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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 April 1999
If you're looking for great intellect you won't find it here - but it you just want to spend an afternoon with some characters that you come to love this series is for you! This book is the best one to start with in the MacGregor series - then read Alan & Grant, The MacGregor Brides, Winning Hand, MacGregor Groom, and finally Perfect Neighbor. You'll love these characters and wish that they never had to run out of relatives to match up. thank you Nora for letting us escape for even a short time.
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on 27 January 2001
I love all the characters in this family series and in this book, the first pair of lovers; Serena Macgregors and Justin Blade were fantastic! She was so alive and he was so determined to have her. She was definitely attracted to him as well, but was not too pleased when she found out that her father had a hand in arranging their meeting! The second story was between Caine and Diana; both were lawyers; was just as captivating! Diana, Justin's sister was invited by Serena to visit them and mend the distance between her and her brother. She met and fell in love with Caine, Serena's brother! I love Nora Roberts!
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on 15 September 2000
This was the second book i've read on the MacGregors, & now thanks to Amazon books i've found the rest and am eagerly awaiting a delivery. One of the best comtemporary books i've read in years, well written and plotted and boy do you want to take the hero home with you.
I enjoy books that involve families and evolve several stories round them, this collection is no exception and retains pride of place in an extensive and evergrowing collection.
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on 7 January 2012
This is one of my favourite books of the Macgregor series.
I have found these books to be rather addictive & after reading one, knew I had to continue until I had completed the full set!
I bought this book to take on holiday & it was the prefect choice as we were on a cruise around Caribbean islands where some of Serena's story was based! I found myself reading descriptions of places were were actually visiting.
I have not read the series in the correct order but I did not find that to matter too much although you are reading about different generations of the family.
The family tree at the front of the book helps identify where everyone fits in & in which books their particular stories are told.
Have just ordered the final book left for me to read & I know I will be disappointed when I have finished it. Will then be looking for another series to get involved in.
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on 30 July 1999
This is the first of the MacGregor books I read, and it started off a hunger I can't feed fast enough. Nora Robert's talent of creating characters and storylines blows my mind away. After reading Serena and Caine, I just wanted to read more and more about this fantastic family created by Ms. Robert's mind. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being not even worth lighting a fire with, and 10 being can't go to sleep until you've finsihed it), I'd diffently give it a 10!!!!
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on 14 December 1998
As much as I love Nora Roberts, I can't give this re-release of PLAYING THE ODDS and TEMPTING FATE five stars. Why? For starters, as much as I wanted to I just couldn't get past the "time warp" problem. There is no way that couples who met, fell in love, and married during the 80s can have adult children in the 90s. I haven't read Daniel's story yet, but I'm sure I'll find it even weirder that by the time of THE MACGREGOR BRIDES, he's 91! Secondly, Caine's constant lighting up of cigarettes drove me crazy. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't French kiss anyone who smokes as much as he did in his story. Yuck! And lastly, if an author is going to write a family saga, she should remember what she's written in previous books. In Laura's story in BRIDES, Roberts alludes to Caine finally convincing Diana to take that walk down the aisle. Wrong! In Caine's story, Diana proposes marriage to Caine. Despite all that, the romances are wonderful. Roberts is one of the best.
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on 16 September 2010
I'm getting a bit hooked on NR's old Silhouette family saga's, now republished in combined two-story volumes, but I did find this one quite slow to get into (I recently read the `Calhouns' saga and adored it straight away), possibly because the first storyline started off a bit flat and the characters seemed a bit staid in contrast to some of her more modern suspense novels. If you can by-pass that initial hurdle though, as a reader you are rewarded with a sweet, comforting romance- a great book to curl up with if you want a less taxing read.

Story one features Serena, Daniel MacGregor's only daughter. After constant studying she's impulsively taken a year to work on her own- as a croupier on a cruise ship. When gambler Justin Blade crosses her path in the casino, the mutual attraction is instant- but Justin seems to be keeping a secret from her...

Story two belongs to Caine, a lawyer and Serena's brother. When he meets Diana Blade he longs to break down her icy demeanour, the question is whether or not she will let him...

I enjoyed the fact that these two stories crossed over a similar arc in featuring the two Blade siblings aswell, but because of this continuity, I would personally recommend reading these in their intended order, just to understand the characters better. As I have said, these are slow-growers, but I've recently picked up the second MacGregor saga and I'm enjoying it straight away, they just take a bit of persevering with- the later MacGregor siblings are much more interesting than Caine and Serena it appears!

A good read for all Roberts fans. If you haven't read any NR books before then there's no harm in trying this one, but personally I would recommend one of her more recent stand-alone books, where there's a bit more going on: try `Angel Falls' or `Blue Smoke' to test out how you feel about Roberts writing, then give one of the family sagas a go afterwards.
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on 11 December 1998
Nora Roberts has done it again. This time around we go back in time and get to know the love story of Justin and Serena Blade and Caine and Diana MacGregor. Talk about fantastic! I fell in love with them just as easily as I fell in love with their children in "The MacGregor Brides" and "The MacGregor Grooms". No wonder their kids turned out so great! My personal favorite out of the two in one, was Caine and Diana's story. Man, what a great book. You'll love it. I can't wait til the next installment of the clan comes out, "The MacGregors, Alan and Grant". I've already ordered it even though it hasn't yet been released. I can't wait! Also soon to be released is "The Perfect Neighbor" which goes into the Campbell family and "The MacGregors, Daniel and Ian" which includes probably the most important story of all that of Daniel and Anna MacGregor, the heads of the clan. Nora must want to kill me with the anticipation. Trust me, you'll love the MacGregors!
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on 23 November 1998
I'm a latecomer to Nora Roberts, so whenever I see a book of hers that's been re-issued, I grab it. I read & loved "The MacGregor Brides" & "Grooms", so I was thrilled to read the love stories of their parents. I wasn't disappointed. These two stories were great. But I did notice one thing. These stories were written and seem to take place in 1985. The "Brides" & "Grooms" were written in 1997. If their parents were married in the '80's, how could theses kids be old enough to be married in the '90's? I guess they all have RAS (Rapid Aging syndrome)--like all the kids on soap operas!
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on 24 December 1998
Nora Roberts writes from the heart. She is one of a small handful with this gift. Her trilogy of the Quinn brothers is exceptional and heart stopping,a true treasure..Worth checking out.
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