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on 22 April 2017
I don't normally review a book until I have finished it, but this is a real page turner. You often feel that you know what's coming next but if you start reading it you'll find you just can't stop.

There are quite a lot of words that the reader may not be familiar with but the pronunciation is given as well as what the word means which is very helpful. In fact, I haven't found any words yet that I could think of that are not in this book. There are some words that are not really suitable for young readers, but I didn't go looking for them (honest!).

A must for insomniacs; you'll either learn a lot or just fall asleep!
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on 3 November 2011
Having missed the two previous editions of the Concise Oxford I thought it was time for a new one, particularly in the COD's centenary year (a very nice facsimile of the first edition has also just been published). This twelfth edition is a particularly successful one, in terms of design, paper and format and, strangely, I've consulted it more in the few weeks since I've had it than I looked at its predecessor over several years! It is still my preferred dictionary and this edition definitely does not disappoint. The Fowlers would be more than happy with it!
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on 1 January 2014
I have a well used hardback copy of the COED on my bookshelf, so why also buy it on CD? The obvious answer for laptop owners is that is is easier than carrying a 3lb book around with you. It is also quicker to look up a word than thumbing through a 1,680 page book.

Much more important is that you can do much more with it than with a paper copy. Its helps you spell those difficult words where your spellchecker does not help. I wonder how many of us can spell diarrhoea without checking. Use a wild card search - dia*a - copy the word and paste it into your document.

Then there are the words your don't know how to pronounce. Is a lieutenant a "left-tenant" or a "loo-tenant"? You can press a loudspeaker icon to hear the pronunciation. I now know how to say "guacamole" without making a fool of myself.

For crossword lovers there are anagram and crossword solver options. Can you name 6 anagrams of "triangle"?

Unfortunately the dictionary is badly let down by the software. I was surprised how quickly the program had installed when I got an install completed message. In fact it still had to install the dictionary itself. The greatest weakness is its hogging of the screen by always remaining on top. Every time you want to return to your document you have to click the diminish symbol.

Four stars. That is 5 stars for the dictionary itself, but only 3 for the software.
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on 26 December 2017
I have had the same Collins Concise for many years and it was good to me.But there are so many new internet terms that I don't understand and it was good.to look through the pages of the OXFORD CONCISE and find words like 'hashtag'! So I now have the best dictionary in the world...WOAH!... A modern COLLINS is cheaper and almost as good folks, in my opinion. (but not AS good).
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on 12 August 2015
I love the COED, I work with it regularly as an editor, and its very clear and a pleasure to use. I had some difficulties to get the CD to work and it took quite a few tries over a few weeks before it opened, just as I was trying to call the customer service line. Unfortunately I can't write/format documents with the COED dictionary open as it apparently takes up the clipboard to look up words, so that functions such as "format painter" in MS-Word and MS-Excel do not work because the dictionary tries to look things up. However, if I close the dictionary, it opens fast enough when I want to look up a word.
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on 4 January 2017
my life was not complete until I learnt how to correctly spell dodecahedron and triglyceride.

Now the world is my oyster, or other crustacean and I can see how to spell lots of words (as long as I can guess the first letter)
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on 1 September 2017
Bought two of these because they are such good value. One went to my grandkids and I had one to replace an old well used dictionary.
Great reference section in the middle.
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on 7 November 2017
After a number of years it was time for a new dictionary. I always choose Oxford and usually the concise - invaluable for Scrabble™ and everyday enquiries. I like the layout and the fact that the etymology of each word is included.
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on 21 March 2014
As a keen amateur author, I’ve used the 11th edition of this software for many years. Even the British version of Microsoft’s Word dictionaries have an American bent and I write strictly British colloquial English (nothing upsets the Yank critics more. ;-)).

This 12 edition uses a larger, busier widow than my old version. It does have the facility that enables words to be book-marked, that I know I’ll find very useful in the long term. I envisage that I will be able to dispose of that text file of the unusual (or highly forgettable) that I’ve amassed over the years.

However, to make good use of it, I would say that a very large monitor is required (or double monitors as in my own set-up). The default window the program opens in is quite large (and as I said, busy) it takes up about a quarter of my second screen (I do have my monitors set at their maximum resolution, by the way.) and I can’t see that I’ll be able to use this version of the software on my laptop.
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on 3 November 2016
I bought this dictionary to help with my open university course. I have access to the online dictionary through the OU website but I find it much easier to look through a book form of a dictionary. Have it beside me all the time when I am studying and have found it invaluable. It is quite big and heavy which is fine for me as I use it at home. Would definitely recommend this dictionary, it is a fair price for a great product.
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