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on 24 September 2012
Having been through the whole application process before, including doing both UKCAT and BMAT, any resource to make life a little easier is worth a read. Before sitting my UKCAT last year, I went on a Kaplan UKCAT course - immeasurably helpful at putting nerves at ease but overpriced and arguably giving the test a clear bias, favouring those who can afford access to revision material vs. those who can't. That's why, when this book came out, I wanted to have a look. It has a completely reasonable price, one that if not affordable for a student, I'm sure would be affordable for any school library/ department.

So, the content. I'm currently a first year medical student at Oxford University, however all my other 3 UCAS options required UKCAT so I spent a great deal of time preparing. Especially using the material provided at the end of the Kaplan course. This book takes all that they provided over that 2 day course, and puts it effectively into one comprehensive text. There are copious amounts of practice tests/ questions, matched with effective tips for success on test day. There are section specific chapters, followed by sensible tips on how to best approach test day, and even tips for those with learning difficulties.

My lowest score was on the VR section. Having always thought AR and QR would be my biggest challenge, I neglected their 3 point VR technique and greatly regret it. Written by well informed authors, this text should deservedly form the main part of your UKCAT preparation. It allows you to single out your true weaknesses at the start, so the honing-in process can be carried out quicker and more effectively. At the end, there are realistic tests to measure your progress. My biggest qualm with other of the more famous UKCAT texts is that their practice material falls short of the length and style of the actual exam. This book gets it spot on.

I ended up with 748, my VR score bringing my average down considerably. Don't let this happen to you - get this book.
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on 6 September 2013
I achieved 815 ave with SJT band 1 with this book and MEDIFY. This book has only (mostly) old style VR questions (eg. only True/False/Can't Tell questions). QR is much easier in this than the actual test in this book as you can use a physical calculator for this test. Try using the official digital one found via the UKCAT website and you'll see your score noticeably fall.

Still, excellent material for AR (got 900) and DA (got 870) in this book. It also gives you access to some free and consistently updated materials online. Don't pay £350 for the course, just buy this book. It contains *all* the tips they go through in the course from what I can gather from my friends.

Good luck in your future applications.
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on 27 November 2012
Really helped me with my UKCAT. I also did the Kaplan course.
Helped me get VR 610 QR 800 AR 860 DA 770
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on 28 June 2016
This helped me so much build my Base for ukcat and understanding each section well. It's a much cheaper alternative to attending the classes. I definitely recommend this with the combination of medify. My Ukcat score was 825.
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on 21 October 2013
I bought this book to prepare me for the UKCAT prior to applying for graduate entry programmes. As a non-science graduate I was really looking for help with quantitive reasoning.

I found this book to be great preparation but I also noted quite a few errors and typos. I have a family so do not have much time to devote to revision but this book gave me some great tactics for tackling each type of question, which is what I really needed. It also has some great strategies for maximising your score when you do not know the answer.

A good preparation tool if you do not have much time to prepare for the test.
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on 7 July 2013
Throughout the book, I have seen several typos, and in the quantitative section, there are errors with the exchange rates given, and even some errors in the answers. For example, on page 102, it asks a question on how much paint would cost, the answer is given as £22.64- the explaination given is
"£7.62*2.5 = £19.05. Don't forget to factor in the extra £3 for time and £1.59 for cleaning cost, resulting in a total of £22.64"

Now correct me if i'm wrong but that doesn't add up...
There are several other mistakes that I won't go into...

Also as for the verbal section, I don't quite understand the reasoning, I have the Get into Medical School - 600 UKCAT book and ukcat for dummies, and I understand heir reasoning, but this book is contradicts itself.

This book is a waste of money and counterproductive to my revision!!!

If this book is bad, I wonder how kaplan's EXPENSIVE classes are...
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on 4 September 2013
Although a little late for most of this seasons UKCAT hopefuls, successful UKCAT revision is something of a misnomer. The test is an aptitude test - that is - it will test your ability and aptitude which are already developed and unlikely to drastically alter. That is a very important point to remember! It's why people who resit seldom see drastic changes. If you're not able to score top percentile 3000+/750 avg this year then it's probable you wont be able next year, despite your best efforts. That being said, there is still benefit to practice. In the first instance just to familiarise yourself with test type questions and expectations - and secondly to help develop timing and technique. This book will do both of those extremely well! Kaplan is very highly regarded when it comes to test prep and their courses demand a very high premium for that reason. While there's not really much you can do to improve your aptitude, you can give yourself the best possible chance to score to the best of your ability, by employing a number of strategies and methods and techniques. This book is crammed with loads of useful advice on how to develop techniques, and how to avoid common pitfalls (Yes the UKCAT is loaded with trip ups and trick questions!). It also contains a number of mock tests and work through questions to help you develop those techniques. honestly and in all sincerity, you need nothing more than this book, and the UKCAT website which also has a few mock tests. Work through, read the tips and advice, and use the book to help develop your timing and strategy. Then go for a couple of dry runs to cement everything using the tests on the UKCAT website and the Kaplan online resource tests. That's genuinely all you need. Remember to keep an eye on the clock - it'll go much quicker than you think! Hope this helps and good luck!
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on 3 July 2013
This book lists some superb techniques that can be used in the UKCAT test. I would highly recommend it to everyone who needs to sit the test. I also bought the kaplan booklet 'Understanding Test Day' which is used in the kaplan course- I bought it from a guy who went to the course last year. Honestly, there is not a lot of difference. So if you cannot afford the Kaplan course, which is £300+, then just buy this book.

This book is also very good for the QR section. The QR questions in this book are a lot easier than the ones on the official UKCAT website and the 600 question book. Many test-takers say that the 600 question book and UKCAT website don't represent the true difficulty of the QR Section.
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on 11 September 2013
Great book. Very useful in preparing for the 2013 UKCAT. Watch out though it is out of date as the UKCAT updates every year, so although it does still give good practice it isn't 100% accurate i.e. some scetions of the test change year to year and the question types and timing vary.
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on 12 September 2013
This book was incredibly useful as a base for my UKCAT revision, with three mock tests, plenty of questions within the book with timings. The top tips were excellent and definitely improved my score.

However, don't rely on this as your only revision material. Since this book has been produced, new style of Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning have been brought out, along with the whole new situational judgement section. They are briefly touched upon, but there are very few questions on these, so you have to use online sources like the official UKCAT practice paper.

Use this book as a good starting point, but make sure you move on to the new styles of questions online.

For Reference:
Total Score 3370, Average Score 842.5. S
Verbal Reasoning: 810
Abstract Reasoning: 840
Quantitative Reasoning: 840
Decision Analysis: 880
Situational Judgement: Band 1
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