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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 13 May 2014
I really enjoyed reading this book .it was as good as all the rest of the pleasure books .Hope you will write some more
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on 24 June 2014
If you have read the other books in this series do not miss this page turner until 1am and no television
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The Pleasures of Spring, Evie Hunter.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I loved the Winter and Autumn versions, somehow missed on Summer ( so many books so little time !) and was excited to get to Spring. It must be tough though, keeping up the momentum of previous books, and winter is still my favourite. This one has the same hot, erotic and steamy encounters, fabulous realistic characters but I felt the storyline let it down.
I loved Roz, its clever the way authors take people we've learned to hate/dislike and turn them around. In this book we see Roz from her own side, and its very, very different to what we'd learned of her through others eyes. She blames her sister for leaving her, when in fact no one believed there was a twin. Sad side to the story, and eventually in Autumn we learned she was right, and Roz did exist, but their dad had filled her with hatred for her mothers family, and twisted the story so that she never sought them out, but always felt the need for revenge for being abandoned. So from not liking Roz I’ve done a complete turnaround.....and was hoping everything finally work out for her. Roz is devious, on the run from a murderer who she saw killing someone in the last novel, Interpol want her as a witness too, and try to trace her but she's not keen on that idea. She's learned the only person she can lean on, depend on to keep her safe is herself. Its been a tough upbringing where she's had to do all sorts of things and live off her wits.
Andy McTavish is the security expert charged with finding her, though he'd do it anyway. From their first meeting he's been fiercely attracted to her, and she to him but they've never had a chance to act on it. He's determined to bring her in, and keeps telling himself about the golden rule – no sha gging the clients :-) Somehow though when they do finally catch up, that one gets thrown away. They are a terrific duo, hot, sensual love scenes and some sharp, funny and witty dialogue between them.
Where it fell down for me was the story line, I was fine with the “on the run” link from the last book, but the detour into the horse racing scam was just a step too far into fantasy for me. I need my fiction to at least have its roots in reality, but this...nope,. No way. You can't learn to ride in one easy session, you can't pull a champion racehorse out of thin air, even the best forger can't work those documents and pass off an untrained hack as a top champion in the making...I just felt that was something that belonged in the books of my horse mad childhood, where kids ran riding stables while staying with ancient uncles, or found racehorses abandoned that they trained in secret or held gymkhanas without any adult help.....I'm not twelve any more though, and I can't make myself believe in that scenario. I'd guessed way before what the connection was too....I'm old enough to remember Shergar – and all the jokes The kidnappers have sent a ransom note for his return, along with a leg to prove they have him...Its this part that brought the novel down from five stars for me :-(
Stars: Four, a sexy erotic read, but the storyline needs a bit too much suspension of reality for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley
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on 27 April 2014
I received my copy from Penguin Ireland

Once again the two authors who are Evie Hunter have provided their readers with a fun, intense, intriguing and hot story. This is the fourth book in ‘The Pleasures’ series and didn’t disappoint.

Both Roz and Andy were wonderful characters, although Roz managed to captivate me most. None of Evie Hunter’s female characters have been shrinking violets or walk-overs but Roz is in a category of her own when it comes to independence and living life according to her own rules. Her slow progression from complete self- sufficiency and deep distrust of others to acceptance of her past and her own desire to share her life with others, was wonderful and almost overshadowed Andy’s journey from playboy adventure seeker to loving lord of the manor.

Did I mention that these two characters were hot together? Well, they were. Roz is a former professional dominatrix, convinced that she hasn’t a submissive bone in her body. Yet every time Andy takes control she finds herself not only, reluctantly and after a huge internal fight, submitting but also thriving on it. Andy has the time of his life giving this independent woman what she didn’t even know she wanted and needed. As for the reader, they are the lucky beneficiaries of Roz and Andy’s hot exploration of each other.

If I had an ‘issue’ with this book it would be that it took so long to get Roz and Andy together. Apart from a short interlude early on in the story they spend a lot of time apart while Roz is trying to hide and Andy is either trying to find her or spending time with his parents. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with those parts of the story but more that the story was so much more fascinating when the two of them were together. And I don’t just mean in the biblical sense, hot as those encounters were. The way Andy and Roz spark off each other and the constant struggle between them for the upper hand was entertaining overall and panty-melting when they got to the sexy stuff.

This book has it all, adventure, danger, hot sex, angsty romance and quite a few laugh out loud moments. Not to mention two fascinating main characters as well as interesting secondary characters. I can think of quite a few less enjoyable ways to spend a spring day.

While this is the fourth book in this series it can, without any problem, be read as a stand-alone title. Having said that, all the characters from the previous three books make an appearance here and already knowing their stories would probably add to your reading enjoyment. Taking into account that the three previous books are wonderful reads in their own right I can only recommend that you read those books as well.
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Evie Hunter has did it again!! Every time I read one these books I always think how can they possibly get any better? But Evie Hunter manages to blow the previous books right out of the water. The Pleasures of Spring has everything I love in the an explosive read, action, hot and steamy kinkiness and witty characters!

The Pleasures of Spring is about Roz Spring who has been on the run over year after being a witness to a murder. With a murderer on her tail she is forced to go into hiding under the protection of ex-ranger Andy McTavish. However, as they pretend of be a couple to help with keeping Roz hidden ,the chemistry between them both is electrifying. Can Roz stop herself from falling of Andy as well keeping herself alive from the murderer who determined to kill her?

