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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2012
Pretty impressed that I've managed to finish a book the day after it was published! But that's down to the fact that it's great. Loved the descriptions of him at school, joining the sea-scouts because it sounded camp, and of his first attempts at stand up in the comic relief assembly at school. But it was also fascinating to see the darker sides of his life. I've always known he's struggled with depression but I had no idea about the depths of it, and how close he came to ending his own life. He's such a fascinating guy, and it was a pleasure to enter into his poetic mind. It really is a sign that I read it so quickly! I never do that!
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on 24 November 2012
I feel like one of David Walliams' few American fans. We don't get all of his shows and appearances in the U.S. so I was excited to get to know more about him. David's autobiography is just like life- some parts are exciting, some parts are boring, some parts are sad and others are frustrating, but in the end you are grateful for the experience. I especially liked David's accounts of his father, with whom he had a difficult relationship. David did not dwell on his father's lack of affection, but instead was honest about how that shaped him, for better and for worse. I find a lot of people excuse their parents bad behavior and chalk it up to "it was a different generation." David does recollect a story about his father's upbringing which helps him understand their inability to connect, but he doesn't excuse the hurt his father caused. For someone whose sexuality was so scrutinized until his marriage, I thought it was fitting that he spent a good amount of the book describing his childhood experiences with other boys and his debilitating shyness around women. I was really surprised that his relationship with writing partner Matt Lucas was hard at times and that David felt inferior to Matt on many occasions. I know this should be obvious, as all relationships are difficult, but they always seem like happy-go-lucky best friends on chat shows, DVD extras and documentaries. The only part of the book that was hard for me were the references to the older Comedians he admired and all the shows he worked on because I wasn't familiar with them here in the States. I look forward to part 2 which I hope explores what it's really like to deal with the paparazzi and how money and fame change relationships.
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on 26 October 2012
I'm not usually one for a celebrity autobiography but I was curious enough about David Walliams to pick this one up... curious and also impressed by the wild adoration my godchildren adopt towards him as a children's author - he's got to have a way with words, right? I wasn't disappointed. It's a warm, funny and often moving account of his life and pulls no punches in terms of the way it addresses the depression and cripplingly low self esteem which seems time and time again to be twinned with comedy talent. I was fascinated by his status as a camp straight man too - can't think of many of those - and love the fact it was left to Graham Norton to finally tell him he is, actually, straight! So all in all - it's an enjoyable, insightful read with plenty of celebrity titbits to garnish the mix. I look forward to part 2!
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on 13 December 2012
People will walk into this book expecting it to be be comic...and it is for the first half. However it was the later part of the autobiography that I found most intricate and emotional; Walliams openly talks about his battle with depression, failed relationships and how he built up his life to what it is today. As he very well said, "I was never going to write an autobiography, unless I wad completely honest". Well David, you were and it was compelling, emotional and fun.
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on 8 November 2012
David Williams is a very talented comedian, a great entertainer and this book I feel didn't do him justice.I was so looking forward to reading this talented funny man's autobiography Camp David but have to say was very disappointed. I found the book very slow and drawn out, over detailed with other people in his story, not really enough about David, I managed to get half way through it in hope it would improve. Sadly I lost interest and didn't finish the book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 October 2012
David Walliams's first autobiography starts with his childhood and continues up to 2003, just after the first series of Little Britain was broadcast.
I enjoyed the first part of the book which is about David's youth, school and uni days and the beginnings of his acting/comedy career.
I also appreciated his honesty and openness regarding his personal problems which are covered at various points throughout the book.
However, the latter part mainly focuses on his acting/TV career and by the end of the book I had become slightly bored with all the details.
I am disappointed that David's writing career is not included and it looks like this will be covered in another book. The drawn out money making process that comes with this type of book can be a little off-putting.
I like David Walliams and think he is charming and funny, but I have mixed opinions about this autobiography. His kids novels are great, though.
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on 2 January 2013
Well, I got through this book in the end and can scarcely believe how bad it was. I am a big fan of Walliams so am surprised at how humourless the whole thing was. At first I thought it was a clever parody of how a luvvy lacking in self-awareness might write an autobiography, but sadly this wasn't the case.
It's little more than a list of famous and not-so-famous people he's worked with and a seemingly endless procession of forgotten TV shows, mixed in with a few bouts of depression and occasional suicide attempts. And for some Reason he gives Matt Lucas a hard time throughout. Disappointing, and hard going.
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on 17 December 2015
I loved this book! I have always admired David Walliams. He makes me laugh and is a really likeable character. However I have always felt that there was very much more to David behind the popular image. When I saw he had brought out his autobiography I immediately bought it. I don't regret it either. This is an open, frank and extremely readable book giving his readers an in-depth view of David's true personality.

He writes with incredible honesty and makes no apologies for who he really is. Why should he? We see him warts and all and under the public image there emerges a man who struggles with depression, bullying et al and beats it. He writes of his very different relationships with his father and mother and elder sister; his school days and how he came into show business. He reveals his personal insecurities within relationships and in general and makes light of his courageous achievements. The book like all autobiographies is a mixture of the interesting, the surprising and sometimes the mundane. His close relationship with his mother is lovely and it shows when you see them in public together, In the book it is made clear how this came about. A deeply moving story all about a kind and lovely man.
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on 29 July 2015
I bought 3 books to read on my summer holiday and thought i would buy an autobiography for a change, amongst the historical fiction ond romcoms which I generally choose (Camp David would be my light relief after reading the, I now know, wonderful Go set a Watchman).
I have had 3 attempts at reading this but have given up at 22% - I can read no more. I love David Walliams in his many different guises and really wanted to love this book but my junior school son could possibly keep me interested in a story longer. I've given it two stars because of his honesty in the early chapters but I can't force it any more - I wish I'd bought 5 of the 99p books for Kindle instead.
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on 25 January 2013
I really enjoyed this, a very honest book, funny at first when he was growing up, but then very moving when he talks about his depression. I has no idea he sufffered like this. Facinating to find out how hard he had to work for his success. Such determination. First biography for a while that I just couldn't put down.
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