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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2015
The Siren envelops you in its world of dark, murky characters that are breathtakingly beautiful and enormously broken - all of them. Twisting and turning down one winding avenue after another, you're not sure where Nora will take you next but still, you can't help wanting to go on and read more.

Absorbed by the amazing words of Tiffany Reisz, I think I just about forgave every sin committed because the characters seem so real and are so realistically imperfect. Feeling for and then hating the direction a certain character takes from one page to the next is something you may have to come to terms with when reading this series. And not just one character will piss you off. Most might!

This is true erotica that might not even turn you on, but will surely horrify and attune the senses to a level of sensitivity you never knew existed before. You'll have your brain and your heart twisted and turned upside down while coming to terms with polarised factors such as debauchery and true, noble love. The Siren was not an easy read and is not a "quick fix" in any sense of the well-known phrase. Sometimes this book seemed a little too aware of itself, a little too confident in itself, so many literary and classical references thrown in that not all will love these books. But they are refreshingly literary for anyone seeking true erotica among the mountain of 2D stories flooding the market.

The Siren is real. Read it. I will be reading more of The Sinners!
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on 20 April 2017
Having struggled to find a book to reawaken my love of reading, I was recommended this book by Tiffany Reisz herself following a Twitter conversation. True to her word, this book utterly captivated me. Each and every word had me drawn to the next page. I felt almost guilty to be prying into the lives of the characters but at the same time I could not stop myself from turning the pages.

Within hours of purchasing The Siren, I was hooked, I did not put my Kindle down until each and every word was devoured.

I have already purchased the other 7 books in the Original Sinners series and I can not wait to lose myself into the wicked world of Nora Sutherlin.

Thank you Tiffany for reigniting my passion for reading x
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on 23 June 2013
Review: I downloaded this novel because I was reading it for a fabulous Twitter book group hosted by author Sophie Hart. I was expecting some full on erotica, maybe a little bit of bondage here and there but what I got was quite a serious story about self-discovery, personal relationship patterns, and also about writing a novel. Of course there was some sex and quite a few scenes set in a secret underground bondage club, but I found it to be more that what it says on the tin, so to speak!

The characters in the book were very interesting to me. We had our writer in residence, Nora, who turns out to be so much more than what she seems. She is a determined woman, and a woman who knows what she wants, but as the book develops, we find out that that there is definitely another side to her, and that side is what really inspires her writing. Her editor, Zach is the male lead in the book. He seems entirely bored with having to work with Nora and their interactions are really quite interesting. What I didn't like about Zach was that he seemed fairly weak-willed, and wasn't really sure what he wanted to be doing with his life.

My favourite character was Wesley. He was Nora's assistant and also studying. He is such a sweet person and yet does everything in his power to look after Nora and serve her properly. I would LOVE to read a spin off about what Wesley does next because he is most definitely the character that sticks in my mind most of all. I found the storyline fairly easy to follow, although it was slightly redo table. It seems to have quite a slow pace, and I did find myself skimming at times in order to get ahead in the book.

There is an interesting balance of action and dialogue in the book, or perhaps lack of. There are long screeds of description, followed by long periods of conversation. This made it easy for me, when I was not interested in what the characters had to say, to switch off and skim through this section, I preferred the descriptions, I thought the way these sections were written were lovely, and there were some really interesting comparisons made by the author.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but i personally wouldn't be rushing out to download the sequels. I think that if you enjoyed fifty shades, you would probably enjoy this novel. It was a fairly easy read, and because of the predictable nature of the outcome, it went quite quickly. It did have a nice balance of sex scenes and straight things and I think that this is important when looking for erotic FICTION in today's bookshelves.
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on 25 January 2013
I bought this book because I'm obsessed with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy..I loved but I wanted to know the Dom/Sub relationship..which lead to the BDSM novels and this book come up..really cheap..got it on my kindle & left it on my carousel for months..I read a few chapter & thought too deep left it..but I finally read it..it is definitely not a Romance novel..

I feel sorry for Welsey..poor kid ft it bad but Nora thinks that she only loves Soren..speaking of Soren I can't believe his "actual profession"..shock of my life..I thought maybe I was not reading the words on the page or should I say screen..yep..of all the things that never crossed my mind. Nora is really one lost woman..she really does hurt the men in her life and in turn hurt her..she s afraid to commit herself fully soo she runs away when it gets too deep..first Soren then Welsey. Zach to me is a distraction but she helps him heal and feels lost & jealous when she finally realises that Zach loves his wife..everyone around her are growing up and taking charge of what they need in life but she runs back to what she wants (Soren) than needs (Welsey) in her life.

look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy but not in an hurry..this book did challenge me..mainly in her writings of her Dom/Sub moments with Soren. this might be their love in their world but if people really do this then it's a F love with serious mental help needed.
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on 7 January 2013
OMFG! I've read it and I don't know if I want to laugh or cry. Emotionally this book will drag you with it whether you are willing or not. Its not the sex content which isn't as much as you'd think with an erotic label, but more the emotions and and the underlying human themes that go with it.

Yes she is a switch who has the most brutal man she loves without question but has now left to become a celebrated dominatrix in New York. Damn.....I knew there was a good reason I rejected doctrine the the whole men in frocks crap!

Yes she breaks Wes's heart but gives a whole huband back to Gracie after making him realise just where he had gone wrong. Read it, I dare you :-)
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on 10 September 2013
I was recommended this by a friend.

Unsure at first but kept reading, I found by the end I was really into it and looking forward the 2nd book. . This is not a romance but a heavy BDSM story.

Nora is a sub and also the best dominatrix in town, come erotic writer - what a women scary has hell!!
Wesley is Nora 19 year old virgin live in intern I I felt really sorry for Wesley in the end.
Zach is Nora new editor - god help him!!
Soren is the one and most terrifying dom in the underground - he frightens me and everyone else that meets him.
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on 9 December 2012
I really enjoyed this book. I'm not sure how I found it but I am very glad I did.

I found it so easy to read and I loved the characters. The first thing I did when I finished it was go on the hunt for and download the other 2 current books in the series.... They just seem to get better!

You really do need to have an open mind when you read this set of books.

Loved it and can't wait for the next installment!
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on 18 May 2017
Gift but no complaints so must be good
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on 7 June 2013
I got this book on kindle by mistake but gave it a go any way I loved it and since getting it have got the next two book and can not wait for the 4th
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on 29 June 2015
50 Shades ++
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