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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 November 2013
The magic of home contains 2 old Favourites from Nora Robert- Home for Christmas and Search for Love.
Home for Christmas the first book was my favourite of the two, it was fast paced, and filled with christmas spirit. Ten years had passed since Jason Law and Faith Kirkpatrick declared their love for each other; but when Jason left to make something of himself, to prove himself before coming back for Faith, little did he know that his leaving had put Faith in a difficult position. Acting for the best she marries another, leaving Jason bereft when he found out. However 10yrs later Jason is home for Christmas, what will happen when he find out that Faith is a divorced single mother, will he stay for good or will be over powered by wanderlust?
The second book the Search for Love, starts out slow paced but gradually picks up momentum towards the end. Serenity Smith was coming to terms with the recent loss of her loving parents in the little Georgetown home she had shared with them in Washington when she received a summons to visit a Country estate in Brittany belonging to her grandmother the Comtesse de Kellergen. Serenity did not know she had a grandmother, why did her parents never mention her and why the sudden summons from the Comtesse and who is this her grandson the current Count de Kellergen who appeared to dislike her on sight. Sit back for an interesting unravelling of family secrets and mysteries, amidst which cupids arrow strikes some unwilling victims. It was slow paced initially but picks up nicely, although I felt the Count was not my ideal Hero, as I found him arrogant, and unromantic.I felt he needed some refinement despite his aristocratic genes,and should have worked harder to earn the heroine. That having been said, it is a very well written and good story with a strong emotional and heartfelt lessons in love, forgiveness, self sacrifice and being unassuming. It will definitely bring a few tears to your eyes.
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This book contains two early Nora Roberts titles. As such, they are quick and easy romantic reads with very little depth. They were written for a specific market and can hardly be criticised for meeting the expectations of the readers who like this sort of story. I prefer my books with a bit more complexity and depth, but I am not adverse to a quick read of something easy such as this and I have enjoyed many similar titles by this author.

This pair of books, however, is a little too superficial for my taste.

The first story "Home for Christmas" is about Jason who returns to his first love ten years after he left her. She doesn't trust him and he is suspicious of her. There is a very cute girl, a dolls' hospital and plenty of snow. It is very predictable (even for a lightweight romance) and I found the cuteness and sentimentality a bit hard to cope with.

The second story is "Search for Love". This one is quite laughable in that it is set in France among minor French aristocracy and with Serenity Smith seeking answers about her family's past. It's really a sort of fairy-tale with the poor relation and the rich family, and also includes some secrets which are revealed. Everyone in this book is very two dimensional.

There are many volumes of paired Nora Roberts books. This is not one of her best as neither of these stories is particularly good. There are better out there.
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on 14 December 2013
Two stories in this novel. The first Is Home for Christmas and tells the tale of a man returning home to his native village for Christmas and seeing again the woman he fell in love with many years ago. Awakening memories he has to decide what he wants in life and if her feelings are mutual.
The second is Search for Love, this one is about a woman from Washington that after receiving a letter from her estranged Countess grandmother decides to visit and try to understand why her parents would not let her see her . While there she meets her "cousin" and sparks fly but are they ones of hate or love.
Not the best book this author has written but it was written sometime ago under the Harlequin label. From other reviews I have read it appears most people enjoyed this first story rather than the last. I have to be odd and it was the other way round for me. Light reading with not too much thinking involved.
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on 26 October 2011
Picked this up on a whim as i do like NR 'main' novels - i knew it was a Mills n Boon spin off and in my teens (20 years ago!) i loved Mills n Boons.

Nothing changes - - very very easy read, almost laugh out loud silly at times, but you know what -nothing wrong with that!

Enjoyable, fluffy and for a few hours takes you away into the perfect world of Mills N boons romances.
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on 14 October 2015
Enjoyed the first story although the ending felt rushed, but I have to say I found the second story impossible to read. The male protagonist just came across as arrogant and rude, and his sudden, seemingly random changes of heart were awkward and clunky and did not make me warm to him at all. I had to stop reading about half way through the story because some sections were just so difficult to read (He says he wants to take her horse riding, she tells him repeatedly she doesn't want to and he threatens to drag her by her hair if she doesn't, so she gives in and falls in love with him.)
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on 8 December 2012
I loved the first story but the second was a bit slow. I cannot put Nora Roberts books down. I have read so many I have to keep a list to know which ones I have read.
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on 25 December 2011
A really great book, two wonderful stories to lose yourself in over the Christmas period,as I did. Nora Roberts never fails to produce a really good story !!
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on 1 January 2016
Very disappointed with this book as it had a lot of pages missing. I read to page no 46 and the next
Page was no 95 ! The pages were not torn out - the book was bound without the 50 or so pages.
The book was published by Silhouette.
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on 9 August 2013
This is a wonderful book which you will want to read every Christmas. The stories are complete and remind you of the important things in life.
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on 21 January 2013
Easy reading - relax and enjoy! Typical Norah Roberts romance. Great for a snowy afternoon when you just want to slouch around.
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