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on 14 December 2012
Jonas Merrick, a scarred man lives a reclusive life in his home in Cornwall. He's surprised to see the beautiful Miss Sidonie Forsythe on his doorstep one night. She's there to settle the 'debt' her gambling addict sister, Roberta, the Viscountess Hilbrook owes him. Knowing she nor her sister have the funds, and Roberta's abusive husband will harm her if he finds out, Sidonie offers herself instead. Jonas is drawn to her, but is unwilling to deal with Sidonie, and says the debt is Roberta's. He is the bastard son of the former Viscount Hilbrook and a Spanish woman called Consuela. He deliberatly set out to take revenge on his cruel stepbrother, William, the new Viscount Hilbrook, not caring if his wife gets in the way. But Sidonie won't take no for an answer, and between them, they come up with a plan. Jonas has one week to make Sidonie come to him willingly and not just to pay a debt. If she doesn't succumb, he will consider the debt null and void.

During this time, both come close, and Sidonie finds herself wanting to know more about this scarred man. But Jonas has put walls around his heart after a lot of emotional and physical torment over the years, making Sidonie's curiosity harder to appease. He feels things for her he's never felt before, and isn't sure at first what these feelings are, but realises what he wants when the seven days are up...Sidonie's love.

Sidonie wants to be with him too, but she leaves, needing to be certain of her feelings before committing to anything. After all, it's only been a week. She also discovers something about Jonas which makes her want to tell him, but knowing it will have repercussions for her sister, keeps it a secret.

When Roberta is out of danger, Sidonie believes everything will be all right. But then Jonas is accused of a crime he didn't commit, and he learns of Sidonie's deception. Can Sidonie free her man and convince him of her love?

Overall, the story was very good. I loved unravelling Jonas' past, and I automatically fell for this man. We also learn of Jonas' two friends, one of which is the protagonist of the next story in the series.

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on 29 October 2012
There were a few things that didn't quite work for me in this book, but on the whole it was an engaging and often sexy read.
I think the problem with "Beauty and the Beast" stories like this one is that the Beast has to be sufficiently beastly whilst being attractive to both the heroine and the reader - and that is a difficult balance to find. Unfortunately, I don't think the author got it quite right in this case. If Merrick had been as cruel and unfeeling as she would have us believe, he would, surely have taken his `payment` without compunction. Instead, he is immediately compassionate and ultimately intrigued enough by Sidonie to allow her to remain untouched and to strike a bargain with her.

That said however, it seems to me that what we have in our Beast is someone who is so convinced of his lack of goodness and finer feeling that he is determined to live up to his public image for profligacy and ruthlessness. His scars are not just physical, which is not at all surprising given what we later learn of his childhood and he's a good man beneath all the self-loathing and the cynicism.

I enjoyed the way the relationship between Merrick and Sidonie developed. There was plenty of verbal sparring and lots of sexual tension; and I felt that it was very important that when the pair finally `did the deed' , Merrick had released Sidonie from her obligation so she could make her own choice.

I have to say that I wasn't really over keen on all the blindfold sex, and confess to being somewhat incredulous at Sidonie's fast transformation from blushing virgin to a woman who felt reasonably confident tying her lover to the bed posts!
But then I suppose this IS a romance novel...

The final third of the book felt a little rushed and occasionally a little muddled; Sidonie suddenly made a miraculous recovery after spending three months hiding away, a shadow of her former self and follows Merrick all the way to Devon whereas before she'd barely had the energy to walk to the end of the street!

But of course, it all works out and our Beauty and her Beast get their hard-won HEA.

Despite my quibbles, I enjoyed the book. It's well written and the romance was well developed. Merrick was an extremely virile, attractive hero, despite his facial disfigurement and while I'm less enthusiastic about the character of Sidonie, on the whole I thought they were well matched.

This is the first in the "Sons of Sin" series, and I'll definitely be looking for the other titles on the strength of this one.

With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy.
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on 23 March 2014
I really enjoyed this and loved the main characters! Jonas was initially painted as a selfish and bad character but we see he's a much better person then even he believes. I love Sidonie as well, she makes a couple of mistakes in her dealing with Jonas towards the end by withholding important information from him and breaking a promise but she had her reasons. She was a strong character and I loved watching Jonas break down her resistance towards him and then Sidonie turning the tables and beating his defences down!

They were meant to be and made each other better people. I didn't much like the little we seen of Sidonie's older sister Roberta. Obviously William (Jonas's cousin) was the villain of the story and he was easy to hate given his treatment of people. I did like Jonas's old school chums Cam and Richard though we only seen a little of them!
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on 3 March 2018
This is the first book of have read by this writer....it certainly won't be my last ...it's now the middle of the night but I had to finish it. It kept me enthralled from the first page until the last. The characters were well described, easy to believe and to fall on love with. A wonderful story line!
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on 27 April 2014
Quite a bit different from the normal scene of this type of book. Enjoyed it very much. A woman who takes her sister's place to pay off gambling debts, she must spend a week with a man who's face is horribly scared. He is so used to people being repulsed by his face and is in for a shock when she takes no notice of it. Enjoy reading this as much as I did.
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on 20 January 2013
I was curious to read this book not for the title -- cheesy! -- but because I read couple of Mrs Campbell books before and I found them winning. Not really this one. It is a great idea for a story, but I found myself being quite irritated with the heroine -- she wasn't a very convinced character, changed her mind too often and then changed it back without a real explanation. Altogether, the second part of the story is much better than the first one.
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on 27 April 2014
This book captured my interest from page 1...I was completely taken in from the very first. I sat and read it from cover to cover in one session, and did nothing else all day. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good solid story with a feelgood factor, and of course the obligatory happy ending.
Lock the door, take the phone off the hook and start reading!
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on 1 January 2017
I absolutely loved this book. It's quite a sensual historic romance and I loved the main characters Sidonie and Jonas. I was sad when it ended, which is always a sign of a good book. I didn't realise when I bought it, but this is book 1 of a series and I am going to have to get hold of the others now. It was the first book I'd read by Anna Campbell and it certainly won't be the last. I highly recommend this one.
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on 8 May 2017
I found this book very relaxing and readable. Good story; good characters, and well written. I would recommend to others.
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on 5 May 2014
When I saw the title I did not expect much but I was pleasantly surprised, the plot was different from the usual fan wafting ballrooms scenes,and I thought the young heroin very brave trying to defend her sister and nephews by offering to pay her sisters debt, all in all a most enjoyable tale, well done Anna Cambell.
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