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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2011
This series is perhaps, one of my all time favourites.
Karen Chance has delivered an amazingly humorous, sexy, witty, fast paced and action filled book filled to the brim with the characters we have grown to love.
I honestly don't think it is possible for me to love Pritkin any more than I do now after reading this book.
He has come "alive" to me and I really think of him as a real person (I know, that's pretty sad!)

I cannot wait until the next book.

Keep up the good work!!!
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on 7 June 2011
It feels as though it's been a long time since Curse the Dawn and I've been looking forward to Cassie's return. Hunt the Moon has all the elements we've become used to; time-shifts, violence, demons and vampires, and through it all Cassie keeps attempting to understand and harness her power as she moves towards her coronation as Pythia. The action has moved on by a matter of days since the end of Curse the Dawn and the overall story picks up from the events in that book. Within the story-arc however there are 2 'mini-adventures': firstly Cassie learns more about her mother as she travels through time with Mircea, secondly she and Pritkin are thrown into an action-packed danger-zone which leads to some interesting revelations about the war mage.

The story kicks along at a fast pace and there's plenty of action, but it still leaves time for character development. As a Pritkin fan I was pleased by his continued heroics and the fact we got to know more about him - even if what we find out isn't conducive to a long-term relationship! There's obviously at least another couple of books in the story-arc and this has definitely whetted my appetite again.
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on 25 July 2011
WOW I really enjoyed this book. The story has always been interesting but now it's just outright explosive. I'm loving the way Cassie and Pritkin work so well together and from what i've read so far i would say there is a deffinate spark there between them but they just haven't realised it yet. As for the very sexy and charming Mercia he is a force to be reckoned with. We are starting to really get to know him as he is opening up more with cassie which is great. As for Cassie's roll as Pythia, that's all about to get so much more explosive too, especially now we know who her parents really were.
A truely amazing book by Karen Chance, can't wait to see what happens next in the next installment of the Cassie Palmer series (hopefully we won't have to wait too long.
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fast paced breathless adventure..cassandra is back and she rocks in this book. some of the action scenes can be a little hectic, like to many ideas pouncing on each other at the same it reads slightly garbled or maybe just over enthusiastic. the interaction betwenn cassie and her vamp guards is the source of much amusement and always makes me laugh. the new bodyguard fred is hilarious..note to self: never have a vampire version of a panic attack. the secret stars in this book and others are the graeae's...enyo, deino and pemphredo...their antics are hysterical. i won't go into the storyline to avoid spoilers...but cassie gets her groove back. i highly recommend this series and can't wait for the next one.
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Hunt the Moon does not really work as a standalone read as you need too much prior knowledge of Cassie's world to understand what's going on. The rest of this review may contain spoilers for the earlier books.

#1 Touch the Dark 3/5
#2 Claimed by Shadow 4/5
#3 Embrace the Night 4/5
#4 Curse the Dawn 4/5
#1 Midnight's Daughter* 3/5
#2 Death's Mistress* 3/5
#5 Hunt the Moon 4/5

*Whilst the Cassie Palmer series works without reading the Dorina Basarab series, they don't work the other way round and it's worth reading them in order. Midnight's Daughter, for example, covers the other side of Curse the Dawn.

It's the run up to Cassie's coronation as Pythia and Mircea's determined to keep her nice and safe in her Vegas hotel suite. I do kinda love that it's set in Vegas for some reason. Maybe because it's believable that no one would notice all the weird goings on! Of course, Cassie manages to get into trouble without going anywhere which cues time-travelling and ley-line riding adventures. I do think the action scenes were a little drawn out but it's still a quick and fun read.

For those of you that enjoy the mythological aspect of this series, I don't think you'll be disappointed. The Graeae reappear for a stint (I do love them) and there's a lot of debating about the connections between the gods of various cultures whilst they try to work out if Apollo is back. There's an overview of Ragnarok which made me smile because that's one of the books sat on my review pile.

In the past, I have noticed a lot of people commenting on the fact that the main love interest isn't featured enough in this series. They would be on Team Mircea, who may be beautiful but is a possessive, arrogant vampire and, like many vampire beaus, comes across as a bit feminine. I am firmly on Team Pritkin. Many readers might think he doesn't even count, especially if you've only read the first two books . Although he may not be conventionally good-looking, he is sexy and, dare I say it, a real man! Whilst Mircea is wrapping her in cotton wool, Pritkin is sneaking her out for pizza in the middle of the night.