We first meet Roz in The Pleasures of Autumn but we don't really get to know her properly. In The Pleasures of Spring Roz is simply amazing! She is quite possibly my favourite character in the whole series! She is feisty, independent, kick ass and hilarious. She is been on the run since being a witness to a murder which leads her into the protection of sexy Irishman Andy McTavish. Andy, Andy, Andy. Big tough Andy. He makes my knees tremble!! Andy is a lady's man. Women love him. And he loves women. But he is protective and caring and will stop at nothing to keep Roz safe. The chemistry between Roz and Andy is sizzling hot. It's not a forced connection. They work perfectly together, like they were born for each other. Of course, nothing ever runs smoothly!

The Pleasures of Spring is my favourite book in the series! It's explosive from the first page, which for me if an author can get me hooked on that first page they have me until the end!! The plot is full of twists that I didn't seem coming. It's packed with action which is rare in Erotic fiction. Evie Hunter's book are always packed with action which makes the story move faster and keeps the readers on their toes guessing where the story will go next.

Like all erotic fiction there is a lot of sex scenes. However, unlike most erotic fiction not once did these scenes seem forced or just there to fill in pages. Each and every scene works perfectly with the story. They are hot, steamy and down right sexy! Both Andy and Roz are used to being the Dom. And the character's inner to struggle to fight for being on top is compelling.

The Pleasures of Spring like all the previous titles is an addictive read and will capture you imagination and refuse to let you go. The author's write so beautifully that it captures your very being. The story and characters get's into your heart, mind and soul. You grow to love these characters that by the time it's over you feel like you are saying goodbye to old friends.

If you haven't started these books yet I highly recommend that you get reading! The Pleasures of Spring can be read as a stand alone but I personally recommend read from book 1. Simply because all these books are wonderful, exciting, sexy and addictive! So go now my little bookalicious lovelies and get yourselves some sexy time reading!!!!
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on 24 April 2014
This series has been one of these where each book surpasses its predecessor and I've loved each one. With a dominant man, a woman who frustrates the hell out of him and an action filled storyline, explosive passion has never been in short supply and whilst The Pleasures of Spring has this, the storyline felt flat in comparison.

Why? Too much was happening. Amongst the expected BDSM led romance, we had our heroine bouncing across rooftops and leaping onto buses in her mission to escape Mr. Bad Guy, horse-scamming, a faux-mance, murder, pregnancies, family rifts, movie-shooting and gun-shooting; in fairness if you haven't read the previous books much of the content could confuse. But it was nice that previous couples made appearances, particularly Jack & Abbie.

Roz played a secondary but pivotal part in The Pleasures of Autumn and she wasn't particularly endearing. She witnessed a murder, is on the run from Mr. Bad Guy and Andy McTavish is the man to protect her. Oh and he happens to need her to act as his fiancé for family reasons. Took a while but I did finally warm to her and I've always had a soft spot for Andy and his wit. This book shows him to be the sexy, dominant, protective yet gentle giant I was hoping for and with Roz having a past as a Domme, their journey brought with it an interesting battle of submission with snarky banter. Whilst initially steady on the build-up they did have great chemistry.

One of the things I have loved about this series is how the lead characters don't have dark tortured pasts, yet they still have secrets and personal pain. But on the whole I have to confess, I did go through periods of boredom with TPoSpring and I didn't devour it as I did the previous books. That said when it his 60% it became the book I wish it had been earlier and I flew through it although I would've liked more made of the end, it was tied up rather quickly.

Still, a series I would recommend.

3.5 stars.

I received a copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion
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on 4 May 2014
This is the fourth novel of there's I have read.
I really enjoy the settings being Ireland and Europe.
The complexities of the characters.
And the sexual manipulation not taking place in a club or being totally unbelievable,
for me is good.
This is romance , sex and a story set in Ireland.
I like to read books in the right order: Winter,Summer,Autumn,Spring in this case.
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on 30 April 2014
Another great book in this series.

We get to see who RoRo really is but she is caught up in a dangerous life and needs help. Andy to the rescue even though she doesn't want his help he doesn't give up. It's his job to find her as Interpol need her in witness protection to give evidence about Hall but it's more than that for Andy, he's falling for her and can't help himself.

The sexual tension between Andy and Roz is palpable due to the steamy, erotic sex scenes. Roz refuses to accept help from Andy telling herself it's just a job to him, she can't rely on him, anyway, who can she rely on but herself.

Of course, love prevails but not without a lot of fear, pain and suffering both physical and mental.

How this author is two writers I don't know, it's so seamless.
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on 15 May 2014
I have read the whole pleasures of series & thoroughly enjoyed each book, not to mention lusted over each leading man.... Until the next one came along. BUT- on saying that, P.O. Spring has definitely been my favourite. Fiesty leading lady, lusty, charming leading man & chemistry with a Happy Ever After. The story was fast paced, never dull & kept me turning the pages, giggling, not to mention getting VERY hot under the collar. I understand a very (what I IMAGINE to be) saucy & naughty duo gave us Evie Hunter - & i certainly hope we haven't heard the last of these sassy ladies...... Surely there must be a story for Reilly?!?
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on 3 May 2014
Oh Evie you have spoilt me for other books.
Just loved this final Pleasures.
Andy and Roz... such chemistry hot hot hot
what to read now
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