
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on 6 June 2009
This is not a lightweight book. Someone said it's a bit like a medical journal and they couldn't relate to the case studies (some of which are of lifetime depressives with lot's of suicide attempts etc)I can understand those comments and for that reviewer or those who've suddenly found themselves depressed for the first time ,I'd recommend "Depression: the curse of the strong" by Tim Cantopher.
This is very much targeted at those who've struggled with depression all their lives.It's especially good for those who may not even recognise it, but have just accommodated it in their life and think "this is who I am, this is the way things are".People who are "good at depression" and need to learn they can be "good at being happy" There are so many people who bear up under this ongoing depression, often very successfully but more often than not the weight gets heavier and their ability to carry it declines as time goes on and life throws inevitable banana skins in their path.
I found myself in that situation...suddenly finding that what I thought were lifelong essential characteristics of "me" (workoholism, anger, grumpiness, disappointment, anxiety, unwillingness to think about the future)suddenly became triggered into something catastrophically overwhelming. My "personality" was suddenly an "illness" needing bed rest, doctors, pills, hospitals etc! Pretty bloody frightening. This book helped me navigate that. I needed to UNDERSTAND in order to start doing something to help and this book gave me that basic navigation . Plus in doing so I was relieved to find out that millions of people had similar experiences and this was not just a "me thing".
The main messages are very hopeful: you were not just "born that way" and are not destined to suffer. You CAN change the situation, you can engage with and enjoy life and tap into all kinds of positive aspects of yourself that maybe you've neglected to cultivate. It takes effort and patience but the effort will certainly transform your life and could save it!
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