Both Mircea and Pritkin get equal airtime but I won't hint about who comes out tops in my opinion.

What a cliffhanger ending! I hope I don't have to wait too long for the next instalment...
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on 8 June 2011
I have to say that waiting for this book was agony but it was well worth it.
As always the author keeps you captivated with humour and action packed adventures. There seems to be no where poor Cassie can go to get a moments peace.
I am still undecided which man she should be with, the chemistry between Cassie and her vampire is huge but Pritkin and Cassie have to serious chemisty too.
Hmmm.. I'm dieing to read the next instalment, I have so many questions unanswered.
Having read all the books that came before and can see the interlinking stories I think Karen Chance is definately in my top ten of great authors.
Well worth a read.
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on 19 September 2011
Oh. My. God! I am completely reeling after finishing this book! Regular readers of my blog will know by now how big a fan of Karen Chance's novels I am, so it will be no surprise to hear I was more than a little excited to read Hunt the Moon. But, despite the fact that Chance is a genius and always, always, surprises and wows me more than words can say, I would never have expected to be blown away to such a level as I was when I had finished reading.

I don't even really know where to begin. So much happens in Hunt the Moon, like in the others, it's hard to know what to say without spoiling the book. There is the usual chaos that follows Cassie where ever she goes, with more action than you can shake a stick at - yet it all flows beautifully together to create a story that's just unbelievable. In every review of a novel by Chance, I always go on about howbrilliant the action is, but there isn't really much more to add - but it all still stands. Just incredible.

There is a new element in this book though; questions regarding the Norse and Greek myths - or at least where they overlap. We saw this a little witht he introduction and demise of Apollo previously, but more comes into it in this book. If there was Apollo, and all those other gods held back by the ouroboros spell, then what else that is considered myth - even in Cassie's world - is actually real? And what does that mean for Cassie? It's siply fascinating, and Chance has put so much research inot the myths and worked them seemlessly into her book. It's just brilliant.

We find out a lot more about the pasts of both Mircea and Pritkin, - one based in actual history, the other pure imagination, both completely believavble. It's this combination of fact and fiction that make Chance's novels that more credible. We're not just told their histories for the sake of it though, there is a point, as there always is, in everything in these books. It gives insight into who these people are and what they've been through, and explains why deicions hae been made or actions taken in the past, in the present, and they may be made or taken in the future. It's more jigsaw pieces that make the whole person for both characters, but also ad to the bigger picture of the story.

The romance between Cassie and Mircea goes up a notch in this book. Not only do they sizzle like they always do, but there is real emotion that comes through. But there is another person on the outside who is a "will they? won't they?" love interest that Cassie simply doesn't see. There have been hints in the previous books and a fair few more in this, and I just wish Cassie would open her eyes, and Pritkin would open his mouth and just say it! Actually, "hints" is the wrong word for this book because it's so obvious! And I think I might prefer PRitkin to Mircea a bit. I really do like him!

And then there's the ending. Oh my god, the ending! The ending that had me shouting at the book in anger and denial, the ending that had me on the verge of tears, the ending that had me fall in love just a little bit. The ending that has probably had a bigger emotional impact on me than any other urban fantasy has had before, and has me literally desperate for he next book in the series, on which I can find no info about! I think I might have actually got a little too emotionally involved in this series, because I would be quite willing to jump into it's pages and try and be a hero(ine).

The book is the best in the series sp far, it's completely amazing, and Chance fans simply cannot miss out on it. It's jaw-droppingly good!
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on 24 June 2012
I picked this up a couple of months ago in the Kindle sale.

I've just finished book 3 & 4 and decided to continue on, so that I am up to date in the Cassie Palmer world.

This is another rollercoaster ride that you really don't get a suitable stop point, it just keeps begging you to keep reading.

Some very interesting plot developments and a whopping cliffhanger at the end which has left me frustrated as it's over a year until the next installment is released.
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on 26 February 2013
I love Karen Chance, and this book was no disappointment! I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the series!! Recommended to any women who enjoy a fight-y, fun, romp - with a strong and yet relatable heroine!
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on 4 June 2012
These books should be read in order to understand the characters and story that is developing. Usual thing girl gets power she hasn't asked for and has to learn how to handle with very little help at first and acquires help from unusual places.
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