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on 20 May 2017
Simple communication with no jargon, communicated in a friendly and accessible manner. Some job books assume you have years of business experience, but this one doesn't - it instead helps you to find what makes you distinctive, to identify your strengths and how to utilise them through all available approaches at job hunting.

Lees doesn't waste time on writing about things that we don't need to know about, but rather includes a lot of useful information and tips on things that are actually useful. Lees shows the reader that the alternative ways of job searching (other than targeting advertised vacancies) are not as scary as they seem! Networking is broken down into level 1, 2 and 3 conversations and Lees shows the reader in a down to earth manner, how to approach people, how to show your worth and how not to sound like an idiot in the process. Also included are chapters on the best way to write CVs, cover letters and the best approaches for speculative letters or conversations. 'Just the Job!' has helped me to rewrite the profile in my CV - which until this book (not the first I've used to help me write my CV) I didn't realise it could do with even more tweaking - but it certainly sounds much more impressive now than it did.

This author has written several other books on job searching, and I plan to try to read a few of them as I am a fan of the supportive language and encouragement used throughout the book.
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Searching for work is often a far more difficult task than we imagine. I am currently undertaking a work search and have been very grateful for the help provided by several of John Lees' books.

John has a methodical approach which is similar to developing and executing a development plan for a small business:
* Plan
* Review your experience
* Develop your concept of the services you offer
* Undertake low key contacts
* Undertake more critical contacts and respond to job adverts
* Perform well at interviews

His writing is encouraging and empathetic and also firm - in effect saying "You can find a job, each step is not hard. Don't be put off by networking - think of it as talking to friends and to friends of friends. But you do need to talk to these friends and their friends - it's the best way."

My initial approach in my own job hunt was just that warned against by John as the instinctive reaction of the suddenly jobless: applying for all possible advertised positions and rushing to contact as many people as possible. I do wish I had read this book first.

For one position I have had three interviews and as I have read more of this book, John's "The Interview Expert" and other material, my understanding of the services I am able to offer and my interview technique have greatly improved from the first to the third interview.

Being out of work can leave anyone poor and depressed and we need to be able to conduct a competent job hunt. John's book is an excellent help.

I have also found works by Peggy McKee and Martin Yate to be very useful.
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on 11 January 2014
Johns Lees' book is a very practical, step by step guide of how to get a new job, develop a career or change sector quickly.

* It's written in an informal style as if he coaching you.
* The chapters progress how you should progress.
* He uses charts and checklists throughout, making it very easy to read and refer back.
* Focuses on networking as a tool to the hidden job market but de-mystifies it.
* Guides you through how to network increasing your confidence using a system Levels, 1, 2 and 3 conversations. This is worth the price of the book alone.
*How to speak to recruitment agencies.

It's cheap, just get the book. Especially if you want to change career - I'm moving from finance into marketing/advertising. I recommend this to everyone I know.
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on 21 June 2013
This book is a "down to earth", factual and true reflection of the workplace in the 21st century. How to do the paper work it takes to get a job as well as using the digital age to help you get there faster and efficiently. Follow the steps and I believe anyone can get a job in any marketplace!! It is inspirational, motivational and get's you reviewing how you live your whole life not just when you're job seeking!!! A great read!
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on 10 July 2013
Finding a new job, never mind the perfect job, in today's challenging environment can be a pretty daunting affair. If you're looking for your first job after school or university, because you need a new challenge or redundancy has forced the situation upon you, John Lees offers practical and contemporary advice that actually works. His accessible and informative style and insightful content will definitely help anyone to create a smart strategy from the outset, avoid common pitfalls and find out how to market themselves effectively to both recruiters and employers. As founder and editor of the careers advice websites newlifenetwork.co.uk and mygraduatecareer.com, I know only too well how much solid advice like this can help. Well worth the cover price.
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on 7 June 2013
As a career coach I read a good deal of career books. I'm all too aware of how the job market has changed in recent years and many of those books I read seem to be written for a time when formulaic approaches to finding jobs might have actually worked. Just The Job is bang up to date and from page one talks about how individuals need to engage in a different way if they are serious about getting results. The book exudes the energy, drive, challenge and pace that job seekers need to adopt in order to build success. Highly recommended!
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on 7 June 2013
This is exactly the book I wanted to write, only better!

Well done John, really vital advice for job seekers. In your words, job seeking now is about looking at angles, not numbers, and this book helps people get into the right position to create and then seize opportunities. I will recommend it to everyone on Second Careers outplacement and career coaching programmes.
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on 18 July 2013
Just the Job is a practical guide to finding the right job rather than just a job. It provides an insight into how to plan and structure a successful job search strategy and how to stand out in a crowd when seeking the right new job.
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on 9 August 2015
Impressed with the fast delivery of this product. I bought this product because I rate books by John Lees and I would recommend this one too. I prefer the book to the kindle version as you have the option of doing the exercises. I've found job hunting advice from John Lees to be very helpful.
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on 13 November 2014
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