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on 10 August 2010
To an extent I would agree with some comments that the book may be an aid for those who need to understand how to study, but, I believe that it would only be of real assistance to those who have been out of education for a while and are returning perhaps as mature students

My only reason for buying this nonsense was due to it being on my reading list at University. It is filled with common sense extensively padded out by hollow psychobabble gibberish about personal development. Essentially, making good notes is good, revising is good; you don't need this patronising text to realise this and be a good student.
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on 17 November 2007
As a medical student I think this book is rather pointless, You would be better studying your work in the time it takes you to read it.
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on 12 June 2003
Stella Cottrell's The Study Skills Handbook has become the defacto standard study skills book for all undergraduate students - as well as returners to higher education after a break.
I took a break of 20 years before coming back to formal education for a post graduate course, and have found this book simply an invaluable tool. If only this had been around when I was an undergraduate!
Packed with loads of advice and examples, it covers all the ground necessary for university assignments. This latest edition covers Case Studies - something sorely missing from the previous edition.
Six out of five for this one. Quite simply, this book is essential if you are heading off to, or have already started, college
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on 19 September 2015
Received my book, the bottom of the book is scuffed and one corner was folded over resulting in the book cover coming away from the page, the box it came it had been taped at one end so maybe the books originally fell out causing the problem
review image
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VINE VOICEon 27 September 2015
This is an invaluable guide for university students. The step from school to University should change the way you have to study and students need some help in this transformation. I have known many scientists who struggle with essay writing, and many students also need to develop their confidence in giving presentations. The key point about studying in University is that the learning is now in the student's hands. There is no longer the pressure to cram and to teach to an exam that dominates A-level study. For BTech students who have experienced a more problem based learning there are still some study skills that they need to develop.

The book covers the core skills from managing your time and your studies to key academic skills such as referencing, essay writing and dissertations. This book will cover all the essential skills that you need as an undergraduate. The book is nicely laid out and written in a style that makes it interesting and accessible. It is printed in a two-tone colour scheme that this time uses yellow and blue - not my ideal choice because yellow is a bit weak but overall I like the design and presentation.

The one obvious omission is that apps and social media are not covered. As we move to incorporating mobile devices into learning this is something that I hope will be covered in future editions. This is my recommended text to all my undergraduate students as the senior tutor.
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on 6 May 2013
The problem is I never received it. It was highly recommended and much needed as my daughter has just been diagnosed with dyslexia and now starts her A levels next week. I have contacted the supplier three times and there has been no reply so I am stuck. I have never had a problem with Amazon until now. I would love to hear back from either the supplier or yourselves and know if this book is going to arrive.
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on 12 August 2017
I am hoping to start a degree in October and I am surprised at how useful this book is! It even has pages on whether you may be intelligent enough to go to university, what to expect from higher education and if you're ready to do it. It is encouraging; pointing out any thoughts you may be having which is underestimating yourself and your ability to do a degree. It helps you structure essays and writing, how to reference, improving your memory, revision techniques, note taking, exam advice and a load more you didn't even think you might need. It is worth getting, especially as it costs 1p!
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on 17 September 2011
If you're a student who already has a pretty good awareness of how you learn best, and effective methods of revising worked out, then this book isn't going to be that ground-breaking for you. If you aren't, it could very well revolutionise how you study!

It gives you a sense of confidence in your own abilities, and it would be worth reading just for that, as attitude and confidence play such a huge part in how successful you are in your work.

Parts of it I really liked, and i've no doubt that i'll be going back to it a few times over the course of my degree. The section about reflective study journals was something new, and sounds like it could be a useful idea. The section on planning and writing essays will also, I think, come in handy in the future.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone about to start a degree course, who is maybe a bit unsure about the whole thing and wants a book that will clarify the situation and give confidence, as well as genuinely useful advice.
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on 1 August 2016
This book sent to me, and me in particular, and I don't mind this, looks like it has been used by somebody who wanted to inspect a sanitary apparatus, urgently. If so, I'm pleased to have my item picked for such an honour.

It does not look new. But did I buy it "USED" anyhow? I cannot recall.

Nobody's fault. At least the pages don't stick together and it is still a book - I can still learn from it, after all, and it is a 'Fourth Edition'.

I recommend all...but the (accidental) one-off mess, but I don't care about that, so there!
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on 3 August 2013
This was a great book for me, after being labelled dyslexic which I personally, don't think there is such a thing. The educational system mainly has one model of teaching (and even more so when I was at school) and if you don't fit that model, you've basically had it in regards to learning and the various huge knock-affects that can have for a person........ So, instead of labelling folk and stigmatising them etc., it would be great to up-date and broaden the model of teaching which hopefully would embraces everyone's learning styles.... This book has been extremely helpful, as a mature student who had only found out recently that I wasn't in fact stupid, instead, I feel I was limited by the education I had received..... This book helped me to start developing some study skills, which I didn't know before.
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