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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2007
In a word, engaging. Aside from the highly relevant, versatile and practical aspects of this book, it is worth buying for the style of writing alone! I couldn't put the book down on holiday, and had only intended to 'scan read' it as there are so many things I need to be knowledgeable on in my game.

I have formerly been in management roles as well as my current role in designing training & development interventions, so I am constantly on the look out for tools that are creative yet can be applied quickly and seamlessly to routine activities (meetings, workshops, etc.)to make them more engaging, relevant and fun. This book fits the bill. Nikki Highmore Sims has in my view the rare combination of being able to combine context and relevance with easy-to-apply tools and techniques that are solid, viable and flexible to a range of situations to get desired results. As an added bonus, it's not heavy going and her references to scenarios prove that she isn't a text book junkie and lives in the real world. Plus I had several laugh-out-loud moments! Thanks for a thoroughly refreshing and practical take on such a crucial subject - long overdue.
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on 30 November 2006
Soon to start a work placement with a company abroad, I have been asked to design and deliver training sessions in various aspects of communication. Years ago, I completed a basic teacher-training qualification, so I really needed to build on this. How to Run a Great Workshop by Nikki Highmore Sims book has proved to be an excellent resource. It is easy to follow and structured very well.

I have a lot of preparation work to do, but this book has certainly increased my confidence about the task ahead. It uses and recommends many interactive teaching methods. At first you might read about these and think 'nonsense'. However, they do challenge traditional methods such as Powerpoint lectures. And rightly so. The point with learning is that people you teach recall what you have trained them in. If they forget it as soon as they leave the room, what's the point!? This book has opened my mind to the creative possibilities with teaching.

The book suggests many activities and tasks that will encourage people you are teaching to not only have a greater understanding, but greater long-term recall of the subject/task/activity that you are delivering.

They say nothing is learned until it is experienced. So, it makes sense that learning should become a more enjoyable experience. This book is a great starting point for anyone wanting to construct training sessions. It covers learning theory, but in a colourful and easy-to-digest way.
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on 13 August 2007
This book will now be my bible! I am an experienced trainer and coach and always looking for fresh ideas and material for workshops. I LOVE this book. The style is warm and engaging, the format is very user friendly and the content is well organised. But above all it's absolutely packed full of juicy practical ideas - ideas that really inspire! This is a "How to.." book with bells on!!
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on 18 May 2007
As an experienced Workshop Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and Trainer I have found this book 'How to Run a Great Workshop' the most inspiring, consisely packed, informative and practical guide I have ever read. I love the step by step layout it makes it so easy to just dip into for ideas and great tips.

Eileen Woodfield
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on 15 August 2008
I am about to embark on a new journey that will involve workshops and having my previous experience of running workshops I was very panicky. Would I be able to deliver the workshops? Would I know enough warm ups/ice breakers etc? And loads of other questions zipped through my mind!

Lucky for me I bought this book and once it arrived it took me 2 days to read it through. This is a book I can safely recommend to anyone needing guidance in creating workshops. Never in a million years would I have thought about using playdoh and board games as tools but this book explains why activities shouldn't just be plain powerpoint slides you can safely shake things up without losing the essence of the workshop.

I have heaps of ideas I cannot wait to try. This book is a vital piece of instrument and is written in a really clear format.

Nikki has even included information on how to apply alot of what you learn to common meetings too so as I say this book is well worth every penny!

Go buy it-I doubt highly you will regret it.
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on 5 November 2011
This is a superb book, absolutely full of useful information, hints, tips, advice, and every other thing you will need to run a successful workshop etc. I have presented many times but was looking for inspriration for some new workshops I'm designing and have found a plethora of new ideas in this book. I will be presenting to driving instructors techniques they can use to eliminate test day nerves for their pupils, and also different teaching methods to help pupils to learn more easily...what better way to run a workshop than to use these self same techniques with the delegates themselves so they can fully understand and integrate the techniques. If you're already familiar with NLP then lots of the information in the book will already make sense to you. If you've never heard of NLP then you will be discovering some superb exercises that have their basis in NLP, and you will begin to grasp the amazing potential the these techniques bestow.

Not only does the book give some great ideas, but also helps you to ascertain your own preferred style and learn how to work with this to your advantage, so you are totally in your own comfort zone.

I can't recommend this highly enough.

Diane Hall, DSA(ADI), TFT-Alg.
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on 2 February 2010
I have been running training courses and giving talks for twenty years. Since before PowerPoint. When it came in, I, along with everyone else, started using it and never looked back. Until I bought this fantastic book.

Following Nikki Highmore Sims's advice I ditched the laptop and the PowerPoint and did some lo-tech hand-drawn flipcharts. I also switched, consciously, from a lecturing "expert" style to a facilitative style. I created some simple but effective 3-D props and just tried out my new-style workshop last week. The delegates loved it and I loved it. Not being tied to the screen was a huge relief.

That's just part of why I loved this book. Sims writes in a down-to-earth style and gives lots and lots of practical examples. A gem.
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on 10 December 2006
I am a freelance coach and trainer and have been looking for a book to inspire and re-invigorate my approach to training. I have found the book I've been looking for in 'How to Run a Great Workshop'. The author utilises her knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming, language patterns, accelerated learning and Brain Gym and combines this into a cohesive whole. With the aid of this book I'm confident that not only can I run a great workshop but that I can also ensure that my workshop participants will meet the learning objectives, because the learning is of course the real outcome.

This book is not only full of great ideas but they are ideas that I can put into practice. I look forward to sowing the seeds and watching them take root and grow!
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on 13 April 2009
Nikki Highmore Sims writes with clarity and an enthusiasm for her subject which is infectious. Far from the dry, overly complicated "how to" manuals I've read before, this book is informative, entertaining, insightful and humourous and is written in plain English - Thank you
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on 17 October 2011
This book will truely change your life at work! It is amazing. The author gives you 'real' examples that have been tried and tested. I read this book before I had to deliver some training on a subject matter that I am very passionate about but I knew the groups I had to deliver to didn't feel the same way (great!). It helped me turn my training round to be more interactive and fun. In short it was a huge success. I even had one of the 'big bosses' turn up and he was very impressed.

No more boring training guaranteed.

I can't sing this book's praises enough, best buy of the year!

To the author, please write more...oh and a website/forum to share resources. Can't thank you enough.
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