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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2017
I read it and it was Ok - would have liked more personal stories and examples/Tips.
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on 10 April 2017
Brought for a friend's tetirement. Found it very useful.
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on 7 September 2010
Who'd have thought that a book on such a boring yet important subject would be a pleasure to read? Dr Peeling's style is humorous, self-deprecating but blisteringly well informed. The sections on financial management and health have the feel of expert contributions and the brilliant tips, scattered throughout, are worth a look. What I liked most was that Dr Peeling has just been through the process himself. While he does claim to have interviewed hundreds of retired individuals and couples his personal experience shines through. This is not just a book that talks the talk - he's got the tee-shirt.
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on 28 February 2015
I think the sweeping and, it's fair to say, largely unforeseen, changes in financial legislation regarding pensions and retirement announced last year have made all previously published retirement planning books pretty much obsolete on the shelf. Well, certainly as far as the monetary advice part goes. Since the changes scheduled to roll out in the next tax year are, at best, still several shades of grey areas and, at time of writing, totally untried it'd take a brave person to offer detailed pension advice and an even braver person to take that advice. What's Pension Wise? How's it going to work? Does anyone really know? And that's without an election, prospective changes in government, legislation reviews / changes / rollbacks / more reviews etc to further confuse the future.

Since `money matters' takes up about a quarter of Nic Peeling's Brilliant Retirement the other three quarters would have to be brilliantly brilliant to warrant enthusiastic recommendation. So is it? Well, frankly - no. Not in my view at least. If you're a conscientious person considering imminent to nearish retirement I'd be pretty surprised if you hadn't already thought seriously about most of the subject matter covered here for yourself. If you find advice like `don't be slave to routine', `make a will' etc a helpful revelation then you might well find this book's various lists, headings and examples useful. (This assumes you find the author's frequent recommendations of his other publications less of a mental roadblock than I did ). If, however, you're looking for discussions about choices, reasoned pros and cons of different courses of action and illustrative case studies then I think you'll be disappointed. If you're still quite some time away from retirement then perhaps just keep saving and wait for things to become clearer.

So, all in all, now is not the right time to buy a book about Retirement planning. And even if it were, this isn't the right book to buy.
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This book by Dr Nic Peeling could so easily have turned out to be a collection of statistics as it is written as the result of research amongst hundreds of retirees. Dr Peeling himself is a recent retiree.

The book covers the usual facets of retirement, health, mental wellbeing, relationships and finance etc. It is well written plus clear and concise with a touch of wry humour. The credibility of the information is enhanced by the fact that it is based on research amongst retirees plus input from specialist contributors in the field of finance etc. Additionally, the presentation is much more lighthearted (but still very relevant) compared to other books of this type with lots of highlighted tips, although arguably some of these are a bit obvious. I felt I got lots of useful advice on wellbeing and ideas for things to pursue in particular.

Having recently retired myself I have found this book extremely useful and believe I will gain more from it in the future. I have also bought copies for a number of friends who are entering retirement themselves. Recommended.
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on 19 February 2014
Every so often the frustrations of modern working life get too much for me. I arrive home and all I can think of is getting out of it, putting my feet up and retiring. Then the next morning reality slips in and I realise there can be no way I can afford it. So off back to work I go.

However, there is a way out and this book is the key to the lock. Dr Peeling will guide you through all those complexities of life which you ignored when you were younger, but which are essential if you are going to enjoy life after work. Not only is his advice readable (unlike all those documents about pensions that finance companies send you), but it is also enjoyable because he fills it with humour and anecdotes.

So if like me you want to retire before you get "old", pick up a copy, give it a read and make a few plans. Then afterwards nip down to Lidl and browse the wine shelves for some bargains, because you'll still need a tonic at the end of the working week!
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on 18 October 2011
Looking after your health, your finances, making friends, maintaining hobbies or starting new ones, mentally 'finishing' work are all pretty basic and appear to be obvious things to think about but many people simply do not have the time to look ahead. Too busy with work, perhaps! If you recognise yourself in the last sentence, this book will be perfect for you.

I can recommend this well written, easy to understand book as common sense advice, dispelling any fears you might have about retirement being daunting. Do not be intimidated by making the decision to unleash yourself from the shackles of employment! Prepare, plan, and you will have a brilliant retirement.

I can't wait!
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on 16 May 2012
A very useful reference for those approaching retirement. Although this subject could be as dry as dust, the author manages to make it an amusing, easy read with a myriad of helpful, down-to-earth tips. It is full of that rare commodity nowadays, good common sense. Highly recommended.
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on 12 November 2013
Even if you are several years away from retirement this is a book for you. It is also for you if you have already retired. Full of practical advice and written with a great sense of humour, Dr Peeling covers all you need to know about having a brilliant retirement.
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on 30 June 2016
A very reasonable attempt at trying to open the eyes of mainly men (?) to the reality of retirement in order that they might at least think about the possibility, in their 40s (not actually when I think the author began thinking about his retirement). Clearly written by a man (it's quite 1-dimensional) but, for me, given that the author is a doctor (of whatever) he omits the fact-based evidence hat would bring some of his many examples to life.
It appears the individual may also not have been retired very long when he wrote this book but, for me, the main problem readers of this book will face, is that it is now very dated (2010?). Lots of financial and tax facts are VERY out-of-date and if thee is one thing that Dr Peeling could do to enhance the value of this book, it would be to revisit and update lots of aspects which will be different today, in 2016. If he did this then he could also update his views on his thoughts on his own retirement, 6 years later - invaluable. Finally, note that his views on financial products are his own and should not be relied upon - it might however be interesting to see what he thinks today of his understanding of the various products he cited and how they have performed for him.
Not a bad book to start with, but keep reading and asking questions.
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