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on 14 March 2012
i realy like the book i was supprised at the format as i was looking for a book on how to use cs5 as im a traind darkroom photographer n im looking to learn digital editing i saw the tital n though gr8 il try that out but its more for digital artists tho im gonna have gr8 fun trying out all the exersizes in the book but if ur looking for a book on digital photography this might not be for you
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on 18 November 2010
If you want to speed up the process of using Photoshop, this is the book for you. If creating rough concepts is what you do then i couldn't recommend this book enough; it has helped me massively.
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on 25 February 2012
To call this book "How to cheat in photoshop CS5" might give the impression to some that Steve Caplin is getting away with cheating the clients he does artwork for out of good artwork and design. However I recognise that his vast experience is informed by making digital images in the real world. I am certain that anyone who is thinking of using this book whilst working on Photoshop projects to deadlines will find it invaluable, as many of the smart techniques he employs address the usual challenges of seamlessly cutting out, blending and compositing - the usual stock in trade of a Photoshop artist. For those already using Photoshop on a regular basis, and who already have a cache of techniques and runarounds for dealing the most common image problems, this book will come as a gift as they will probably find that this is almost a one stop shop for smart and elgent solutions solving. For those who are just starting out in digital imaging, the book is still a valuable resource. Steve's narrative is logical, and begins with solving the basic problems. Then he goes onto demonstrate some everyday practical applications of these techniques, which every Photoshop user from beginner to expert will appreciate. I would however recommend to beginners that they also purchase a Quickstart guide, and begin to learn some of the basics before delving too deeply into this book, as they will gain far more from Steve's experience if they do.

Finally I think this is the best book of it's kind on the market, and thank Steve for some of his practical insights.
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on 11 October 2010
Simply essential. I bought CS2, CS4 and now CS5 editions and if there's a CS6 version, I'll be buying that too.
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on 4 December 2011
i have read loads of books on photoshop and struggled to get right into using it till i found this on amazon. it starts off by giving some basic tutorials on selections and other photoshop tools as a refresher to experienced users but as an insight for new users. it goes on to build from basic use into more technical and spectacular things you can do with the software. it comes with an instruction dvd which shows most of the things from the book but this is where it fell down slightly for me and the reason i didn,t give it full marks. the dvd was quite amateurish in the way its been put together and on some of the tutorials there was no sound. the content of the dvd itself was fine but it plays and feels like it was just thrown together. although this is a downside it doesn,t take away the usefulness of the book and i would recommend it to 'newbie's' and experienced users alike.
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on 3 January 2011
How to Cheat In Photoshop CS5 by Steve Caplin , an excellent book in my opinion, it helps teach photoshop whilst having fun. Most books forget about the fun and enjoyment which makes it hard to learn as you get bored with too much technical stuff, but if your having fun you will continue to use the programme and the book even more. This book along with Steve Caplins other book Art & Design in Photoshop (also available from Amazon) should be on your list of books to own if you like messing about and doing something different with your photo's and pictures .Both come with a CD of lessons etc from the book.
How to Cheat in Photoshop CS5: The art of creating realistic photomontages Art and Design in Photoshop: How to simulate just about anything from great works of art to urban graffiti
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on 19 August 2010
a lot of the tutorials are from cs4 but a lot of new ones for cs5 (photoshop) its great fun doing the tutorials and then putting what you have learned to use on other projects,sometimes it works and sometimes it dont but then all pictures are different and maybe i have a lot more to learn . good book buy it if you can ,complete with a dvd too
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on 2 May 2012

Good points:
Very easy to understand step-by-step guide with plenty of illustrations.
Logically positioned chapters containing real-life scenarios.
Examples files available to use in connection with the book's content.
More of a tutorial than a reference.

Bad points:
The title is 'How to Cheat in Photoshop CS5' and yet several of the screen shots are from CS4, which is slightly annoying.

If you can overcome the reference to CS4 and work out the change in CS5 then this is the perfect book on Photomantage techniques, or 'cheats', for the beginner - intermediate CS5 user.

I would rate this as one of the best CS5 books; I've read at least 10 others.
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In some respects, this is a competitor to Photoshop Compositing Secrets: Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites but which is perhaps for the more advanced Photoshop user. I first became acquainted with the CS4 version of this book, which had been updated for CS5 and now again for CS6 (not listed here).

The concept of the book is that a photograph directly from the camera may not be in the form in which you wish to present it. There may be something missing that you want to add or something you wish to change but could not when taking the shot. It could be almost anything.

This book is intended for the intermediate Photoshop user, as a minimum. You will need to be familiar with its menus and some of its tools and know how and when to use them. You need to be at least aware of several other tools within Photoshop and where to find them, even if you do not really know how to use them. The object of this book is to fill in those gaps.

It provides various ideas or exercises which you can follow in real time, learning as you go. As skills increase, it will take you further and thereby introduce you to rather more of Photoshop's built-in capabilities. Photoshop is one of those programs where no-one uses close to 100% of its features; I have read elsewhere that an 'expert' may use 10-15 of its features but probably no more. There is much available and we each may use some but never others. All the author is attempting to do is to raise your knowledge of a very capable piece of software.

Although I don't think that the word 'Compositing' is ever used in its text (I stand to be corrected if wrong), the author prefers to use 'Photo-Montage' which is the older and more traditional expression for essentially the same thing, and it is in part that with which it concerns itself. However, it also employs some of the image manipulation tools by use of which portions of the image could be removed, if needed. That is where it deviates slightly from Kloslowski's book.

Should you buy both or one in preference to the other? My advice would be to check them both out, if possible. You may prefer the writing style of one to that of the other, or the content or some other feature. They are similar but not identical and I think that this is for a slightly wider audience and is the more established but Kloslowski is the better tutor. It is your choice.
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on 13 July 2010
I have been to one of Steve Caplin's seminars - he is awsome!! Afterwards I immediately ordered this new CS5 book. I read it from cover to cover and I am now playing with the "heads and bodies" chapter. Each page works you through the project he makes photoshop work a snip!! If you have spent money on the Photoshop software. Go supercharge your images just go buy the book - you wont regret it!!
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