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on 22 January 2003
This book probably won't actually teach you much about management - but what it WILL do is remind you how to put what you've discovered on the job or through training into practice, and how to think like a manager. It seems to be aimed at the nonspecialist or beginning manager, possibly with other non-managerial responsibilities - at least, I've found it almost perfectly suited to myself and and that describes my role!
I bought it about a year after I first had line-management responsibility and found (and still find) it a good quick reference and reminder on how to do most of the managerial things I find myself doing day-to-day.
You'll need your own company's procedures to hand, but Jay and her co-writers describe the basics of planning, finance, HR, team leading, project management, meetings, presentations, research, reports, personal effectiveness and some of the skills you'll need to do these tasks well.
The style is informal - perhaps a little too informal - but in general this is a well-organised book that helps you focus on what you should be thinking about and when.
The overall approach is very much on getting things done right, and fast. The book is divided into 19 sections each dealing with one common managerial task or function; the sections start by discussing your objectives and then introduce tactics and techniques that help you achieve them. A lot of bullet points, checklists and sidebars point out do's, dont's and potential pitfalls. The layout is consistent and easy to use - after having worked through one section you'll be comfortable with the rather disjointed style and by the time you've used a few you'll be very comfortable with the approach and using the structure to guide your own thinking.
Far from being a textbook (and probably not the sort of thing you'd read from cover to cover in one go), this is a book I find myself constantly dipping into whenever I need a a reminder on the best way to succeed in the managerial side of my job.
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on 11 June 2017
Good as I expected. Thankyou
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on 25 April 2001
This book has all the bits in that you should really already know as a manager, but you do not always seem to remember. What is more the book is well structured and it is possible to refresh your memory easily and quickly just when you need to. It is not a book that will give you any groundbreaking, breath-taking pearls of wisdom, however, what it will do is ensure that you do things the way they should be done. That is more than can be said about most managers I have meet.
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How often as a starting-out manager did you find yourself in a hole and needed to extricate yourself? And how many of the books on your shelf told you how to have avoided getting in the hole in the first place, but not how to get out of it there and then?

Fast Thinking Manager's Manual is really quite unique, because it breaks down its (very good) advice into what to do right now (with literally minutes to prepare), as well as what to do if you have a little more luxury of time, and how to avoid getting into the fix in the first place. It covers a wide variety of non-technical topics, especially about dealing with personnel and staff situations, and is the only book of its kind that I've ever found.

If you're lucky, you have an older mentoring-type manager to help you through the sudden situations. If you aren't, then get this book, which in many ways plays the same role. Or have both -- even your mentor has to take a holiday occasionally.
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on 22 October 2005
I came across this book a few years ago and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is practical,clear and lays out your options for how to tackle situations dependent on whether you only have an hour to do the task, a day, a week etc. When I was a new manager this got me out of many a hole and also enabled me to speak with authority on topics that I had little experience of. I have loaned my copy out to new managers in my organistation and almost all have bought their own copy. Practical, easy to read with definite plans as to how to resolve difficult issues. This book is no substitute for experience but it will help you make the most of your time and help you learn and reflect when things don't quite pan out. If you are a new manager and waiting for training or find it difficult to ask for or get help in practical tasks, buy this! It will help you sleep at night!
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on 27 October 2001
This book is definitely worth having on your bookeshelf; it is a compendium of useful information and guidelines, covering dozens of everyday management issues and situations. It's the kind of stuff every manager probably knows (or should), all compiled into one volume. The reason I only give it three stars, is that the writing stile continously reminds us of how pushed for time the reader is, with phrases such as 'Ok, don't panic...' 'Time is short now...' and 'You've left it to the last minute; now what?...' . This language in itself left me feeling slightly panicky and out of breath, rather than leaving the reader feeling calm and in control, which should be one of the outcomes of effective management.
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on 16 March 2001
This is it! Every management tool i will ever need in one highly entertaining and easy to read volume. I have already cleared my desk, prepared my budgets and conducted staff appraisals using the techniques in this manual - fantastic. my boss thinks I'm a genius. I love the style of writing - it makes business seem fun and easy and yet i am learning a great deal. this manual will revolutionise my working life. Thank you indeed.
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on 10 August 2011
This is why many managers get things wrong, having been passed this book by a colleague who was struggling to manage his team I can completely understand why he was struggling, this book gave advice on situations that did not apply to his team ie his team were silent, they were not sulking they were a very busy team that did not have time for constant and repetitive questiosn from there line manager who did not get involved. this book did have some good advice and helpful tips but be wary of how literally you use this.
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on 14 January 2014
the tone of the discussion is very colloquial, a bit more than I'd like it but generally a good book. I bought because I read another book from Richard Templar that was very interesting and to the point.
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on 27 December 2014
Good book, but a little bit dated
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