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on 16 January 2008
The best book for parents and grandparents of all ages!

I found this book by chance and I am really pleased that I did! Here is a book which doesn't patronise, yet is very clear in its treatment of the subject. This is not a book which tells you how to ease colic or to deal with sleepless nights, but a book to help children grow into well-rounded adults. How many parents would have welcomed such a book over the years? Templar is able to get his views across in a down-to-earth humorous manner, in easily manageable sections. I have shown it to many people and the response has been amazing, so much so that I have just ordered four more copies to pass on to people who expressed interest. A wonderful gift for new parents.
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on 1 September 2009
The job of being a parent is of such difficulty and novelty that when we have our first child all we ask for is a manual. First, one for the baby, then for the toddler, the child, the teenager, and beyond... This book is definitely on the right track and it is a considerable effort by an author who has already given us other similarly titled books on other subjects, such as work and being a (good) manager.
This book is very, very, very good. It consists on 100 rules that parents should (if they agree) follow in order to have better relationships with their children. Most of the rules are easy to understand (having been briefly but convincingly explained by the author always in less than two pages each). Of those, most are simple to enact. Hopefully, the results will be easy to see.
I have some qualms with this book though. The main one is that most rules are actually too obvious - or at least to me. Reading through it I couldn't stop thinking 'I could have written that'. Some rules are not so obvious, though, hence my four-star rating.
On the other hand, I also heartily disagree with a few of the rules. For example, the author explains that, and I'm quoting loosely, 'it's more important [for parents] to agree [on what to say to their children when being requested for something] than whatever is being agreed on'. I'm afraid I can't agree with this, as it may lead to profound injustices as seen from the perspective of a child. My alternative is that if both parents agree on something that turns out to be wrong, they should instead recognise the mistake, apologise to their child/ren and fix it. In fact, there's another rule that says it's okay for parents to apologise. I definitely agree with that one. So it's not just important for parents to agree, but mostly to agree on the right things.
Also, given the way that the book is structured in sections with a fixed number of rules each, it led to some imperfections such as some rules that seem to be repeated in slightly different terms elsewhere, rules that overlap other, etc. Those small things should be fixed but are perfectly forgivable.
One thing that this book is one hundred percent on the mark is that it doesn't lecture you on the specifics of WHAT to do or WHAT NOT not to do, but actually on HOW to do or HOW NOT to do things. This is of crucial importance, otherwise you'd end up disagreeing with a lot more and wouldn't take the rules seriously at all. For example, imagine that the author is in favour of a religious education but you aren't - or vice-versa. Would you continue reading the book after an advice in this area?
All in all, this is an excellent, solid book. Even if it isn't perfect, or if you don't agree with any of the rules, it does makes you think and evaluate what you have been doing or what you shall be doing when such a situation arises.
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on 7 February 2009
I bought this for my partner who is raising his 3 kids alone
and he thinks it is the best parenting book he has ever read.
The chapter are short and so easy to read.
Also you do not have to read it all, you can just pick up what you
are interested in.
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on 1 February 2009
I enjoyed reading this book, it is simple and easy to 'dip into. For a hippy type who apparently wrote it, the book was suprisingly mature and full of common sense. There isnt a great deal for parents of grown children....just the last chapter in the book -I would have preferred more as issues are not automatically resolved just because your child is grown. never the less, well worth the money and an interesting manual especially if you dont have much time for ideas and solutions.
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on 7 February 2009
This book gives very sensible advice on parenting. It makes it clear that even the best parents are going to get things wrong occasionally and you have to have a sense of proportion and not be toohard on yourselves. The advice is aimed at making you realise that children are separate people and won't be exactly as you would like them to be. Sometimes you have to let them learn from their own mistakes. It covers teenagers too.
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on 12 January 2009
I have five children, and I made up the parenting rules as I go along. Of course, when I wanted to write a chapter on parenting in my book, Live Patanjali! Yoga Wisdom for Everyday Living: 1, I scrabbled around looking for books on parenting.

Templar's book is lovely. It doesn't tell you the mechanics of parenting, but what it is is a book that reassures you with the voice of reason. 99% of the book is common-sense, but we all need reminding sometimes, especially when we are wrapped up in our own drama. You might not agree with all the rules, but hey, it is always good to have someone gently putting another way across to you!
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on 26 August 2011
I highly recommend this book to every parent. It is a concise and easy to follow book. It has very short chapters which are to the point. You can turn to any relevant chapter without having to read through the whole book. Every parent should have one. It guides you through from birth to teenager and how to handle those sticky situations. A very good read. A+++ from me.
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on 16 March 2013
I didn't read it myself, as bought it as a gift for a friend who is straggling with 2 little ones. I did have a scan though, noticed some good chapters. Some parents (especially mothers) might find it quite liberating (to find for example that the world won't end if the house won't be cleaned for a day...) Worth reading I think.
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on 10 June 2014
Great book. I worked in childcare for 9 years and was the assistant manager of a Nursery ranked OUTSTANDING by the government watchdog OFSTED. All i can say about this book is not only did i learn some new stuff but it's spot on in so many chapters.

Great Book, Great Book, Great Book!
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on 29 December 2012
Very good tips and rules. Worth the read and a book you can jump into if your having difficult time with your children. Variety of advice through different stages of your child life including school an teenage years.
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